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March News Discussion
March has arrived!

March’s OotS is Tabby, along with their Wren Friends and Cream Plaid Scarf! This month’s coat was created by Myla and the items by Eluii. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Shaking off Winter

Spring officially arrives on March 20th, which means that Bruc is preparing for another stock changeover in his shop - spring seasonals old and new will be added once spring has finally sprung. Be sure to stock up on your favorite winter seasonal shrooms before they’re tossed into the cooler until next year!

Activity Updates
Menu Update

While on the topic of our creative activities: the site’s navigation has been updated to include links to our ongoing activities under the ‘community’ tab! We also removed the long-outdated wiki link from the help menu.

Paws for Effect

Like the kelph, active drasillis now also have template paws that can be requested on custom and edit orders for 3 PP (rather than 6 PP for drawing paws from scratch). This has been updated in the pricing guide as well!

New On Our Team

After completing their trial periods, Plaid and Puppy have become full-fledged staff artists! They went through extensive training, learning the ins and outs of our templates, file formatting and storage, interfaces, and documentation. They completed projects including making an edited ineki coat, an item, a queue order, and sprout (you can see what they did on the artist credit page). They each worked closely with a mentor team, learning more about Mycena Cave style and how to incorporate it in their work.

We are very excited to see all of the new artwork they bring to the Cave, and we hope you are, too!

...And On To New Adventures

With the start of March, Plasma is retiring as a site artist in order to make way for her other passions and pursuits. Plasma has been an artist since early 2014 and has dedicated countless hours into making Mycena Cave into the place it is now. It’s hard to imagine the staff team without her because she has been such a positive presence and driving force for the vast majority of Mycena Cave’s existence. We will miss her presence on the team dearly, but are very excited to see how her passion, drive, and skills forge new paths in her endeavors! Thank you for everything, Plasma. <3

Season of Connections Wrap-Up

That sickly-sweet scent has finally filtered out of the air, which means that the Season of Connections has come to a close. Peent has closed up shop until next year, and the Ivy’s Flowershop activity has now concluded.

Cave Files: Case of the Stolen Sun Wrap-Up

We wrapped up our Cave Files: Case of the Stolen Sun event in mid-february, and are currently sorting through event feedback. You can expect our feedback summary to be posted within the next few days. Aliza would, once again, like to thank everyone for their help—and for putting up with her terrible roommate fiance.

Season of connections, indeed.

Player Survey

We are currently collecting responses to a new survey, from which we are hoping to learn about what brings players to Mycena Cave, as well as their expectations and experiences. You can learn more about this survey, which runs through March 14th, in this announcement.

Behind the Veil
  • glitch worked on general maintenance, small adjustments to the marketplace after the big pet selling update, updating our menus, and some initial coding for the fishing/crafting updates. Next month, the likely focus will be on the fishing/crafting coding and the spring event needs.
  • Myla coordinated the Seasons of Connections launches with the help of many on the team; finished the crafting/fishing art assets with the help of Loon; finished artist trial periods with the help of King, Eluii, Meru, Plaid, and Puppy; worked on orders and site art like the March monthly; and worked on long term planning. Next month will be focused on the spring event, activity planning, orders, long term planning, and other site art!
  • The coordinator team has shifted focus to the upcoming spring event, which is our much-beloved word-building tradition. You can expect more information on that early next month!
  • The art team is largely focused on the sprout raffle and the spring event currently which means the queues are slower right now!
Posted 03/01/21, edited 03/01/21
oh this is an exciting news update! yay productivity day
Posted 03/01/21

love spring events (pleady face emoji)

i am so sad to see plasma go because she made my panda and i love her for that but also excited to see what lies in the future for her!!!! plasma youre an absolute gem and i hope you stay around as a user and share your new projects with us!!!

Posted 03/01/21

Ahh Plas ;A; Best of luck on all your future endeavors!!!

Looking forward to the spring event :>

Posted 03/01/21

Wishing you all the best Plasma <3
Can’t wait for the spring event!

Posted 03/01/21

I loooove the new monthly set! It’s perfect.

Good luck on your endeavors, Plasma, and thanks for all your hard work on this site!

Posted 03/01/21
Dang! Mycena minus Plasma is going to be a bit strange at first. I don’t think the site would have been where it is now without you. Hope you enjoy your next ventures, your legacy will live on in so many Mycenians and other creations!
Posted 03/01/21

A huge thanks to Plasma for all the absolutely stunning artwork on the site! My collection would feel beyond incomplete without my lovely Plasma customs and sprouts. Best of wishes of all future endeavors. Her creative consistency, amazing output, and dedication are things I’ve long been striving to match, myself.

A huge personal thanks to her for all the inspiration she’s given me over the last many, many years!

Posted 03/01/21

Thank you Plasma for all your lovely work!! You really knocked it out of the park with your most recent few customs and sprouts! And I’m so glad you had a chance to work on your corgi and Keep’s wolf customs before you retired!

I’m really happy to hear that you are ramping up into expanding your other creative pursuits! I feel like you have a ton of creative potential, and I hope it goes well for you! <3

Remember to have fun while you are at it!! <3

Posted 03/01/21

It’s sad to see an artist leave the team when they have been here so long and contributed so much to the site to get it to where it was, and I hope we get to hear from them on their future endeavours.

Apart from that, I’m excited to see what the spring event will be, and look forward to participating in it soon enough.

Posted 03/01/21

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes! I’ve been honored to be a part of the artist team for so long, and watching the site grow and expand as the years passed! Seven years sounds like a long time, but if feels like yesterday when I first started. I will miss working on lovely creations for everyone in the professional aspect, but I do intend to still play on the site with role playing and events, (maybe even a mock up shop? :D), so I’ll still be around! I will also likely create a thread somewhere to post achievements and the like, funny stories, et cetera. I won’t be gone! <3

Thank you again everyone for your support!! I truly appreciate it!

Posted 03/01/21
i’m definitely going to miss plasma, she gave me so many beautiful children!! thank you so much for all your hard work over the years, i think youve definitely earned a happy retirement <3
Posted 03/01/21
Poly would like to say thanks to Plasma for making both of their sprouts. The little sprootles are adorable and I love them and you’ve made several of my favorite coats on the site. I wish you the best of luck in your future pursuits! <3
Posted 03/01/21

Aw, it’s really sad to see Plasma go! I’ve always enjoyed working with you as an artist, Plasma. Because of your design Mysterious Brew, an entire story was born with myself and good friend (Hoax, of course), and we have started to build an entire world—all on the back of Mysterious Brew’s excellent design, for my side of things! Your creativity will be greatly missed, but it’s so, so good to see you’ll still be playing as a user! Thank you again for all the beautiful sprouts, customs, and items you’ve brought to MC!

And further, congrats to Puppy and Plaid again for becoming official site artists! Plaid, I love the design you did for Inkantation (along with Myla and King!) and absolutely can not wait to see further work from you on the site! And Puppy, you know I love how you brought Z-99 (among others, but I’m listing my personal favorite haha) to life on another site, and I am chomping at the bit hoping to work with you on a design here on MC. :D

Posted 03/01/21

Good luck on future endeavors Plasma! I will eternally thank you for putting up with me through the creation of Malis. You really did my Troll proud!

Posted 03/02/21

Plasma I’m so sad to see you go, but so excited for you! I wish you all the best for your new endeavors! I’m so glad I was able to get a sprout from you before you left! Thanks so much for all your time and effort toward the site! We never interacted much, but you’ve been a constant for so long that I will definitely miss seeing your name pop up on everything.

Best of luck! Thanks for all your years of hard work!!

Posted 03/02/21
cute monthly!
Posted 03/02/21
it’s going to be a very different mycena without you on the team, plasma! you’ve contributed so much art and style to the site in the time you’ve been here. i’m really happy to hear you’ll still be boppin’ around the site though, glad we won’t be losing you entirely <3
Posted 03/02/21
Thank you Plasma for all your work! Most of my unique pets have had your work on them, and it’s always a joy to see your work on the site. They’ll be cherished forever. <3 Good luck with your future professional endeavors. ^^
Posted 03/02/21
I’ll be sad to see you go, Plasma! I was secretly hoping to have you complete even more unique pets for my ever-growing planet universe; I will never get over the thrill of growing Universal Eye and being blindsided by her translucency (and the subsequent Seed of Life… to finally see the active concept from so long ago… and then Prism Dust too?!)! We were lucky to have you as long as we did. <3 Wishing you all the best in everything you pursue!
Posted 03/02/21
The Season of Connections Sprouts/Semi-Customs have arrived!

Congratulations Masshiro Riaa snafflewyrm silentfox polygone Lord Vely & Crow!

A big thank you to Hush Rhyme Chou Plasma King & Morgan for helping create this batch of lovely pets, and to Prose Cien & Crow for helping me write delivery flavor texts! <3

Posted 03/10/21, edited 03/10/21
Posted 03/10/21
My babe is positively gorgeous! Can’t wait to see how they grow up, always very exciting, thank you so much Myla!!
Posted 03/10/21

Baby season is great and my childe is fab.

Posted 03/10/21

Thankyou Hush! I can barely wait to see what the flower transforms into!

Posted 03/10/21, edited 03/10/21

I can’t wait to see mine grow up, it’s so lovely. Egg baby…

Thank you!!

Posted 03/11/21
It looks like there was a bug in our player blocking feature which affected people’s ability to unblock people. If you previously tried to unblock someone only to have that not work, please try again :)
Posted 03/11/21
they are all SO PRETTY!!!!! congrats to all of you ;0;
Posted 03/12/21
New Shop Item

Ice Cream Horn was donated by teaunicorn and created by Mouse. You can find it for sale in the Marketplace! Thank you for the donation! You can learn more about edit donation here.

Dras paws template

Upright dras now also have template paws that can be requested on custom and edit orders for 3 PP (rather than 6 PP for drawing paws from scratch). This has been updated in the pricing guide as well!

New Toggles

Some old items have been updated with new toggles: Snowkissed Cape (Bow toggle + updated layering to be more edit compatible), Winter Berry Bow (leaves + berries + bow separately toggleable), Warm Autumn Hat (decorations can be toggled off), Galactic Globe (stand can be toggled off), “Blessings of” series of head jewels (eye + head shine separately toggleable). You can preview the new toggles in The Magic Puddle and you can make toggle requests in this thread!

Posted 03/12/21, edited 03/12/21
Eeeee thank you so much Myla, I’m really glad the blessing shines are now toggleable :D Love the new paws too!
Posted 03/12/21