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Hey im Lagg “LaggingBehindReality” You might have heard of me before! It’s more likely that you haven’t though it’s fine. I hope we can get along!~☆

I hope to be here until I’ve completed my wishlist, at which point I’ll just declare this account dead or add more plans to it.

□ I always love and appreciate gifts, and if you decide not to give them anonymously I’ll try to pay them back with art! □

◇ I’m usually up for a roleplay, don’t be afraid to ask! ◇

♡ Ask me if you want to ship your ocs with mine. ♡

¤ Art/Writing Shop: [Link to be added] ¤




Mushrooms/Pets (in order of priority):

*note: a fodder pet is worth 7 gems = $7 = 25,200 nug = 9 days of maxing out the game cap for nuggets ON TOP OF the price of the mushroom from the marketplace
**the USD prices are for comparison’s sake, I cannot and will not pay any money for MC pets bc im poor (Also it’s against the site rules)

Floral Mist
save nug: 20 days
USD: $16.67

Paper Rose
save nug: 20 days
USD: $16.67

Twelfth hour
save nug: 15 days
USD: $13.33

save nug: 9 days
USD: $7.00

save nug: ???
USD: ???

Gerbera Daisy
save nug: 49 days
USD: $41.67


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