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[ACTIVITY] A Leisurely Profile Drive (is over!)
This activity has concluded!

Leisurely Profile Drive
What is a Profile Drive?

A Profile Drive is an activity where we encourage players to write detailed character profiles for their Mycenians! We have held this activity a couple of times in the past, and while they have been quite successful, our rules and guidelines have changed over time to ensure a fair playing field for everyone involved. While we understand that everyone has their own approach to character profiles, for the sake of encouraging similar amounts of effort among participants, we have various criteria that must be met in order to receive credit. Once the profile drive is complete, participants are free to restructure their Mycenians’ profiles in any way they see fit!

Be sure to read the rules and guidelines carefully, and if you have any questions, you may either post them in this thread or echo Crow or Dove!

Entry Guidelines

In order to qualify, completed profiles must contain at least three clearly distinguishable modules. Unlike past profile drives, modules may contain any style of content players would like to include, as long as the activity criteria are met for each, and the final product has the feeling of a relatively complete profile. You may find ideas for common modules below, but feel free to be as creative as you would like for these.

Modules may either be purely written, artistic, or a combination, and each type of module has its own criteria for credit.

  • Written modules should have a distinct theme, and be approximately 200 words in length (or longer).
  • Artistic modules should have either one polished piece or a collection of three smaller, sketchier pieces.
  • Combination modules should contain at least one small/sketchy piece and approximately 100 written words

Module ideas:
History, personality, appearance, powers/abilities, relationships, plot synopsis, world details, wardrobe/alternate outfits, sidekicks/pets

  • Characters do not have to adhere to Mycena Cave canon, however, they must have a Mycenian representation on site.
  • Each player may create a maximum of one profile per week for this activity
  • All profiles must be entirely new work. You may rehash old characters so long as all pertinent profile information is new. Additionally, all writing and any art must be your own in order to count for credit - displaying other artwork is okay so long as you are not using it as a module.
  • Geness profiles are allowed for this activity! They must adhere to the same basic rules as character profiles, and you must be clear as to which sections were worked on by you when submitting. Only the player who worked on the modules will get credit - but two players may submit the same geness profile if it has 6 modules and each player worked on 3.
  • A minimal list of stats or traits will not count as a complete module. Profiles must be reasonably in-depth to count for this activity.
  • Any players found to be circumventing the rules for this activity will be disqualified.

Please post your completed profile in this thread. If you are unsure as to whether one of your profiles meets the criteria, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Participation & Prizes:
  • This activity is divided into rounds, with each round lasting one week.
  • Each player may create a maximum of one profile per week, which will earn them a ticket in that week’s prize raffle.
  • At the end of each week, the number of participants will be tallied, and a number of prizes equal to 1 per 5 participants will be raffled off.
  • The prizes will be randomly selected via random number generator from the prize pool below.
    • First, all of the prizes will be randomly selected
    • Then, the prizes will be raffled off
  • All participants who complete at least one profile over the duration of the activity will also receive a Profile Drive sticker (max 1 per participant)


The Prize Pool

Forever Coat
(winner’s choice)

Random Cave Capsule



Winter Seasonalshroom

Spring Seasonalshroom

Summer Seasonalshroom

Fall Seasonalshroom

Glowing Changingshroom

Prize Log
  • Cien - Fall Seasonalshroom
  • Ollieshark - Glowing Changingshroom
  • Swan - Spring Seasonalshroom
  • Dunno - Driftshroom
  • Ashlar - Glowing Changingshroom
  • polygone - Changingshroom
  • Shiba - Glowing changingshroom
  • Cien - Winter Seasonalshroom
this hasn’t happened yet!

This activity will come to a close after 23:59 ST on June 2nd.
Posted Mar 25, edited Jun 3
Week 1 has begun!
Running until 23:59 ST on March 31st
Posted Mar 25

Will this keep my mind off the end of the world? Let’s find out.

Narrator voice: It did not.

Posted Mar 25, edited Apr 7

Seasonal shrooms are so cute !!

I’ll update this post with a profile soon ((hopefully ;))

Posted Mar 25
Just to clarify, this activity is only concerning the actual profile of a pet, not its profile on a post in the Character Caverns, correct? To clarify, these are the focus of this event, and these don’t count? (using Dove’s Lance as an example) I’m just curious!
Posted Mar 25

Nope, character cavern posts count, too! Personally, that’s where I keep my full, count-able profiles - but I can definitely see how that’s not clear. I’ll work on getting some clarification in the first post.

Posted Mar 25
Just to make sure, if I choose to work on a profile that’s already partially completed, but clearly indicate in the thread which sections are new work, will that work? Approximately how long after the end of the activity should the profile/geness page in question be left unedited?
Posted Mar 25


Awesome! I thought they might count, but I didn’t want to be mistaken. Thank you for the clarification!

Posted Mar 25
I’ve never done one of these before, but I do need a character for Dax. Can you do a single module three times for the minimum of three? (eg. 3 pieces of polished art, or 600 words)
Posted Mar 26
I have some partial profiles completed from past drives/productivity days (i.e. Electria here.) If I work on a module or two for her and then have the third be on a different pet would that be ok or does it have to be a single pet with three modules in the profile?
Posted Mar 26, edited Mar 26
YES! Thank you Bone Monster. I bet I can write a lot with the Blood in The Water Coat that my pet has
Posted Mar 26
What is the guideline for polished vs. sketchy work? For a polished piece, is a clean sketch sufficient, and is color required?
Posted Mar 26

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you all on these - busy day. :T

Yep, you can finish an already started profile as long as you specify which parts you worked on, and that they equal out to the required number of modules. So far as editing your profiles afterwards, just until the end of the week for which you’re submitting it should be fine; we just need to be able to check them.

Yes, you can do 3 pieces of polished art or 3 longer written modules!

For simplicity’s sake, they should all be on the same profile.

We’d consider a ‘polished’ piece to be at least at the level of a nicely cleaned or lined sketch. Color is not required for something to count as a polished piece!

Posted Mar 26


Thank you for the clarification!

Posted Mar 26

Completed Profile for Week 1: Elio
For Elio his appearance art, personality module, and history module are completely new.

Posted Mar 27, edited Mar 29

Week 1:
I did Lorelei with two written modules and an artistic one


    Those who first meet her describe her as having a chilly personality and a condescending attitude. While this isn’t untrue of her, she will always claim to open up when she gets to know others better. This too is admittedly true. She will act as if she doesn’t have a care in the world especially not for you, but she usually cares much more then she lets on. She has absolutely perfected the tsundere act. She is bright and clever, but still tries very hard when it comes to puzzles. Despite this, however, she will play it off as if she barely even tried. Whenever a topic goes to something she is interested in she will begin asking lots of questions or speaking a lot while still trying to play it off cool. Once she becomes closer to others she will open up more showing her excitable sweet side. She will always be excited with any unexplainable or shiny object and she cares very deeply for those around her. She is attempting to be kinder and more understanding of those around her even those she recently meets due to Maybell’s insistence.


- Books, especially non-fiction

- Shiny coins or jewelry, especially gold

- Any magical or mysterious thing

- Water (“Nice to look at, but not to touch.” - Lorelei)

- Cats and Maybell


- Leather or rocks (“They are simply too dull!” - Lorelei)

- Boring people or things (“Again, they are very dull.” - Lorelei)

- Getting wet

- Slimy things (“Why would anyone like them!?” - Lorelei)


Gender: Female

Personality: A chaotic little demon. She will get into everything and knock everything off everything. She will manage to get into that impenetrable locked closet even you can’t manage to open. She will then promptly be stuck forcing you to break the door to let her out,
“How did you even manage to get in there! The door is locked!” - Lorelei
Despite her chaotic nature, she is still a little sweetheart. It has definitely been determined that she acts out the way she does so that all eyes will be on her, and once they are she will immediately proceed to commence snuggling. She demands all attention to be on her at all times. The only exception is when she is curled up sleeping. She really is an adorable peaceful sleeper.

Relationship: She loves Lorelei. So much so that she will sit on any book she is reading or will knock over the ink while she is working. That is the highest form of love. Although, she does seem to prefer Maybell somehow. Whenever both Maybell and Lorelei are in a room together she will always gravitate to Maybell who will happily give her all the love and attention she could ever want. While Lorelei is jealous of this she is also happy to finally be able to do something without worrying about prying paws.

Quirks: The two weirdest things about her is that she loves belly rubs from those she trusts and that she loves bathing. Bathing in water that is. Her favorite past time other than destroying everything that you have ever loved is simply sitting under a faucet with the water on.

Posted Mar 27, edited Mar 31
Week 1: Did Vana’s profile. All of it is new since I hadn’t really touched this character aside from minimal ideas in the past.
Posted Mar 27

Week 1: Doing Loiste

Edit: adding two sketches just because I can. Rip my pen tho :C

Bit of background:

A young mermaid prince who isn’t really interested in his royal duties. He would rather do something, or more like pretty much anything else than become the next ruler of his kingdom. Most of his days go by studying.
Or in his case dreaming of a life somewhere far away where he could sleep as long as he wanted, befriend who he wanted and maybe even see the world instead of just reading about it from old books. He also has a fiancee
that he unfortunately holds no feelings for. The arrangements is purely political and that is one more reason to add to his list of why he is not too happy with his situation.


He has dusty pink hair and tanned skin adorned by freckles. His hair is usually loosely braided and is not neccessarily as neat as you’d think from someone of his status.He is over hundred years old as mermaids age differently from humans but appearence wise he is a youngish adult, maybe somewhere between twentyfive and thirty. He is average lenght and build.
His tail is the same color as his hair but the finns are the same colors as his eyes: beautiful combination of light green and blue.


- A certain knight named Percy
- Fresh fruits
- Animals


- His royal duties
- Caviar

Posted Mar 29, edited Mar 30
Week 1: Cecil
New Additions for Drive:

-Written personality/backstory alongside profile picture (which existed prior to event)
-Rlnship breakdowns between two other OC’s, satisfying the 200 words needed for another writing module.
-Edit 3/30: added tidbit section, 200+ words
-Artistic module, 2 new, polished pieces by MC criteria have been applied.

Posted Mar 29, edited Mar 30

Week 1: Kiran

New additions:
-3 different modules concerning different parts of his backstory under the “past” spoiler
-Fleshed out his personality, under “present”

Posted Mar 29, edited Mar 29
I feel like it was a thing last go-round, but would a kind of artistic writing vignette that loosely captures a moment with a theme (i.e. the defining moment of a character that changes them) be acceptable for the modules? I have an idea for a certain character that making a standard profile for really would kill the mood. I wrote the first module tonight but don’t want to continue in this way if it won’t count.
Posted Mar 29
Hey raus, that’s absolutely fine! C: The ‘modules’ can take any approach you like; they don’t have to be ‘classic’ in their structure as long as they meet the other criteria listed and are distinctly defined sections. We love to see creativity! 8)
Posted Mar 29, edited Mar 29

Yay Profile Drive~

Week One: Revan
modules: appearance, history, & personality

Posted Mar 30, edited Mar 30
Dove Ah, thanks! That makes me feel better.
Posted Mar 30

Week one: Liryn
Modules: appearance, story and personality

Posted Mar 30

week 1: Songclaw Aka ‘calico’
Found inspiration to finally finish off the tribal character thats been saying hello to me in bits and pieces for a while. The whole set,including his dress up, is new.

Posted Mar 30, edited Apr 6
Week 1 (and likely only) : Jera deserves a bio now that I’ve actually…returned and plan to play for more than a moment. The whole bio is new, but only the words are my original work. I think I split it into three proper sections.
Posted Mar 30

Finally finished Abel‘s profile! It looks pretty now *^*

edit: to clarify, I had already written his blurb under “The Second Son” portion, but all of the tabs under the “More About Abel” portion are completely new!

Posted Mar 30, edited Mar 30

Just telling you now, all of the profiles I post will be brand new.

Week 1: Minny

Posted Mar 30
Nierwen: Added the 3 images :D although one is a combo art/writing module. All the text was written previously.
Posted Mar 30