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June Productivi-Day (through 23:59 ST)
Welcome to June’s Productivi-Day!

Productivi-Day occurs on the 15th of each month, running from 00:01 ST through 23:59 ST. If you wish to participate, all you need to do is take a little bit of time and work on something creative that relates to Mycena Cave!

Examples of things that count:
  • Mycenian profiles
  • Geness profiles
  • Roleplaying
  • Creative Collective entries
  • Pretty much anything that has to do with Mycena Cave!
Things that don’t count:
  • Homework
  • Housework
  • Dishes
  • Meal-prep
  • Anything else unrelated to Mycena Cave!

Please post a link to what you’ve accomplished in this thread in order for your participation to be counted! All posts must be made between 00:01 ST and 23:59 ST on June 15th - any posts made or edited outside of that timeframe will not be counted towards this activity.

All participants in today’s Productivi-Day will receive a sticker for their efforts! The sticker will be distributed ASAP - likely within the next few days! :) I will be sure to post here when they’re given out, to avoid confusion.

We look forward to seeing what you accomplish! :D Have fun!
Posted Jun 15, edited Jun 15
I made a short story on Mushy’s profile.
Posted Jun 15

I’ve gone back to the drift guide overhaul I started… when the new system was released whoops, didn’t realise it had been that long, basically tweaking the order in which the colours were done so that they made a bit more sense. I also started reglooming the coats on the old system using the psds of the new one so they’d be the same. Nothing’s been uploaded yet because I want to do it all in one go to keep things consistent.

Old preview, currently displayed:

New preview, not yet uploaded:

Tainted Smoke
Coral Spring
Golden Glow
Will o’ the Wisp
Schrodinger’s Cat
Monster Under the Bed
Light in the Darkness
Ombre Flower
Spring Sprouts

Tropical Splash
Divine Caster
White Fox
Howling Harlequin
The Wheel

Posted Jun 15, edited Jun 15

Whee~ Productividay~

Going to try to work on circle entries and RP replies.

~ did an RP bingo post
~ worked on adventure circle entry

Posted Jun 15, edited Jun 15
Worked on a sketch for The Nameless Pharmacist
Posted Jun 15

Canvas circle entry

Also not sure if this counts but I wanted to try and create a character only from the items I currently have. So I created this pirate lad: Voro

Posted Jun 15

I worked on my adventure!

  • Fixed it so that the shop clears it’s stock when leaving the shop instead of just gaining infinite items as you keep visiting.
  • Purchases in the wandering trader encounter now count towards the total purchases statistic.
  • Quests now have the proper character sprites attached to them.
  • Added a ‘View Inventory’ command.
Posted Jun 15, edited Jun 15
Posted Jun 15

Drew Vána.

Posted Jun 15, edited Jun 15
Wrote a story for scribe circle.
Posted Jun 15
Finally wrote my scribe entry!
Posted Jun 15
Been slowly working on my rp replies.
Posted Jun 15
Pytho grew, and I’ve written a few blurbs on her profile for thought.
Posted Jun 15
I wrote a bingo RP post.
Posted Jun 15

Not quite done yet, but I worked on profile art for Myri!

Posted Jun 15
I did the scribe circle! Featuring Genna uvu
Posted Jun 15
I wrote a geness profile and it’s a mess. :D link
Posted Jun 15

finished a commission for @/ollieshark of their pet, thimbulwinter!

also finished an rp reply!

Posted Jun 15
Posted Jun 15, edited Jun 15
Posted Jun 15, edited Jun 15
managed to squeeze out a canvas circle entry!!!
Posted Jun 15
I started a few bits for Vinea.
Posted Jun 15

Started stuff for my cc for this month and wrote some feedback.

I decided to do a rather non-standard piece featuring Valiant’s relationship with his person, given the additional wiggle room in the prompt towards platonic bonds! :D

Posted Jun 15
I wrote two RP posts:  one and two
Posted Jun 15
Made my Creative Collective post and finished up my canvas entry here!
Posted Jun 15
I started a CC entry for Jehanne here :) I don’t think I’ll finish it tonight but will keep pecking away at it for a bit.
Posted Jun 15

For Leontine and Khani!

Posted Jun 15

Did a lil doodle of Darshana while have thinky-thoughts about potential designs

Posted Jun 15
Productivi-Day is now over!

I’ll get everything compiled and pass out stickers ASAP!
All stickers have now been distributed!

We had 27 participants this month!

Posted Jun 16, edited Jun 16
Crow what about July Productivi-day?
Posted Jul 15