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About item sponsorship

Item sponsorship is when a community member donates an edit on one of their unique pets. The edit is turned into a site item and put into one of the shops. The item is indefinitely available to the entire community in exchange for nuggets.

History: Item sponsoring came about when someone was developing a character for their unique pet and one of the edits that the unique pet had didn’t work with the character. They approached Myla about potentially donating it for use as a site item. This inspired a couple more players to ask to donate their edits, and thus a process for edit donation was formed.

Types of edits eligible for conversion

Currently, we may accept edits that can be easily converted into an item. An edit is easy to convert if it doesn’t have significant amounts of redrawing that needs to be done to make it compatible with our various bases (ineki, dras, kelph). We may also choose not to accept an edit if we feel it wouldn’t fit as a Mycena Cave item.

Edit types that are usually easy to convert are:

  • Backgrounds
  • Background/foreground components
  • Leeetle Companions
  • Weapons
  • Other hand held accessories
  • Some jewelry and accessories
  • Some wings

Edit types that are usually ineligible for conversion:

  • Most hair
  • Many types of clothing edits
  • Many types of body mods
  • Anything large that heavily interacts/contours to tails/ears/body
  • Edits that are really old
  • Edits that are already similar to a current shop item

Mycenangelo is always happy to take a look at existing edits to assess their eligibility.

Item sponsorship process and options

If you have determined you’d like to donate an edit, here is an outline of the process:

  1. Send an echo to Mycenangelo containing the following details:
    • A link to the pet (or the pet’s coat name)
    • The edit you’d like to donate
  2. Mycenangelo will send a response that will let you know if we can convert the edit or not. If we can, you’ll get an outline of how the item is converted:
    • The edit is turned into to an item by making it compatible on every template pet base
      • The item may not be in the exact position as the edit version on the pet
      • The item may have additional changes (e.g. if it is old, it may need a bit of a revamp, toggles might be added, colors might be tweaked, etc.). Generally drastic changes don’t need to be made
    • The edit is removed from the original pet
    • The item is uploaded to the site
    • The item is placed in a shop for somewhere between 1 - 10000 nuggets
    • The donor receives one copy of the item and credit for sponsoring the item in the item description
  3. After you have read through the process, if you find it agreeable, you’ll then send a final confirmation that you’d like the edit to be used as an item. You may also suggest a name for the item (optional)
  4. The edit is placed on the conversion list. Edit conversion is generally done in batches or whenever Myla or Nonny have time!

This isn’t stated in the echo you’ll receive from Mycenangelo, but you can also include recolor permission for the item if that is something that interests you. That means you’re giving us permission to recolor the item in the future into one or more different versions of the item. You also get sponsorship credit and a copy of the recolored item. We keep notes on which items we’ve gotten explicit permission to do this for, so anything without permission we don’t recolor.

Another thing that isn’t stated in the echo you’ll receive from Mycenangelo is that if you do not want credit on the item’s description, we can put something more generic in the description like “This item was sponsored,” “This item was sponsored anonymously”, or instead credit the pet that it was on.

Important notes

The item may be in a different position from its original edit position on the pet
This is especially true on edited bases. For example, if you are wanting to donate an earring on your unique pet who has an edited ear, the earring item placement may need to be moved to work with the template ear. This potential movement is good to keep in mind if the edit was an important part of your pet, and you’re wanting it to look the exact same with the item version equipped.

The item may need other types of changes from its original edit version
We try to make site items as flexible as possible and up-to-date with current Mycena Cave art guidelines. That means changes may be made to the edit art during the conversion process to an item, like adding toggleable elements, reshading, or tweaking colors. Edits that have a special avatar version (e.g. a leetle companion that shows up on the tail on the pet, but also in the forum avatar image), may not have the avatar version as an item. The older the edit is, the more likely we may need to make visual changes to it, though we do try to keep it as close to the original as possible.

Donated edits are removed from the pet as a part of the item conversion process
If the edit is integral to your pet, we recommend not donating the edit.

Conversion process time varies
Myla does the conversions, so the time between donating the edit and having it appear on site is heavily dependent on her schedule, the complexity of conversions, and number of conversions (she does them in batches when possible). This is good to keep in mind if you are contemplating trading the pet, as usually the edit will stay on the pet until shortly before the item is uploaded. If you are wanting to trade a pet whose edit has already been donated, or want the edit removed sooner for any reason, just update Mycenangelo on the situation and Myla or Nonny will be happy to remove the edit quickly.

Edits that don’t exist or aren’t owned by the player inquiring can’t be pre-approved for donation
We can only discuss and accept edits that are currently owned by the player who sent the echo to Mycenangelo.

We are currently only accepting edits for donation
We can’t accept pet donations.

Edit donation is extremely optional
Players have different reasons for reaching out to donate an edit, and we’d like to re-iterate that this is going above and beyond our expectations—we are honestly surprised and floored by the generosity of those who have reached out to donate. We appreciate donations, but we don’t want anyone to feel guilty about not wanting to donate edits off of their pets. Edits tend to be personalized to a pet’s character, paid for and meant for a specific pet—this is how our system was designed, so please keep edits attached unless you have really thought about it and are 100% okay with donating the edit.