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Hey im Lagg “LaggingBehindReality” You might have heard of me before! It’s more likely that you haven’t though it’s fine. I hope we can get along!~☆

I hope to be here until I’ve completed my wishlist, at which point I’ll just declare this account dead or add more plans to it.

□ I always love and appreciate gifts, and if you decide not to give them anonymously I’ll try to pay them back with art! □

◇ I’m usually up for a roleplay, don’t be afraid to ask! ◇

♡ Ask me if you want to ship your ocs with mine. ♡

¤ Art/Writing Shop: [Link to be added] ¤




Mushrooms/Pets (in order of priority):

*note: a fodder pet is worth 7 gems = $7 = 25,200 nug = 9 days of maxing out the game cap for nuggets ON TOP OF the price of the mushroom from the marketplace
**the USD prices are for comparison’s sake, I cannot and will not pay any money for MC pets bc im poor (Also it’s against the site rules)

Shadow Sage
Pearly Depths
99942 Apophis Mushroom
Lucky Rabbit
Flowering Fawn
Gerbera Daisy

Lunar Glint
save nug: 24 days
USD: $20

Floral Mist
save nug: 20 days
USD: $16.67

Paper Rose
save nug: 20 days
USD: $16.67

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