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i’m not calling you a liar — florence + the machine (da2 version)

Hi! I’m Corva. I like writing, playing video games, and studying languages in my free time. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time working with my two budgies and quitting a million new passion projects too soon. I tend to indulge with silly characters and throw most of them at my bff, Avis.

Feel free to chat with me any time! Shared interests or rambling about characters are always a good place to start. I’m pretty forgetful, so go ahead and poke me if it’s been awhile since you heard from me. Mycena is pretty much my only haunt these days, but if you see a Corvani about it’s likely me!

fullmetal alchemist, supergiant games, legend of zelda, dishonored, final fantasy, mass effect, dragon age, sailor moon, magical girls, del toro films, studio ghibli, halt and catch fire, buzzfeed unsolved, the last of us, castlevania, spyro, elves, purple, space, piano, music, cities, languages, ghosts, cryptids, gay ladies

bunbun babe (34/34! pp)


cries… just three more weeks and I’m free… orz
also crying bc Avis is the best…. ;o;


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