06:40 ST
[EVENT] Professor Sprocket's Marvelous Meteorologic Machine


“Welcome to Joquil Cavern!” Professor Sprocket says, extending his arms in a show of hospitality.  “I see my fliers piqued some interest, hm? Thank y’all for joinin’ me here today. I knew the friendly Mycenians of this community wouldn’t let me down.”

As the crowd gathers, he paces along before them like he’s upon a stage, absorbing the hushed conversations like applause until things quiet down. “I’m sure y’all are wonderin’ why exactly I requested your help all the way out here. Joquil Cavern, y’see, is where I finally decided t’set up shop permanently. Thanks again for all your helpful suggestions.”

He tops this statement off with an exaggerated bow before straightening up and continuing his spiel. “I called y’all here t’help me build somethin’ amazing. Through much research an’ lots of tests, I’ve finally planned out my masterpiece. I call it the Marvelous Meteorologic Machine, an’ its construction will grant Mycenians unprecedented control of the Cave’s weather.

“Now, now, don’t you worry. I’ve done all the thinkwork. I just need lots o’ helpin’ paws t’work the assembly line, as it were. Part of the reason I chose this particular cavern to host my opus is because, as y’can see, there’s lots of ol’ metal parts t’work with. I’ve provided several blue prints, simplified so even the uneducated masses (that’s you) can follow them. Gather some scavenged parts; build some modules; hand ‘em off to another worker to install. Pretty simple.

“Of course, y’all will be rewarded for your work. I’ve got more prizes than y’ can shake a paw at, from enviable accessories, to mushrooms that only appear t’ grow in this here cavern, to some early weather tests. You’ll earn sprockets for your work contributions, an’ you can trade those to me for your prizes. Pretty standard Mycenian business model.

“If y’all have any questions, feel free t’ask ‘em now. Otherwise, I think it’s best that you get to work. Machines don’t build themselves, after all.”

Event Information
  • This event runs from April 7th at 00:01ST through April 21st at 23:59 ST.
  • This event is similar in design to last spring’s event, with some minor adjustments made to the mechanics!
    • These adjustments help players that collect and send along the away and are neutral for players who send at the end of the event
    • These adjustments aim to make it less likely to be stuck with a bunch of the same part and unable to make any modules
    • We’re unsure of the overall effect this will have, so we may need to make further adjustments in the future
  • You will be collecting individual pieces (called ‘scavenged parts’) at 15 minute intervals and combining them into larger pieces (called ‘modules’). Those modules will then be sent to a Mycenian of your choice to be installed into Sprocket’s machine, which will earn you the prize currency - sprockets.
  • The number of sprockets you receive depend on part you hand off. Some modules are worth more sprockets than others due to the rarity of their required pieces!
  • This year, sending a module to a fellow Mycenian will knock 2 minutes off your cooldown timer rather than one. Receiving a module still lowers your cooldown timer by 1 minute.
  • The prize shop will remain open until the end of the day on April 28th.
  • There will be no leftover sprocket raffle this year. Instead, all unused parts will crumble into sprockets, and once the prize shop closes, unused sprockets will first autobuy hat boxes, and any leftover after that will be converted into 100 nuggets apiece.
  • Remember, multi-accounting is never allowed on Mycena Cave. You may not access multiple accounts in order to play this event, nor should you be participating on any account other than your own.
  • Have fun!!

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eta: SUPER happy with the prize prices this year, I feel like I’ll be able to earn everything 8D

Posted 04/07/19, edited 04/07/19
How cool!
Posted 04/07/19
o___o The prizes and the pets are amazing!! Oh my goodness, I am SO excited for this event!
Posted 04/07/19
Bats eyelashes… can we get fullsizes of the event coats…? They’re so beautiful and the kelph patterning especially is just… luxurious, I adore…
Posted 04/07/19
whispers And the backgrounds too? :‘D
Posted 04/07/19

stamp is toggleable:

the two foreground wolves are toggleable:

the whales are toggleable:

the snowflake is toggleable:


Posted 04/07/19, edited 04/07/19
WHEEZES thanks for making the whales toggleable I love them dearly but they don’t fit every pet I want to slap the BG on |D
Posted 04/07/19

Thank you, Myla!! :D I will squirrel them away with my collection.

I also second Purr. I’m happy to see that we can toggle elements on the bgs @ u @

Posted 04/07/19
All the prizes are so awesome! Time to get clicking :D I love these events.
Posted 04/07/19, edited 04/07/19

*Bangs head against a wall.* I can’t figure out how to get Aliza to talk to me. I see you thereeeeee, talk to meeeeeeeeeeee!

So far, all I get is that it’s time-based and she shows up for a minute at a time, probably randomly.


Posted 04/07/19, edited 04/07/19
I love this year’s version of “you can’t collect more yet”! Adorable. My heart has melted.
Posted 04/07/19
man I’m so excited about this event *0* I’m super hype to see how these little tweaks affect the overall Event Experience, and I love the coats and the backgrounds!!!!!!! thank you guys for all the hard work!!! as usual!!!!!!!! <3
Posted 04/07/19
i’m already loving this event :D decoding stuff is so much fun
Posted 04/07/19
Oh, the images that appear on pet profiles for the modules appear to be broken. How unfortunate.
Posted 04/07/19
OH NO - I need all the coats this year!
Posted 04/07/19
Those backgrounds are beautiful @.@;
Posted 04/07/19

Is anyone else’s bell not working? I’m using Firefox (as I have for similar previous events) but for some reason this time I’m not hearing the notification bell. The volume’s working just fine on my computer so I’m not sure what’s going on. :c

Edit: Okay, it just worked… not sure why it wasn’t before. xD
Edit 2: Sometimes it chimes, but most the time it doesn’t.

Posted 04/07/19, edited 04/07/19
My bell has been chiming sometimes, but not other times. I’m also on Firefox. It’s being selective on when it wants to chime. ono;;
Posted 04/07/19
Ahhh I’m really loving this event! Those bgs!! And the pets!! ;o;
Posted 04/07/19

I’m glad the event and the items/pets are being enjoyed!! At least by most… I keep seeing some suspicious movement by that foreground arch in the cavern.. 8|

The image display on pet profiles has been fixed, and glitch is currently looking into the bell issue. :D

Posted 04/07/19

Collie Tamako There’s a few things that could be causing this:

  • Until a few moments ago, if receiving a module would cause your timer to go to zero due to the minute bonus (as opposed to getting to zero via counting down seconds) then the bell would not ring. This has been fixed, so if that’s what was going on, you should not experience this problem anymore (after a refresh).
  • Desktop browsers will not play audio on a page that you haven’t interacted with. Firefox in particular will not play audio in a newly opened tab until the tab gains focus. Other browsers may behave somewhat differently. In any case, we can’t control this behavior.
  • Mobile browsers will often not play audio (or even run scripts at all, e.g. decrementing the timer) while a tab is not focused and being actively viewed. We can’t control this behavior either.

Hopefully it’s working better for you now :)

Posted 04/07/19, edited 04/07/19
glitch Thanks for the info! I think the second cause was my problem since I haven’t sent/received any modules yet. This last round I made sure to scroll down and up and wave the mouse around a bit before I left the tab and it resulted in a ding!
Posted 04/07/19

I need all the items and pets!
Anyway, I got my first Module build. Is there a forum for sending those to one another yet?
The one where you sent to the person who posted before you. Cant seem to find it .
Need random people to swap with xD

Posted 04/07/19

Oh my gosh I think this is the first time I’ve loved the Ineki coat the most from an event! The Alley Cat is darling! (And of course, the Clockwork Construct and Simulacrum is amazing! All those intricate details are just beautiful~)

So uh, is there any chance of something like the Alley Cat’s cabbie hat becoming an equippable apparel item in the future…? Especially if they come in multiple colors *coughpinkcough* Haha I may or may not have a character that’s been waiting out for that exact sort of apparel item for a couple years now..

Posted 04/07/19

Deliball I don’t think one exists for this event yet! Last year a player created one in the jibber jabber forum and we linked to it—if someone does so again, I’m happy to put the link in this post. :D

ErsatzLace THE HAT IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST. I’m in love with it too. 8)))) Hats are unfortunately very annoying/tedious to make compatible with everything because ears are going every which-way, head shapes are wonky, and hair is super fluffy (yes I am talking about you, dras) so we don’t have any immediate plans to make a similar hat.. but maybe some day when a hatty mood strikes us, we’ll make an attempt.. :‘D

Posted 04/07/19

Haha that’s totally understandable! (I too love the super fluffy hair) :‘D

A ‘maybe, someday’ is good enough for me! For I believe one day my dream will come true…

Posted 04/07/19
I absolutely love this event!

Ooooh! I met Aliza and now I’m curious about where this event is going.
Edit: I’m tracking down clues. 3/4 found.
...Is the first clue out there? I’m in need of a hint.

Posted 04/07/19, edited 04/07/19

Oof, I finally give. I think I’ve checked out everything that’s possible on this site and I still can’t seem to find the first clue. >:U

If someone could point me in the right direction, that’d be much appreciated. ._.

Posted 04/07/19
People seem to be getting stuck on the same thing with Aliza about the first clue. I’m stuck as well so a pointer would be nice.
Posted 04/07/19