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Hi, I’m Ally! ♡

Retired item collector, active hoarder, devout driftshroomer, sprout fanatic, site lurker, & Juney‘s biggest fan

Other sites I (don’t actively) play:

Flight Rising: Kris, #12698
Aywas: Kris, #351
Digis: Kris, #1500

See a pet you like? They might be up for sale!
All pets from the first uncarved & below are always for sale/trade



Please do not take art on my profile; it was made for me unless otherwise stated. I do not claim to have made any art posted on my profile and the artist(s) credits will be posted below this. Unknown means I don’t remember who I commissioned.

• Janyne (Juney‘s character) & Gloria by Sapphie on Aywas
• Fonts found at dafont.com


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