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Toggle Requests

I occasionally get requests to make items have toggle abilities. I try to make that happen if possible, but it’s easy to lose track of requests if I’m not able to do them right away. This thread is for making requests and for checking which items have been updated with toggleability.

When making a request, please list the item’s name and what specifically you’d like to be toggleable. Please check the spreadsheet to make sure your item hasn’t already been requested.

Easy = all I need to do is go in and enable toggleability in the interface
Moderate = I need to open in an art program, separate, re-save, and re-upload layers
Difficult = I need to redraw or draw in parts of the item, re-save, and re-upload layers
Very Difficult = Complex redrawing of parts of the item, re-saving, re-uploading
Can’t Do = Item can’t be made toggleable
Determine Difficulty = I need to go look at the file to determine how hard it’d be to make the item toggleable

Once I’m done making something toggleable, I’ll cross it out on the spreadsheet! Easy and moderate items are likely to be done more regularly than difficult/very difficult since it’s easy to squish those into my schedule when I need a bit of a break from other things.

Posted 05/08/20, edited 05/08/20

This is really neat, Myla!!

I think it would be nice if the Rose Candles (and recolors? White Rose Candles, Starry Rose Candles, but selfishly specifically the Rose Candles aha) could have the flame toggled off, just leaving them as roses.

Posted 05/08/20

It would be great if we could toggle off the candles/lights on the Stonecrest Cavern background!

Edit: I’ll come back if I think of more but this is just a recent one I remember :D

Posted 05/08/20, edited 05/08/20

thank you so much Myla you’re the bestest

I have some requests!
-individual side toggles for the anklet items
-toggleable forehead shine, separate from the eye shine (just the shine surrounding the jewel), on the “blessing of X” items
-toggleable cameo on the bat cameo necklace so I can have a purple choker >>
-toggleable smog on the drifty cursed censer

Posted 05/08/20, edited 05/08/20
Would it be possible to make the Cobwebs item toggleable? I just really like the idea of only having the cobwebs/spider… (Though it is an old item so I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t possible-) :3c
Posted 05/08/20, edited 05/08/20
Aah I don’t know if this counts/is relevant, but the Towering Tomes background being able to have the “dras cutout” toggled on and off would be lovely. I’ve noticed some backgrounds have this option! Currently it doesn’t have the cutout for dras at all. <3
Posted 05/08/20

There are a few I could think of that would be awesome to have toggleable. ouo

~ The ability to toggle off all the dras cutouts on backgrounds that have them :‘D
~ I don’t know if this counts, but the ability to toggle the kelph-version of the sine sileo background on dras/ineki, so that it’s more black&white without the colored ground the ineki have
~ that one wolf in the back of the whispering and watchful woods backgrounds that isn’t currently toggleable
~ super minor one, but the debris on the ground around the cozy and magical campfires
~ the hair cutouts on the fragile blue wings for dras (for dras that have no hair) :‘D
~ this might be too old of an item/all one layer, but.. the clouds on the spooky moon possibly
~ the individual bats on the creepy and fruit bat swarms, and individual bird for the bluebirds
~ the border/frame of the hallowed hills background
~ the individual horns on the summer and icy spirit horns
~  the ability to toggle on all the different birds at once for every coat in the bird summoning gauntlet T^T
~ the ability to toggle off the branch on the hanging herbs, so the herbs look like they’re just hanging off of their string and not attached to anything
~ the… face on the overseer so it’s just a blank sun

Posted 05/08/20

Orchid Gardens Background: Currently the frame toggles are upper left, upper right and bottom, each of which includes a bit of the green leaves in the frame. Rather than the leaves being toggled with the frame, if the leaves could be toggled separate from the frame, that would be cool :o

Ornate Horns: Toggles for the jewellery bits — I would also love to be able to toggle off the horns (and leave the jewellery) but I understand if that’s not a good idea since it kind of goes against the item name LOL

Lily Hat: Individual toggles for the lily pad and flower

Fragrant Flora: Individual toggles for the shrooms and/or flower

Luck’s Blessing: Individual toggles for the bottle and magic

Thank you for the thread, Myla! <3

Posted 05/08/20

Racer’s Hat - toggle the hair off or make it two separate layers so it’s possible to use the hat with different wigs
Scars (particularly body/leg) - individual toggles for each scar

That’s about all I can think of at the moment! Thank you for the thread Myla! <3

Posted 05/08/20

Thanks for doing this! I don’t know how many of these are possible, but I appreciate that they’re up for consideration regardless.

- Just the bow on the Flowerscape. I know it’s possible to toggle the entire corner around it, but I want to keep the flowers without the bow.

- The anklets on the Pirate’s Glamourrr, rather than just having the gold bangles toggle as a single chunk

- Separate toggles for the berries and the bow on the Winter Berry Bow

- Match the toggles of the Warm Autumn Hat to those of the Witchy and Drifty Autumn hats

- A toggleable stand on the Galactic Globe


Gloomy Grotto
Misty Grotto
Stained Glass Marigold
Galactic Gazing
Dying Light
New Direction
Cavern of the Lost
Secret Sanctuary
Fungal Forest
Fishing Rendezvous
Flower Rush
Birch Forest
Untold Treasures
Phoenix Roost

I realised late last night I misread Oxton‘s post — the backgrounds above have the Dras cutout. The backgrounds below do not. The original list stands, as it doesn’t seem the cutout is toggleable on those (I tested those which I had in my inventory, and none of them toggled)

  • Birch Forest
  • Clock Tower
  • Sunset Glade/Jungle Glade
  • Mists of Fate (possibly all shop backgrounds. Not all were tested but Serene Shores, Moonlit Clouds, Stained Glass Woodland, The Cost, and Slumbering Sands also lacked the option)
  • Pine Forest
  • Rainy Day
  • Romantic Retreat/Rosy Retreat
  • Sine Sole Sileo
  • Snowy Summit
  • Spirit Tree
  • Spring Stroll
  • Towering Tomes
  • Troubled/Troubling Waters
  • Twinkling Shrine
  • Watchful/Whispering Woods
  • Alpine Aurora
  • Cafe/Underwater Cafe
  • Shop backgrounds not listed above
  • Inner Peace
  • Orchid Gardens
  • Rainy Stroll
  • Tower Chamber
Posted 05/08/20, edited 05/09/20

Hyasynthetic: Tested some of those bgs for you! Oh, and an edit to say yeah, I was actually wanting the cutout for that specific bg haha. I have a pet who stands awkwardly on the books and I always thought it looked weird.

Cafe/Underwater Cafe - No cutout/no toggle
Inner Peace - No cutout/no toggle
Orchid Gardens - No cutout/no toggle
Rainy Stroll - No cutout/no toggle
Tower Chamber - Cutout toggle available

Unable to personally test
Alpine Aurora (though I imagine the squareish shape might negate the option?)
Shop backgrounds not listed above

Posted 05/09/20, edited 05/09/20
Thank you for doing this Myla! Would it be possible to have the Slumbering Sands background toggleable so you can have just the golden curtains or just the background w/o curtains?
Posted 05/09/20
Green Onion Hamhams: individual toggles for the hams would be nice c:
Posted 05/12/20
this is like stupidly specific whoops I know the Blessing of X items have forehead jewel + eye shine toggle layers but I was wondering if a toggle specifically for the shine right around the jewel, separate from the eye shine, might be possible? :D;;; There’s a hole in Raph’s forehead shine when I give them the Blessing of Joy but I want the eye shiny bits!
Posted 05/20/20, edited 05/20/20
Ruffled Parasol - bow toggle
Posted 05/20/20
Could the white, postcard border of the Letter From Afar Background be toggeable?
Posted 05/27/20

Sorry this is long! I went through my current inventory thinking of what might look nice toggled.

thank you for looking at things and giving more variety with current items!

siren’s scales:
This one already has the face and body scales toggleable but what about?
the scales on the tail?(so it’d be something like a dolphin or salamander tail. all smooth?)
the side fins on the tail?
fin at the end of the tail?

My thought process is i was looking at that and it might be a pretty nice lizard/dragon tail without the fins?  just more overall potential use.

coastal capelet:
toggle just the seashells?

cozy and magical campfire:
Is it possible to toggle the fire and sticks? So theres either a pile of sticks or a fireball?

faerie chimes:
Is it possible to toggle the individual bits of it? so it becomes a bell,wingy things and the wind chime droplets?

luck’s blessing:
can the mist and the bottle decoration as well as the bottle itself be toggleable?

all the food:
is…it at all possible to toggle each individual piece of food…? at the very least can each half maybe be toggleable?

mushos &mallows on a stick:
Stick or mush/mallows toggleable?

spring fling tail:
This one is already togglable but the toggle for decoration removed both pearl strand thingy and the flowers. can that toggle be seperated so its pearls or flowers?

spring fling things:
same as above. a toggle for pearls+flowers rather than both on same one?

Posted 06/01/20

Couple more!

Starspun Strands - for cat/fox ineki, it’d be nice to toggle the individual tail strands!
Wildwood Glow Background - not sure if this is possible, I feel like I remember hearing about it before, but the left clump of foliage would be a neat toggle c:
Jungle Glade Background - toggles similar to the Sunset Glade recolor where you can toggle off the foliage?
Heart Speech Bubble - this is uhhhhh niche but it’d be nice to toggle off the bubble itself, leaving just the floating heart

Posted 06/16/20
Another thought! Black Arm Warmers split into a left and right arm layers?
Posted 08/02/20

Thought of a few more~

~ on the Star Stuff, possibly having the bottom stuff toggleable, as well as be like the other floaty decor items so it can be moved in front of the pet instead of being a background
~ would be neat to have the wings on the various soaring staff items toggleable, and/or be able to toggle the stick parts of the various staffs, so that we could turn them into floating hearts c:
~ having a toggle for each of the cloud sections on the Candyfloss Cloud Cover, so we can have only one layer of cloud visible
~ the two toggleable wolves on the Whispering Woods background maybe being on separate layers so one can be visible while the other isn’t
~ the string on the Drifty Fish Kite so we can have just a giant floaty… fish >3>


Posted 10/02/20
I’d love for the Rebel’s wigs to have part of the front hair toggleable so that the pet’s eyes could be a bit more visible.
Posted 11/12/20

It’s not really a toggle, per say, but is it possible to allow adjustments to background layering? Currently backgrounds are not allowed to be moved since they’re all the way down at the bottom of the layer, but there are new items coming out that would prefer to be layered over another background, like the Golden Gallery Background or the Peaceful Terrarium Background. I’d honestly like to be able to pair up such backgrounds with others, but the lack of control over which background is layered over which kind of prevents this.

For example:

I’d like to be able to layer the Terrarium over the Galaxy Background for that extra touch of colour to make the already obscured plants stand out more. But if it ends up going under the Galaxy Background, it’s a whole different image. (Somehow I got the layering to swap in the magic puddle by equipping/unequipping the Obi)

Posted 12/02/20
Glaive I made it so both Peaceful Terrarium and Golden Gallery are no longer backgrounds so that their layering is more flexible! I hope that helps!
Posted 12/20/20
Myla Oh that’s great! Although I didn’t expect for both items to be changed into non-background items, I do appreciate the increased layering flexibility. Thanks a bunch!
Posted 12/20/20
Myla I might not be understanding what crossing off versus graying out means in the spreadsheet, however it looks like maybe the Candyfloss Cloud Cover is now supposed to have toggles for Cloud 1 and Cloud 2 layers. There’s no option to toggle them, though, so thought I’d give you a heads up about that! In contrast, another crossed off but not grayed out item, the Green Onion Hamhams, does have toggles for each hamster when I equip it.
Posted 01/04/21
Nyfeaena Oh, thank you! My guess is that I went and did it but forgot to actually commit the changes. They should be toggleable now. :D
Posted 01/04/21, edited 01/04/21
Woohoo! Thank you! :D
Posted 01/04/21
Would it be possible to toggle the bell and frilly bits on the Festival Kanzashi? Please and thank you! 83c I didn’t see it on the spreadsheet, but I’m also not sure how toggle-able that’d be.  But thank you regardless!
Posted 03/13/21

hello could the sea butterflies please make like other critter equips and get adorable names and toggles? plz can one be named angel

edited because I forgot my manners I’m deeply ashamed

Posted 03/21/21, edited 03/21/21
Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I’d like if the long part of the mage scarfs (Shadowy Mage Scarf, Burgundy Spotted Mage Scarf, Mage Scarf, Starbright Mage Scarf) could be toggled off! <3 The layers are separate so this should come under the easy category, though I can see some of the ones with markings are missing them.
Posted 04/11/21, edited 04/11/21