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Introducing Moocena Cave!
It Begins

There is a soft glow along the horizon as the first sliver of moonlight peeks its way into the sky. Slowly, with the grace of a thousand lace-winged butterflies, its majesty comes into view. The Sorceress’ Eye; the Rind Peaks; the Fondue Sea. One by one, these familiar landmarks on the distant satellite come into view—and soon, surrounded by wispy evening clouds, the cheese moon has risen proudly into the sky.

Deliciously beautiful

Marcy awakes to the sound of low mooing just outside his window—the distant slorrrpMmmmooOOooo of the Milkshrooms’ gills suddenly engorging themselves with liquid. With all the grim countenance of a classically painted farmer, he places his hat upon his head and turns to you, who just happen to be standing at his bedside.

“Gather the Moonsters,” he says—and somehow, you know exactly what he’s talking about. The Moonster Drasillis live in a nearby commune. They’re the best farmhands this side of, well, wherever another farm that doesn’t belong to Marcy is. Before you can question just how, exactly, you have this alien knowledge, Marcy pulls his pitchfork from the wall and says, “I’ll meet you in the Milkshroom fields.”

Poll: When Morgan named them Moonsters, was it a pun on monster, Muenster, or Cheese Moon?

It doesn’t take you long to gather the Moonsters. They were already wide awake and ready to go, armed with buckets and pails of all shapes and sizes. They dutifully follow you out to the fields, where they quickly disperse and get to work.

Rows of large green and brown Milkshrooms line the field, their translucent gills large and distended, full of a pale, whitish liquid. One by one, the Moonsters set down their pails and settle themselves onto a stool, reaching up to grasp each gill that runs along the underside of the Milkshroom’s cap. As they expertly squeeze the liquid from the gills, a hoarse moo sound escapes the shroom. Soon enough, the air is filled with moos, the gasping splorches of liquid being released, and the soft ringing of metal buckets being filled.

Filled to the gills

You know how important the Milkshroom harvest is to the local Mycenians—but despite all this innate knowledge you apparently have about this tradition, you find yourself lost when it comes to lending a hand. Tentatively, you approach Marcy, who is hoisting full buckets into the bed of a cart. Without trying to be a burden, or take up too much of his time, you ask him what you can do to help.

He pauses his work just long enough to hand you a pail and gesturing to one of the many fields of Mushrooms. “The Moonsters will show you!” As he wipes the sweat from his brow, he says, “But, if milking’s not your thing, there’re plenty of other tasks to be attended to. You can check in with Darcy, who’s working on developing some new Milkshroom cheeses, or attend Professor Mariel’s lecture on the history of the Milkshroom.”

You nod as you consider your options, and as Marcy turns away from you to get back to work he says, “Whatever you decide to help with, I appreciate it. Harvest’s gonna be big this year—we can certainly use all the help we can get.”



Game: Moonsters’ Mushroom Milking Madness

Do you have what it tastes to be a magnificent milker? Test out your milking skills with assistance of the milking Moonsters here.

Participation Prize
Participation in this game means playing the game at least once

Cow Bell
+ top 10 milkers of each day will be rewarded with additional copies of the Cow Bell item (awarded at the end of the activity)

This activity runs until 23:59 April 15th

Activity: Darcy’s Daring Dairy Developments

The number of ways in which Milkshroom milk can be utilized is nigh unlimited. However, one of the most beloved uses for this delectable substance is cheese. Darcy has been experimenting with the excess of her brother’s milk harvests, and has come up with a number of unique cheeses—all made with Milkshroom milk, but wildly different in nearly all other aspects. Now, she needs your help here!

Participation Prize

Cheese Moon

This activity runs until 23:59 April 15th

Activity: Professor Mariel’s Comparative Natural History 101

Strangely, multiple scientists of the past have claimed to discover the Milkshroom, and each of their studies are all different from one another. Come puzzle this out with us here!

Participation Prize

Milk Sample

This activity runs until 23:59 April 15th

Overall Participation

Players will also get a sticker for participation in any one of these activities:

Players will get to pick between an active, upright, or mushroom Moonster if they participate in both the forum activities, Darcy’s Daring Dairy Developments and Professor Mariel’s Comparative Natural History 101.

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(the game will be back up soon!)

Game is live!

Posted Apr 1, edited Apr 1

I love this event, I love the game and I love the Moonsters. >:3c
I wish I could have 40 of these little dragons cows. <3

Posted Apr 1
This is all so cute! I’m also really loving the Mushroom Milking Madness game.
Posted Apr 1
Love the event! I did have one small issue - on the 10th game of Mushroom Milking, it did not show me the results of the last game, it just loaded up the ‘You have already played as many games as you can today’ message :p
Posted Apr 1

I love it. :D

Also.. all those puns, and we aren’t called Moocenians now? xD

Posted Apr 1, edited Apr 1

I’m losing my mind…....... I love this so much…..... even though the thought of milking a giant mushroom kinda grosses me out I can’t wait to have a COW FRIEND!!!!!

ps pls can we keep the game

Posted Apr 1


And introducing… LACTARIUS INDIGIO:

Posted Apr 1
Question! For Dairy Developments, can two people use the same starting picture? specifically asking because all Sid and I have is shredded cheese and dumping one pile on a plate is bad enough
Posted Apr 1, edited Apr 1

Rearrange the cheese on the plate, and then take a second picture! :D Even if you’re using the same cheese, at least the intention is there? Though, yeah, that’s fine - we don’t want you to waste food or anything!

Posted Apr 1

*gags at mushroom pictures*


Posted Apr 1
Love the event! I did have one small issue - on the 10th game of Mushroom Milking, it did not show me the results of the last game, it just loaded up the ‘You have already played as many games as you can today’ message :pSnafflewyrm

I had this same issue. I went to play today and my previous 10th game was still onscreen, but my tenth game today did the same as described above. (the the score was appropriately added to my final tally).

Posted Apr 2
would it be possible to make the numbers on the milk bottle game contrast more with the bottle images?? i’m having trouble distinguishing the numbers and it kinda makes it hard to play :c
Posted Apr 2
For the professors thing, will an entry still count if you can’t put the text onto the image? I`m currently in the hospital with just my tablet to work with but I really want a moonster.
Posted Apr 3
I LOVE the milking mushrooms game. It would be awesome to have it stick around, and possibly made to be playable in an unscored mode so we can just do it for the fun of it. :D
Posted Apr 3
Same regarding what Shiba said! I love game just as much as I love Echolocation and would love stayed around past the event, as well as being able to play it past the allotted amount of tries.
Posted Apr 3


For the professor’s activity, would it be possible to type out a few paragraphs? I’m not sure how to put the text onto the notebook image. You might also want to let Nephele know too, as they had a similar question.

Posted Apr 9, edited Apr 9
WeyrLeader Nephele Oops, sorry for missing this! Typing it out, or even making hand made notes and then taking a picture is all fine. :D
Posted Apr 9
Thank you!
Posted Apr 9
Posted Apr 11
I keep forgetting to play that friggin’ milk game! D:< haha
Posted Apr 11
I also forgot until I saw these posts! Milk is easy to forget, I guess.
Posted Apr 11
The cheese moon sets tonight! Remember to get your last milkenings in!
Posted Apr 15
Umm… What happened to the prizes we were supposed to get? I would love an active Moonster!
Posted Apr 20

The prizes need to be handed out manually, so they can take a bit of time - especially with focus needing to shift to the event launch right after. The activities have been tallied, and now that the spring event is live, prizes should be going out soon. Sorry for the delay!

Posted Apr 20
Thank you for the reply! :)
Posted Apr 20

Prizes for Moocena have been distributed!

For those of you who participated in all three tracks (Mushroom Milking, Dairy Developments, and Natural History), please head to this page to collect your Moonster!

Please collect your Moonster within the next two weeks, or let me know if you need longer

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Yay! I mean. MOOOoooOOOOOoooooOOooooOO!
Posted Apr 20


Did my cheese tasting station entries not meet the requirements somehow? Because i did both(are they too long..?) and yet not only did i not get the cheese moons i’m not on the winners list for a moonster? but i got my milk mustache and cowbell.. I can understand if i wasn’t suppose to do two testing stations but even if only one was eligible as far as i can tell both meet the requirements…?

Posted Apr 20

A few fun Mushroom Milking statistics!

There were a total of 11,066 games played. Of these games:

  • 49% of games scored 100%, so your odds of getting a perfect score in a day were roughly one in 1,250
  • 25% of all games scored below 50%
  • 14% of all games scored below 25%
  • Exactly 9 games managed to score the lowest possible score of 0.1%. sweaters and Chimerical account for more than half of those nine. Impressive?
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