15:18 ST

Anyone in the ‘Sale/Fodder’ tab, I have no particularly strong feelings about, so feel free to ask about buying or trading for them! The ‘Maybe’ tab is for pets I’m on the fence about, so feel free to make an offer, but don’t be particularly surprised if I decline.

For Starla:
Corona Borealis
Head in the Clouds

Book Bag
Celestial Curse
Ocean Fae Wings
Drifty Circadian Coils
Golden Touch of the Moon
Aglet and Telga
Drifty Moon Rune
Pages Aflame
Rogue Cape
Mage Scarf (Burgundy Spotted, and Starbright)
Staff of Wintertide
Starry Faerie Lights
Drifty Haunted Hood
Sea Wave Circlet (Black)
Blessing of Luck
Phoenix Sparks
Shooting Star
Lunar Headpiece
Fur Mantle
Stack of Books
Feather Quill
Sheer Blue Scarf
Cartographer’s Charts
Midnight’s Horns
Scroll of Unveiled Truth

Active Spell Weaver
Fledgling Phoenix (icy)
Schrodinger’s Cat

If someone ever gave me the Miracle☆Star sprout I think I might actually cry.

One day I’d love to get a little sprootle from Starla and Lunaire, a lil space baby. And maybe an Aberration/Data Decay/Electro Swing techie baby.

Forest Spirit Mask (For Wood Carving pet, to give spooky empty eyes)


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