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Welcome to my den of the Cave.

Name: RuinsCapes46 or Ruins for short.
Pronouns: She/her-they/them-he/him.

1. Mostly a mobile player.
2. Always open for any echo at any time, I have EST as my time.
3. Currently open for any role play.
4. I’m ahead MyCenaCave’s time by an hour.
5.  Character Cavern



Current: None.
Inactive: (PRP) A Hole in the Cave
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Hi! Welcome.
    I mostly like to role play, I’m always open to role play anything! I have little experience with D&D, but I’m open to play that as well! I also play
(also pet sim games.) Sent me an Echo if you would like to know more.


    I also love playing multi-ending games, like Life is Strange, Undertale, and hope to one day make a game on my own. I’m currently teaching myself how to do art and animation. Big fan of Pokémon and Minecraft (game wise.)


    I also try and speak formally most of the time. I’ll also add some type of titles (that change occasionally) to the end of whatever I’m writing.


For example:
-Ruins (title)

-Ruins the Mystical-Leaf.


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The canon ones would go here. These Mycenians will stick to Cave lore. Mix in with some semi-canon stuff.