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[EVENT FEEDBACK] Soup, Stones, and Snakes - Feedback posted
Feedback results posted here!

Crouchy perches outside his shop, watching the visitors trickle back into Cobbletown from their adventures looking tired but fulfilled. They stop by The Wet Trout to drop off their discovery logs, share their stories, and fuel up before their long trek back home. A few are enamored enough with Cobblestone Cavern that they decide to stay for longer, perhaps just to go on a few more adventures, but some may decide that it feels like home.

Crouchy is thinking about the logistics of needing to keep a bigger stock in his small shop when a shadow passes over him, startling a “croooaAAk!” out of him.

“Sorry about that, Crouchy. Didn’t mean to startle you,” Finnegan says, stepping back and giving Crouchy room to collect himself.

“Croak,” Crouchy replies, blinking one eye and then the other.

“I know, I know.” Finnegan seems relieved and them jumps, as if remembering something. “Oh! Th’ reason I’m here is to show you these logs from all of that adventuring. We can go over ‘em together and see whats been discovered. You should hear the stories goin’ around the tavern! Whoophedoo, this is quite the cavern!

Event Feedback Survey

Our form is now live, and will be accepting responses through August 31st. As always, we really appreciate your thoughts and comments about the event, especially when we’ve played around with new mechanics and activities. We will look over all the responses and post our usual feedback compilation after the survey has closed.

For every 10 survey submissions we receive, we will be raffling off 1 random item from the event game drops and event random encounters!

In order to be eligible for this raffle, please make sure you include your username on your survey response.

Event Stickers

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Posted 08/26/21, edited 09/24/21
Thank you for the event! Even if I couldn’t do everything I wanted I really enjoyed the event and managed to get at least one of everything :D
Posted 08/26/21

This was one of the more fun events in a while. I have enjoyed all other events, but this was a nice, fresh take on the Mycena event formula and I look forward to where this will take us in events in the future. I was happy to have the extra time this go round as well, as I surely needed it. <3 I also appreciated the way the feedback survey was laid out. I had a lot of thoughts to add this time.

(fingers crossed for the memory game sticking around, haha.)

Posted 08/26/21
IRL had me burnt out this month, so I basically didn’t participate and used gems to get the two coats at the end.  I liked the structure of the event though, and I’m always excited for lore!
Posted 08/26/21
A well put together play-at-your-own-pace event. Many options for runestones, and many fun activities or sub-activities to play at. Quite fond of this event, though bumbleberry was somewhat infuriating until I’d completed my three wins. It’s a fun game when just playing it without stressing about a limited number of event rewards, though.
Posted 08/26/21
Work had me too busy to do much of the event, but all the activities sounded like fun and I think the time limit was very reasonable (man I was really bad at snish tho)
Posted 08/26/21, edited 08/26/21

I really liked the variety of options for getting event currency, and the timeline was very reasonable. I found it much easier and much more fun to participate.

Also, I wouldn’t mind having the option to play those mini-games for nuggets. Plus it’d be pretty cool to have a “past event locations” section so we can look back at the map and lore.

Posted 08/26/21
Thank you, it was a wonderful event. I really liked the memory and guessing game.
Posted 08/27/21
Thank you so much for this lovely event! :D I loved the lore in this event. Almost all the activities were fun, and I liked how you could get event currency through multiple different ways. I also liked how the event was open for an entire month, and I wish all future events would be open for a whole month. My favorite activity was Into the Unknown.
Posted 08/27/21

Thanks for the event. I’m sorry that I couldn’t participate more, or better at least. ( event started, and first I thought it was just a pure rpg event as that was the first i managed to find .... then as I got my first covid shot, leaving me scramble for a few days, then a minor bicycle accident rendered me unable to step on my heel, along with a ‘wonderful’ week of sickness again i found out what it as about)
I never managed to get he goal in snish game and the art/imagination forum games I couldnt focus on.. the art thing I didnt join as I thought it couldn’t count if I did traditional art, took photo o it with my old cellphone, sent it to my email, go to laptop to edit it to fit in so well as possible..  that and i was very much out of spoons.

At least I managed to buy the tavern bakground torny vision, a mushroom and wildgrow with a help from my scrambling backaccounts money.  though i wish i coudl have beene abe to get the 1 event currency worth item but its wht it is.

at least i go trouhg with 2 of the event ‘games’  so tha you very much.

Posted 08/29/21
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 75 responses to the feedback survey.

Charts were copy/pasted from Google Forms unless otherwise stated.

Notes: 1 = too short, 5 = too long

Notes: 1 = too little effort, 5 = too much effort

Notes: 1 = not applicable/useful, 5 = very applicable/useful

Notes: 1 = no, 5 = yes

Notes: 1 = no, I would not enjoy that, 5 = yes, I would enjoy that

Repeated Comments

According to comments, First Timer’s Forage was well liked
The community seemed to be most interested in it becoming a permanent feature out of the three games. The main suggestions were for varied difficulty levels, aesthetic changes (such as differentiating images, a different background etc.), and the occasional lag that causes the game to glitch and incorrectly flip tiles.

Comments about Snish were a bit of a mixed bag
Some people really enjoyed it, some people disliked it, and some people enjoyed it with caveats. The main types of comments we saw were a desire for a pause button, asks for other miscellaneous mechanical changes, and the fact that the required score felt too high.

Comments indicate that Bumbleberry Brew was the least liked game
The main comment was that the score requirement was too high, especially for a game of chance, where a few bad games would lock you out entirely. Compounded onto this was the lack of clarity on the theoretical maximum a stein could be and the use of a percentage as a score measurement. (Eg, if your mug of 400 was the second highest, it could still mean nothing if the highest was 8000, so you’d get 0.2%). Some commenters noted that if it were to become a site game, having a different reward mechanic would be good.

Comments were generally positive about the community shaping the lore
There were comments about ensuring that it remained consistent with ideas about how that could be done.

There were comments about changes to make The Soup adventure and future site adventures
Some people felt it was too long, with too many options that were just “keep moving”. There were also comments that there were points where the adventure mentioned how the character was feeling which is something that players would like us to avoid.

The longer duration was generally appreciated by commenters
Players liked not feeling rushed, especially since there were a lot of creative activities which took more energy to do.

For the most part, comments indicate the wide variety of activities was liked
Players appreciated variance between the gamey activities and the creative activities was well-liked. There were a few comment wishing there had been a few more games/ fewer creative activities.

Comments about the prizes, prices, and prize structure were generally positive
Players commented on liking the random events with recolors, the gem buying of fragments, and the prize options.

A big thank you to the community for taking the time to fill out the survey and give us your thoughts! As a reminder, if you didn’t see your sentiment echoed in the comments above, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t read it or consider it; these results tend to take the larger themes from analyzing the comments rather than focusing on individual ones.

Also, a special thanks goes to Hyasynthetic for analyzing the feedback results! :D

Prize Raffle

8 winners were chosen via random number generator, are are as follows:
I’ll get those prizes to you shortly! done

Also, the stickers have not gone out yet but we’ll get those out by the end of the weekend!

Posted 09/24/21, edited 09/24/21
Ope, I haven’t been feeling well. Very nice surprise to log in today and find I’ve won a prize! Thank you! ^_^
Posted 09/29/21
Stickers have been given out, and glitch went ahead and did an autobuy for players who had unspent fragments!
Posted 10/03/21