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March News Discussion
March Begins!

This month, our OotS coat is March Winds, along with their Chimes and Windy Day Background! This month’s coat and items were created by priz. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective has been updated with new prompts for this month!
  • Bingo RP has been tallied, and new cards may now be requested!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be held on Tuesday, March 15th!
Love was in the Air

Peent’s shop has once again closed its doors. She will be back again next February with more lovely items to trade for your shiniest nuggets–but for now, she seems content to do that cute little bird dust bathing thing in the pile she collected this year.

In a similar vein, we pulled our annual Valentine’s sprout raffle, and several lucky Mycenians are now eagerly awaiting for their little ones to bloom on the Sacred Tree! Sprouts (and semi-customs) will be delivered during March.

Walk of Three

Our Walk of Three event concluded in early February. Our artists have been hard at work on recreating your Carve a Companion coats, and we expect that the seven new Forever Coats will be released within the next week or two!

Account Security

Glitch had to disentangle a number of unauthorized trades and transfers from players whose passwords had been stolen from elsewhere (see context here). Glitch also implemented a security measure to help defend against account takeovers, requiring that you confirm that you have access to your registered email address before you can trade or transfer when using an unrecognized computer.

Take the time to make your account more secure if you haven’t already done so!

Item and Inventory Updates

Glitch fixed an issue where some items appeared to be missing from player’s inventories when they had multiple of the same item marked as equipped to the same Mycenian.

Glitch and Myla are Expecting

The Stork (or however babies work outside of the Cave) is on its way for our two lovely admins! Read the full update here!

Better stock up on Milkshroom Milk….

New Trial Artists

We are excited to announce that Acydosis and Nonnavlis have joined our team as trial artists! During their trial period, they will be working with a staff mentor while they hone their style-matching and learn the ins and outs of Mycena Cave’s art process. We can’t wait to see all of their awesome creations!

Staff Name Change

And while we’re on the topic of staff adjustments, we’d like to let everybody know that Metalhawk is officially changing her username to Dash.

A Note About April Fools

Since glitch and Myla will be preparing for the arrival of their baby, we are opting not to do our traditional April Fool’s activity. We know that our players have a lot of fun with April Fool’s every year, but unfortunately, it falls during a time where we are reluctant to add extra work to our pile as we make preparations. We aim to be back at it next year, though!

Spelling E-V-E-N-T

We hope you’re ready to dust off your word-building workbenches, because our spring spelling event is on the horizon! More details will be crawling out from the bubbling tar pits soon, so keep an eye out for the event announcement!

*dinosaur noises*

Behind the Veil
  • glitch worked on account security updates and dealt with unauthorized trades. He also worked on item/inventory fixes/improvements, and made improvements to staff systems around queue management to help streamline artist efforts. Next month he will likely be working on some small updates and long term projects.
  • Myla worked on queue, site art, and administrative planning. This month she will likely be focused on making progress on long-term projects, queues, as well as event art and other site art.
  • The coordinator team has been working on the upcoming spring event, as well as maintaining creative activities. They have also been working to organize an upcoming Coats for a Cause.
  • The art team are working on creating forever coats, the sprout raffle sprouts/semi-customs, and event art. They’ve also put a lot of work into the queues, though that will likely slow down with their large non-queue workloads
Posted 03/01/22, edited 03/01/22

OH MY GOD Grats Nonny and Acyd, I’m super excited to see what you two do!!!!! OuO

Such a big exciting month. <3

Posted 03/01/22
Ooo congrats to new trial artists :D Can’t wait for the eventtttt.
Posted 03/01/22

Congrats Nonny and Acydosis! That’s so exciting!

And congrats for the little one on the way, Glitch and Myla!

Seven whole new forever coats on the way? We are spoiled ckdkdk.

Posted 03/01/22

It’s site policy that we can only show off the work we did a part of the application if we post it publicly, so I hope nobody will think I’m being too much of a ham in doing so—I want to be able to show my friends! haha

This is the custom mock-up I did as part of my application—I’m really excited to be on board as a trial artist and looking forward to getting started on some cool items! : D

Posted 03/01/22
That’s super darling! I hope I can get a custom from you that works with a yellow or gold palette in the future. It’s one of my favorite colors.
Posted 03/01/22
Ahh, a big welcome to the new trial artists!! I look forward to seeing both your work around the site. :D
Posted 03/01/22

omggggg big month for updates!!! I don’t even know where to start fhfjdk

first of CONGRATS AGAIN to glitch and myla!!!!! and also BIG congrats to the new artists!!!! lowkey I forgot about the like. permanent hire thing so this was a fun surprise!!!!! nonny that’s SO super cute!!!!!!!

also holy cow SEVEN new forevers???? I’m gonna lose my mind I can’t wait to see them!!!!

and. obligatory screeching about DINO EVENT

Posted 03/01/22

SEVEN??? wew… I better get saving!
Also YOO NONNAVLIS that mockup is SO PRETTY!!! can’t wait to see more of what you do!!! <3

Posted 03/01/22

Whew, lots of new things! Congratulations all around, new baby and new artists alike! And, in the coming weeks, new forever coat creators, too!

This month’s OotS set is gorgeous! The green of the color scheme is so soothing. I already bought the items, still need to save up more for the coat itself.

dinosaur event dinosaur event DINOSAUR EVENT DINOSAUR EVENT

Posted 03/01/22
*eyes nonny* well I already know you’d make me the PERFECT Honeysuckle custom…. congrats!
Posted 03/01/22

Seven coats? WOAH. And congrats to the new artists Nonny and Acyd, oh and a new baby?! :0

dino event, dino event, dino event, dino event, dino event, dino event, DINO EVENT???

And can I finally rant about the new monthly? The background is just perfect. And I gotta get those chimes - time to save up hehe

Posted 03/02/22

So much new, News!

M i n t   g r e e n background. Yum.

Posted 03/02/22
Sprout and Semi-Custom Raffle Delivery

Winners from the raffle recently received their sprouts and semi-customs!

Congratulations Lala, sweaters, WindyFox, RoseQuartz, Hush, Gracie88, & Rowyn!

Plaid Plasma Morgan Chou Myla & Hush created this batch of lovely pets, and Plaid, Hyasynthetic, Dash, KeeperGreymuzzles, Firkasa, glitch, and Cien wrote delivery flavor texts! <3 Thank you to the staff team for helping put this together; it takes a village to do a big batch of unique pets!

Posted 03/18/22, edited 03/18/22
New Items

Our new trial artists Nonny and Acyd finished up their first projects, and they have been released to the site!

Colorful Bandages by Nonnavlis has been added to the Marketplace!

Drifty Fish Fins by Acydosis has been added to the Combinabulator as a Common Recipe!

Congratulations to both of them for completing their first projects and we hope you enjoy! :D

Posted 03/30/22