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and even if in your eyes you starve, i know you’ll never hunger
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Hi! I’m Stanari, but I also respond to Stan, “nerd”, and “hey you”. I cannot confirm or deny allegations that I may also be three birds in a trench coat. I’m not very active on MC outside of events, but I am trying to do more stuff here! You can also find me on FR (and elsewhere on the internet).

I do not bite people (as birds do not have teeth), so please feel free to echo me for any reason! I am happy to chat about pretty much anything and everything; if you are wondering whether I would enjoy talking to you, the answer is probably yes. I also welcome unsolicited trade offers and requests to RP or plot with my characters, though I tend to be quite picky. If I don’t respond within a few days, I’m probably low on energy, but I might have just forgotten to reply! I’d be grateful if you sent me a follow-up message.

I love art, writing, and worldbuilding, but I also love hoarding pretty things. My other interests include game design, edgy backstories, and interactive fiction. In my spare time, I like to create some truly cursed spreadsheets and regex monstrosities.

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short stories | wayfarer setting thread | your next character is named “echo from a time of war”


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