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Sorta back. Still probably better to find me elsewhere.

Eggcave: Rowyn
Chickensmoothie: ℛ⋆ᎳᎽɲ
FR: Rowyn
I’m also on Discord as, you guessed, Rowyn (#8511). Basically, if you see the username Rowyn or Rowyn00, it’s me.


*Note: May or may not be up to date.

Sindre: Teeny Tent Bat
Carcharadon: Red Breezy wig, Bronze Sea Wave Circlet
Iah: Black Sea Wave Circlet
Gasha: New Direction BG
Aeluin: Water tattoo
Aodhan: Meteor Shower
Alice: Basket of Shrooms, Flower Apron
Warrick: Dying Light BG
Polaris: Ebony Anklet
Miels: Eye Scar, Body Scars, Large Forearm Scars
Dashiell: Cavern of the Lost BG
Lucia: Staff of Wintertide
Cheshire: Iridescent Anklet + Tail Bow + Neck Bow
Ein & Zwei: Harvest bg Each
Tourbillion: Enchanted Red Gaze, White Breezy Wig
Aerglo: gold stud earrings, mushroom grove bg, starry neck bow, starry tail bow; kinnen w/ Elias and Giliane
Saros: little flutter wings, pink lollipop nail polish; kinnen w/ Elias and Giliane

Herbal Fox, Active; needs: Dying Light bg, Basket of Shrooms, Autumn Stroll, Tattered Cowl

New Active Truffox: Bacon Scarf, Khaki Top Hat, Mushroom Tea Kettle, Playing Mantis, Silver Monocle, Wooden Cane

Ombre Flower, Upright: black chanfron, dawn sky bg, enchanted golden gaze, gilded wings, solar space fish, verdant neck bow, white bobtail, white breezy wig

Simulacrum- name Cagliostro- 24330; Drift?


Have a Boop before you go!

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