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[EVENT] Kerric's Magnificent Caravan (July 19th - Aug 2nd)
“They say the desert is beautiful this time of year. Well, you know - at night, anyway.”

Kerric has been to the desert city of Mirage once before—briefly, before his adventure took him beyond its walls and further into the dunes, where he quickly became lost and found himself right back where he started. Now, with so many Mycenians eager to embark on new, ever more dangerous adventures, he’s ready to make the journey once more. Like a dad promising a shortcut on a long road trip, he knows exactly where he’s leading you. It’s all right up in the ol’ noggin.

Mirage shines like a jewel among the dunes, built around a beautiful system of oases which provide enough food and water to comfortably support the whole settlement. It boasts gems, finely crafted trinkets, and other rarities aplenty. But, the road to this isolated desert paradise is treacherous and fraught with danger. Kerric is happy to lead the way—after all, there’s safety in numbers—but he strongly suggests taking some time beforehand to thoroughly prepare for road ahead.

The caravan sets out at 12:00 noon on July 19th.

Event Information
  • This event will run from July 19th at 12:00 ST through August 2nd at 12:00 ST.
  • This event is a similar style to previous years’ Treasure of the Lost Trove and Search for the Fallen Stars. That is, an adventure-style event with a mixture of activities, challenges, and games to complete.
  • This year, we are trying a semi-play-at-your-own-pace tempo. This is in response to players responding positively to previous years’ play-at-your-own-pace events, but aimed at stretching out the experience a bit more for the players who tend to chug through activities rapidly.
  • There will be 5 item prizes and 2 coats in the prize shop for this event, as well as a sticker to collect.
  • The prize shop will remain open until August 9th.

Make sure to bring a jar or something, unless you want to carry a bunch of scarabs around in your pockets.
Kerric insists they don’t bite, but I literally saw one take a chunk out of his paw when he told me that, so…

Posted Jul 12
Posted Jul 12
oooh that’s exciting news
Posted Jul 12
I am so down for desert-themed anything. *u*
Posted Jul 12
Yay! Yay! Yay! I’m so exited to RP! Thanks Dove Crow (and Dove)!

Will this change the banner?

Posted Jul 12, edited Jul 13

oh my god that scarab beetle

do you care he because i care he

Posted Jul 13

The event will start only two days before my quarantine end… And I’ll be back into internet control mode again…

Actually I would appreciate for the event to be started (12/24 hours) earlier, because in the next few days I would be bored to tears, and when the event started I’ll have to rush, hoping to collect the prizes as quick as possible, but…

You do not have permission to change our schedule, beetle. If you’re still annoying me you’ll be flattened!

So I decided to do something that can be done earlier: finding partners!

  • Don’t RP in the elaborate way. I’ve no much time left. Short, fast responses please (the length can be no words to a paragraph. Juz note down which command you chose). I’ll appreciate it.
  • I’ll be here about from 22 time to seven o’clock morning at server time. There’ll be breaks, but if you can be online for more than two and a half hours during this period, I’ll appreciate it.
  • Otherwise, it’ll be fine with me.

Tiffbu, Lucario, nobody else.

I got it all misread.

Posted Jul 14, edited Jul 19
Juz several hours before the event start… so excited! But by the time I’m probably napping, being attacked by the Big Bad Bed. Can players select time zone in community settings? Thx!
Posted Jul 19, edited Jul 22


Posted Jul 19


For self-submitted forum activities (such as today’s!), you need to get your post’s permalink. For those of you who haven’t played with them before, you can find them by clicking the little caret at the top-right of your post:

Posted Jul 19
Crow Hey question! Do thread submissions need to be posted the day of, or will they be accepted until the end of the event?
Posted Jul 19
I think I’m a little bit confused… is this adventure multiplayer? Crow thx!
Posted Jul 19

Everything will be open until the end of the event!

This one isn’t a RP-style event like ice cream social or bingo RP. This one is more focused on different activities and challenges with the backdrop of an adventure story.

Posted Jul 19
Thx Crow.

I generated another question, is “Kerrick” Kerric’s nickname? Surprised when Crow said she didn’t notice that typo!

Posted Jul 19, edited Jul 21
ComicLudwig plz stop.
Posted Jul 19
Tiffbu huh? I’m currently RPing with others. I wouldn’t bother you in this day from now on. Deal?
Posted Jul 19, edited Jul 19

For those of you working on Safe Passage, I found this online service to be helpful:

It basically lets you do wildcard dictionary searches, so queries like fe?t would give you a result of “feet”, “feat”, “felt”, etc. You can also select their “common words only” to help filter down the result list to only stuff that will actually be useful :)

Professor Sprocket has a sign on the door to his lab (on his profile) using the same cipher. What do you think it might say?

Posted Jul 20, edited Jul 20

Some of the tasks might be tricky, and it’s fine to help each other out! Please remember to post any hints or spoilers using spoiler tags. <3

[spoiler]You just put your text or images inside of the spoiler tags like this![/spoiler]
Posted Jul 20

We overlooked putting a minimum participation guideline for the adventure, so I’ve updated the map marker and the adventure description with that information:

Minimum requirements for participation in the adventure

Each of your posts should be at least three sentences long, with the exception of any battles you encounter, for which single-sentence responses are fine.

If you’ve already started the adventure and your posts are too short, feel free to go back and edit previous posts to lengthen them to fit the requirement. I apologize for not listing this with its release!

Posted Jul 20
Thanks for the clarification, Myla!
Posted Jul 20
Sorry if I’m misunderstanding something, but how do I progress the story for the Desert Escapade? Hopefully I’m not coming off as pushy as I imagine replies are done by staff, but I’m worried I might have missed a step? On that games page it says “Please do not submit your thread to this activity until the adventure has been concluded” so I imagine that won’t be until in the thread, the Bone Monster declares it as finished, correct?
Posted Jul 20

Tsar Nicky Once you embark on your adventure, a thread will be automatically generated and the first post will be from the Bone Monster describing the scenario. Hit reply to that. On the reply page of the adventure, there is a drop-down where you select from several options above the text field. You’ll select whichever option suits your character the best, and then use the text field to roleplay your character doing whichever action you’ve selected, plus whatever other flavor you’d like to add in. The Bone Monster generates an automated reply depending on which option you select.

This is how you’ll play through the whole adventure—the drop down menu options will change depending on your choices/selections during the course of the roleplay. Let me know if you need any further clarifications!

Posted Jul 20

Oh!! That would absolutely be what I was missing, I apologize! Haven’t played this kind of forum game before on MC so I totally wasn’t looking for any situation there. I’ll have to make a new reply (I’ll remove the text from my previous one) as the edit feature doesn’t allow for that drop down.

Thank you, Myla!

Posted Jul 20
Tsar Nicky Yes, just make a new reply, that’s fine! I will add some extra information to that Map Marker — I didn’t consider how difficult it would be to figure out that first step if you’ve never played around with the Adventure System before! <3
Posted Jul 20
This adventure format is really fun! And it’s a relief to know that it isn’t staff having to keep on top of every comment too… the replies from the Bone Monster are really fluid and I can see now why the drop down is mandatory for the story progression :P The desert theme is stellar… this is really fun so far :D! Thank you staff for being able to put this together!!
Posted Jul 20
Crow, glitch, I had posted this on discord and echo, but the autistic me think that this is far too important that I have to repost and repost until someone replied.

One of my decoded phrase from Safe Passage is *see the mega spoiler below*. It was highly protected so that if you accidentally pushed the first layer, you still won’t see the decoded phrase.

Do you want to read the phrase?
Are you sure?
Do you really want to read the phrase?
Are you really sure?
Do you really really want to read the phrase?
Are you really really sure?
Do you really really really want to read the phrase?
Are you really really really sure?

See a man about some gems.

Anyway, let’s see what’s the problem in the spoiler below. It was also highly protected.

Do you want to know where to collect the marking stone?
Are you sure?
Do you really want to know where to collect the marking stone?
Are you really sure?
Do you really really want to know where to collect the marking stone?
Are you really really sure?
Do you really really really want to know where to collect the marking stone?
Are you really really really sure?

After decoding this phrase, I was so excited that I instantly headed to the gems store. And the marking stone appeared! But when I clicked on it, it didn’t redirect me back to the Safe Passage page because it wasn’t fully loaded. But when it was fully loaded, it disappeared (probably hidden behind the pricing table). My device is iPad Air 1, software is iOS 12.4.8 and Safari. I tried on android with newest Firefox too, but it didn’t even appear when it was loading. To make matters worse, mobile Firefox didn’t support F12 source code.

Thx for the replies… and the people who are willing to sacrifice their fun in decoding and in finding the marker stone to make the reply.

Posted Jul 21, edited Jul 21

glitch will take a look as soon as he is able. Please understand, though, that it was already very late where he lives when you posted your original bug report in the discord, and that we need time to look into such reports. He’s the only one that can access the data required to look into this, so we need to wait until he is awake and able to do so.

In the future, please don’t report the same bug through multiple avenues - we will look into it when we have the chance and update with any fixes necessary. Having multiple messages about the same problem can be overwhelming for us to respond to, especially for something relatively minor.

Hopefully he can get the event working properly for you. Until then, just hang tight.

Posted Jul 21
Thx very much, Crow!

Myla, last time the thirsty Snake Smoke was never encountered cuz of hallucinations n her obedience (after the jorts event)! Is it OK to embark on it again? Thx!

Posted Jul 21, edited Jul 21
ComicLudwig Are you talking about the adventure? If so, you can play through the adventure as many times as you want, though you can only earn one scarab from it regardless of how many times you play!
Posted Jul 21
Myla Is there an issue with Map Marker 4b: The Hidden Door? When I click the cards, nothing happens. Unless I’m misunderstanding something I think the cards should load on the page itself. I’m using a Chrome browser if that happens to affect anything?
Posted Jul 21