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Sorta back. Definitely still better to find me elsewhere as I’m just going to be using my characters and storing all their info elsewhere. This place still feels very tense?, so I am pretty much just gonna… stay here in my corner? Not gonna be active in the forums unless something catches my eye, so as stated above, contact me elsewhere, please. My other sites are listed below. FR is probably the best way to get ahold of me.

>> Studio Artist! Feel free to ask me what I like to do. I have no online profile anywhere yet, though, so I have no examples to show :/ Yes, I’ve been on deviantart. No, it’s not at all active and I’m not going back. Let it stay buried.

>>Happily taken for five years now.

>>Furbabies galore! Four cats, four dogs. I like them more than most people. I like my personal dog and three cats more than everybody but two people.

>>Almost a vet tech, as in that was almost my choice of career, and formerly a kennel tech. I like most animals more than most people. A warning, and this especially goes for my own animals, I can go on about animals forever. Currently a bather on track to train as a dog groomer, so we’ll see how that goes at some point. But, yay, more doggo stories AND Karen stories. I have some doozies already.

>>Music taste is all over the map, but I don’t like rap. Same for tv/movie/anime tastes. I love to read, just haven’t felt like it/been able to really sit still for quite a while (surprise- I don’t ever sit completely still! ). Just ask about specifics of those things, though, and if it’s something I recognize, and I remember it, I’ll let you know. I’m also open to suggestions on those.

>>Queen of Anxiety, but I like to think I cope well. Just wanted to give ya a head’s up that, should you wanna talk, if I don’t respond immediately, it’s not you. It’s me. If you’re determined, just gimme time, I’ll chill. That said, when I cannot chill, I will do what I feel I have to do to keep my peace.

Eggcave: Rowyn
Chickensmoothie: ℛ⋆ᎳᎽɲ
FR: Rowyn
I’m also on Discord as, you guessed, Rowyn (#8511). Basically, if you see the username Rowyn or Rowyn00, it’s me.

Rainbow serpent
White tiger
Polished Jade
Blue sky butterfly
Slumbering Unicorn

Pleather Jacket
Retro sunnies
Reflected rainbows
Shimmering Sands bg
Ringed planet
The cost bg
Drifty noble dragons
Enchanted Red Gaze
White breezy wig
Enchanter’s Midnight grimoire
Desert night
Alpine Aurora bg
For autumnal hymn: ornate horns, golden nose ring, blood moon
bottled sea upright: sparkling bubbles, sea-dwelling sidekicks, tiny jellyfish swarm, coral reef bg,
bottled sea active: snish, kelp garden,

*Note: May or may not be up to date.

Sindre: Teeny Tent Bat
Carcharadon: Red Breezy wig, Bronze Sea Wave Circlet
Iah: Black Sea Wave Circlet
Gasha: New Direction BG
Aeluin: Water tattoo
Aodhan: Meteor Shower
Alice: Basket of Shrooms, Flower Apron
Warrick: Dying Light BG
Polaris: Ebony Anklet
Miels: Eye Scar, Body Scars, Large Forearm Scars
Dashiell: Cavern of the Lost BG
Lucia: Staff of Wintertide
Cheshire: Iridescent Anklet + Tail Bow + Neck Bow
Ein & Zwei: Harvest bg Each
Tourbillion: Enchanted Red Gaze, White Breezy Wig
Aerglo: gold stud earrings, mushroom grove bg, starry neck bow, starry tail bow; kinnen w/ Elias and Giliane
Saros: little flutter wings, pink lollipop nail polish; kinnen w/ Elias and Giliane

Herbal Fox, Active; needs: Dying Light bg, Basket of Shrooms, Autumn Stroll, Tattered Cowl

New Active Truffox: Bacon Scarf, Khaki Top Hat, Mushroom Tea Kettle, Playing Mantis, Silver Monocle, Wooden Cane

Ombre Flower, Upright: black chanfron, dawn sky bg, enchanted golden gaze, gilded wings, solar space fish, verdant neck bow, white bobtail, white breezy wig

Simulacrum- name Cagliostro- 24330; Drift?

Note to self.
Because I keep forgetting -.-
Other note to self, subject to change.


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