20:20 ST

I barely exist and I barely understand how to speak words but I’m very friendly and don’t bite.

for a minute I read that as “Stanari absconds to Satanism”Swan, in live chat

Hiya! Welcome to my horribly messy hoard of notes to self profile~ (currently in progress)

Stanari is: Find me on other sites!
  • #657
  • female
  • easily confused
  • rather shy
  • slow at things
  • a professional ‘crastinator (thanks Dragonwing :P)
  • a teller of bad jokes
  • a collector of ooc quotes
  • a hoarder of things
  • perfectly fine with offers on things not marked UFT

I love random chats and RP requests; almost all my pets have characters. (But I’m terribly flaky about RPs.)

I have a fondness for sci-fi and fantasy, interactive fiction, and mafia.


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