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Welcome! Name’s Cap, how about you pretty thing?

Heyo, pretty person reading this! I’m Cap, and I’m a new Mycena Cave member hoping to spend some time here for (hopefully) a couple of fun filled years, mostly writing and roleplaying. I’m usually not that social, but I am always up for a small conversation if you’d like, and definitely interested in a roleplay, free-form or through an adventure! ^^

Random facts about moí

He/they - Demi-nonbinary (masc) - Pagan witch
* I’m from and currently live in Sweden! Yes, the cold little speck on the map where everyone is (not really) blonde.
* I actually don’t work as of now, as I am studying to become a neurosurgeon.
* I am a bit of a nerd in a few ways, as my main interests include but are not limited to bio-chemistry, quantum physics, rythm games, Minecraft, Don’t starve, world and oc building and so much more!


In for major surgery within the month.

> Planetary gift
> Star earring
> Holowings
> Drifty nail polish
> Enchanter’s midnight grimoire
> Inky paws


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