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March News Discussion
March marches in!

March’s OotS is Polished Jade, along with their Draconic Visage and Fiery Footsteps! This month’s coat and items were created by Meru. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Coats for a Cause

Our current Coats for a Cause campaign features the Rainbow Serpent coat and benefits the Animal Welfare Institute—specifically, the animals impacted by the Australian wildfires. You can read more about the current campaign and how to donate here! This coat will be available through April 23rd, after which all proceeds will be donated to AWI.

The Seasons They Are A-Changin’

The days are growing longer and already flowers are struggling to peek through the snow. Spring is approaching quickly, and with it, a new seasonal coat will be up for sale. Be sure to pick up all your chilly winter favorites before they melt away until next year!

Creative Collective

February’s monthly roundup has been posted and stickers, gems, and prizes have all been distributed! This month’s prompts have also been posted. As always, we look forward to admiring your work!


Our monthly Productivi-Day will be held on Sunday, March 15th! And this time, we absolutely will not forget about it - we promise!

Love Was In the Air

Mycena Cave celebrated another successful Season of Connections, and we will soon see the results of our raffle blooming on the Sacred Tree and joining the ranks of our custom coats. Peent has officially closed up shop for the year but looks forward to seeing you all next February!

Event Wrap-Up

The Winter Book Fair has come to an end, and prizes and stickers have been awarded! Paige Turner appreciated everyone’s work to make her feel welcome and will be making her debut appearance within the next few weeks. She looks forward to meeting you all!

The Marketplace Update Cometh

We are very close to releasing the long-awaited Marketplace update! Glitch has been working very hard to get this prepared, and we are excited to continue improving the site for you all to enjoy. More information will be available upon release, which should be very soon!

New Items

Several more player donations were added to the shops! Thank you again to all players who decided to contribute their edits.

Posted 03/01/20



Posted 03/01/20
oh the items are really nice and I love the color! <3
Posted 03/02/20
So pumped for the Marketplace update!! Especially because it hopefully brings the recolors shop along with it? :D
Posted 03/02/20
Marketplace…update? Ooooh. :o
Posted 03/02/20

I am super looking forward to a new marketplace! Will this include the ability to list/buy pets as well? 8D

Also. >.> I don’t suppose there’s any chance we might get the ability at some point to create more pockets? T^T I’d have so many duplicate items to sell, if I could ever just find and organize them. 8| I’ve gotten overwhelmed with all the types of items (and so many pets) that it is really hard to know what I have and what I don’t. x.x

Posted 03/02/20
I feel like now is my time to request a search feature for the inventory. I have the same issue as Ashlar, and it’s tedious to search every pocket with the browser search button. It would be awesome if there was a way to find out if you even have an item without searching all your pockets. What if the one copy you have is equipped already and doesn’t show up when you try to add it to a pet from the pet’s edit page? You go searching, haha.
Posted 03/03/20
Staff Updates

Hi everyone!

We have a staff status update, queue heads up, and a staff search heads up:

Artist Hiatus

Plasma is working on getting her business off the ground which currently requires her full attention. As such, she is on hiatus and will not be making any official Mycena Cave art for the next few months. We are excited for her, and wanted to also take this opportunity to share more about her business and some of the awesome projects she’s been working on outside of Mycena Cave!

Plasma’s Business: C.E. Warner Photography

Plasma is internationally published and is bursting with talent & creativity! We’d love it if you could support her by following her on social media or hiring her for a shoot if you’re in her neck of the woods. :D

More of her work under the spoiler:

(Yes, she made that mask!!)

Queue Speeds

Currently, queue orders are expected to be claimed at a slower pace. With Plasma on hiatus and the artists working hard on the Spring event, there isn’t as much time for queue orders for a lot of the artists. We thank you for your patience with this. <3

Staff Search

We will begin looking for additional artists to bring to the team in the near term. We aren’t starting right away, but expect to begin this process within the next four to six weeks: there are a few team decisions and internal process updates that the artist team as a whole are currently working on, and we feel that it would be unnecessarily confusing to bring someone in during the middle of this. Once these transitions have been finalized and artists have internalized the new processes, we’ll be ready to take on new applicants!

Posted 03/10/20
That’s wonderful news, Plasma! I’ve been watching your photography work from afar for some time, and I think your skills are stunning. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible!
Posted 03/10/20

Ooooh!!! I’m so excited for Plasma, she’s got such a gorgeous talent for photography, big time fingers crossed for her doing well!!!

I’m also suuuuper stoked about some more artists being taken on!  Are you taking more item-focused artists as well as all-around artists?

Posted 03/10/20
Congratulations Plasma! I’m so excited for your, it’s such hard work but it looks amazing, I do wish you all the best.
Posted 03/11/20
Congrats Plasma! Hope everything goes well :D
Posted 03/11/20
Winter Book Fair - Blank Paige

Paige Turner is here! Paige’s design was selected from submissions in the Blank Paige activity of the Winter Book Fair

  • The coat was designed by Primarina (coat pattern/palette submission)
  • The sidekick was designed by Condor (je ne sais quois submission)
  • The quill was designed by Fishie (item/accessory submission)

They have received a copy of the coat! The coat mushroom will go up for sale in the Marketplace for 60,000 nuggets as soon as I figure out how to put stuff for sale with the new system which will be at some point today! :‘D I’ll update the post once it’s up for sale!

The Protagonist Mushroom is for sale in The Market!

Posted 03/11/20, edited 03/11/20
Kippie We’re still figuring out type + number of artists we’ll need! :D
Posted 03/11/20

First of all, VERY excited for you, Plasma!!!! Gave your insta a follow :> I had no idea!

Second of all, I am IN LOVE with the Protagonist I fell head over heels for Primarina’s submission as soon as I saw it so I’m Very Pleased

Third of all. Is there an eta on high scores from February? :”D

Posted 03/11/20

Are the not-Paige Protagonists supposed to be listed as custom pets? Makes it impossible to play with the coat in the Puddle unless you own it because you can only see the customs you own.

Posted 03/11/20
Oh man I was really hoping it wouldn’t be a kelph OTL. Congrats to those chosen!
Posted 03/11/20
Amazing news, Plasma! I’ll be sending you good vibes; super proud of you!!! <3
Posted 03/11/20

Hawkins I’ll ask glitch about that!

Edit: glitch just got them up!

Hyasynthetic Oops, that was not supposed to be listed as a custom. I just pushed the fix. :)

Posted 03/11/20, edited 03/11/20
Omg! That’s so cute! <3
Posted 03/11/20
Oh my gosh, huge congrats Plasma! You are so incredibly talented, and I’m so excited for what the future holds for you! ❤
Posted 03/11/20

I love the colors on the kelph! Unfortunately… I still don’t really like kelph aha.

Also Plasma, I hope I see you become super ultra famous photographer with tons of success <3

Posted 03/11/20
omg i can’t believe my coat palette won!! congrats to the other winners, as well!!!
Posted 03/12/20
I don’t remember if it was mentioned anywhere, but will the Protaganist mushroom be available forever, or do we have to pick it up soon? o’;
Posted 03/12/20

The Protagonist mushroom will be available for the foreseeable future! No rush on picking one up. :D

Posted 03/12/20

So much newsy news!  Firstly, BEST WISHES!!!! Plasma  You are such an incredible artist, I just know people will be amazed by your photography <3

Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  To all the winners for the Book Faire event =).  What a great coat, sidekick and quill! 

Posted 03/12/20
Sprout and Semi-Custom V-Day Raffle Delivery

All of the winners from our annual raffle have received their prizes!!



A huge thanks to the art team—they always manage to fit this mass arting into their schedules to make this possible every year! <3 Our participating artists this year were Morgan, Meru, Rhyme, Plasma, Eluii, Hush, priz, & me!

Posted 03/13/20
These are all gorgeous! I’m so excited to see the sprouts grow! Congrats again to all the winners!!
Posted 03/13/20
CONGRATS EVERYONE. All of the sprouts/customs look soooo good!
Posted 03/14/20

I haven’t been on for a few days, but!!! I can’t believe my little owl friend idea was picked!

Also, wow! All of the raffle winners, congrats!

Posted 03/16/20, edited 03/16/20