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My brain is like oatmeal.
Playing FFXIV! Character name is Dilana Velvet if anyone wants to add me


What up! My name is Danna, I also go by Tiki, and I’m a terrible writer! After five years of writing pure research papers, my creative writing skills dug their own grave. If you do see me attempting to find them, it will mostly be with whatever Corvani
and I cook up. We ship our characters together all the time.
We’re terrible moms.

What do I do with my fr e sh a voca do time? Well, I play the Sims 4, recently got into Dragon Age Inquisition, and saw someone hanging out with Caitlyn yesterday. For the most part, I play video games or watch movies. Chair senpai noticed me and we’ve been kicking it back ever since. Sometimes I watch some young adult garbage, go through the Disney trash, or cry over magical girls saving the world. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I’ll read the garbage I paid for, reread the Harry Potter series because I don’t know what it means to let go, or sometimes I just need a break and do everything on my bed because I can listen to KPOP.

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