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Hello, I play Flight Rising way too much and when I get off my butt and draw I will occasionally post to my tumblr :)
I am here for the pretty pretty coats, especially anything by King OvO

OOTS is 57,600 per month


Any Fodder Pet



Twelfth Hour, Essence of Love, Spell Weaver, Djinn
Star Cross Fox, Corroded Automaton, Golden Thread Cordyceps, Mycena Kimono,
Fruit Juice, White Wind, Gerbera Daisy, Magic Surge Meteorite

Shop Items:

Iridescent Tail Bow | Silver Sea Wave Circlet | Golden Sea Wave Circlet | King’s Crown Mushroom | Little Blues Mushroom

Secret Sanctuary Background | Dying Light Background | Mists of Fate Background | Sky Background | Cavern of the Lost Background

Floating Candles | Golden Faerie Lights | Enchanted Golden Gaze | Enchanted Teal Gaze | Enchanted Moonlight Sclera | Enchanted Midnight Sclera

Lime Snail | Red Sunset Butterfly | Neon Angelwing Butterfly | Vibrant Morningdew Butterfly

Other Items:

Holly Day Blossom | Bottle of Stardust | Fragile Blue Wings | Blue Rose Collar | Stitched Ribbon | Konpeito Pouch



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