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[EVENT] The Winter Watch II (Over - Raffles Drawn!)

Due before February 15th at 11:59 Server Time



With winter steadily approaching, preparations for the annual Winter Watch festival are underway. The caverns around the main square are filled with the sounds of work: hammer upon nail, saw upon board. Slowly, the festival stands begin to come together, with the Cave’s best meteorologists predicting the first snow will fall within the next several weeks.

Everything is progressing on schedule.

Suddenly, right in the middle of construction, the air grows frigid. The morning frost, once a pleasant reminder of winter’s steady march, begins to crawl along the stony floor and walls, spreading a thin, rough coat of ice across everything. There is a lurch and a rumble as the Cave buckles under another tremor. The wind picks up, howling through the caverns as snow begins to fall in excess.

It is the worst snow storm the Cave has seen in recent history. For some, it stirs unpleasant memories of the great winter — of the time of suffering before the Cave, before the Sorceress’ legendary intervention. Others see the storm as a wild winter wonder; the perfect backdrop for the festival.

Still others, burdened with the knowledge that something has been not quite right for some time now, see it as a sign. Gathered together in the town’s modest tavern, they begin to plot; times like these call for careful preparation and action, after all. They needle, then hammer, then cautiously refine an idea that steadily develops into a plan… There will be an expedition, carefully organized, that ventures into the very heart of the Cave. Their mission? To return balance to the Cave’s magical instability, once and for all.

It is here, amidst the roaring of a blizzard and the whispers of a great journey, that the Winter Watch festival begins.

Join the Festivities!
Winter Watch Details & Rules:
  • The Winter Watch II festival begins on January 24th and will end at 23:59 on February 7th.
  • This is a small forum event similar to last year’s Winter Watch. It is comprised of a handful of creative activities for players to participate in. Each activity will have its own rules and guidelines for participation, so be sure to read carefully!
  • There is 1 unique item prize for this event: Frostbite. Players who complete at least 3 activities will receive the prize!
  • Each activity will also be raffling off a few additional prizes among their participants!
    • An extra Frostbite will be raffled off per 15 unique participants
    • A Bag of Wonders will be raffled off per 25 unique participants
    • A Glowing Changingshroom will be raffled off per 50 unique participants
  • All submissions must adhere to the individual activity’s rules, as well as Mycena Cave’s content rules.

Calling All Adventurers!

Murmurs of the coming expedition have spread like wildfire among the more adventurous circles of Mycenians. Rumor has it that it was Kerric who couldn’t quite keep his mouth shut until a proper plan was formed, but it’s of no matter. Now that they’ve got half the Cave’s ears swiveled their way, the expedition’s organizers have decided to roll with it and invite all interested parties to a gathering to discuss and to plan.

The way Ambrose sees it, the sooner groups begin forming, the more time they’ll have to bond before setting out on their journey. It’s his hope that groups of friends journeying together, whether old or newly formed, might be more successful than parties cobbled together from total strangers for this dangerous descent.

For any Mycenians interested in getting to know potential teammates ahead of time, Ambrose asks that they make the journey to the Stone’s Throw Tavern — conveniently located just outside the square where the Winter Watch festival is being held.

Note: Details about the upcoming RP event will be officially announced closer to its release, which will be after the Winter Watch has concluded. At this time, we have not announced the prize(s) or any further details other than what you will learn from Ambrose!

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Posted 01/24/18

I know I am kinda late, but I wanted to start working on the event Hopper’s Snowy Companions

Unfortunately when I wanted to export the Snow-Mycenian Pieces, I get an 404 page.
Can anyone send them to me?

I am sorry if this is not the right place to post it, Crow

Posted 02/04/18, edited 02/04/18

They should be fixed now. Let me know if you’re still having trouble, though!

Posted 02/04/18

Looking in the magic puddle, it looks like the frostbite item has an error on the newer active dras coats. The item doesn’t cover a portion of the pet’s front right foot.At first I thought it might only affect newer pets with the dewclaw (since the frostbite erases that part), but it shows up on all active dras coats.

- no dewclaw
- w/ dewclaw
- w/ dewclaw

Posted 02/06/18, edited 02/06/18
Is the Frostbite item supposed to elongate the Fox Ineki claws?  I was looking at the Puddle with a Northern Wind Fox Ineki and the claw length is very different when Frostbite is applied.  Who knew chilling was the way to go for increasing your nails? =D
Posted 02/07/18
Winter Watch II ends *tonight* at 23:59!

Make sure to get those last minute entries in before the event shuts down!  The blizzard is getting far too bad to continue the festivities.

OregonCoast: It does indeed elongate ineki claws. Harder to get those toenails trimmed when your appendages are cold! ;)

Jacq Thanks, I’ll fix those in a bit!

Posted 02/07/18
Myla  Too neat!!! ^,^  it certainly gives them a different look. 
Posted 02/07/18
Just want to confirm-for the raffles, is one Bag of Wonders/GCS automatically there, or do the activities have to reach 25/50 unique participants before one is added to the pot?
Posted 02/07/18
Purr Correct; they all start out with one and then more are added as participation milestones are met. :)
Posted 02/07/18
Submissions Form

Take cover!

What are you all still doing out here trying to celebrate?! It’s getting quite dangerous out here in the blizzard—only the hardiest (or foolhardiest) should be out in these conditions.  I’m calling it — Winter Watch II is closed!

Oh, here, please take this form and fill it out.  In fact, you need to fill it out in order to get your prizes!


You’ll have until February 15th at 11:59 Server Time to get these filled out!  Participation prize distribution and raffles will be drawn the following day.

We were quite inspired by all the strange items you were able to identify.  Thus, we also added a category where you can submit a favorite that you identified.  We will randomly pick one to make into a shop item!

Posted 02/08/18, edited 02/08/18

Whoah cool I’m excited to see the new shop item(s)! Reading everyone’s entries has been a great way to spend my “winding down before bed” time.

The submission form appears to be asking for multiple URLS per activity, though there should only be one each, right? Or do we need to link something else? I have a feeling I might be missing something really obvious :x

(also it says there will be five new shop items on the google form but only one in the thread)

Posted 02/08/18

Aw darn, I forgot to watch the date. Not that it matters since I kept thinking it ended on the 8th instead of the 7th (I’m so good at numbers). Plus pneumonia hasn’t let up (except for one item for Rikur) until like, yesterday @v@ so I pretty much figured I’d be missing this one. But darn! cause these activities were all really fun and I was looking forward to them xD

Although—I think it would’ve been nice to have a banner at the top as a reminder not just that the event is ongoing but that it’s ending on (certain day)? I feel like that gets mentioned every event (ha).

I agree btw that there’s so many awesome items everyone came up with, from the bizarre and hilarious to just awesome! The new item’s gonna be neat.

Posted 02/08/18

That would be a mistake on my part. 8)’ I will fix it on the form - it should only be the one like Bone Monster said.

The multiple URLs is for in case someone posted some of their entries in separate posts. It was only a requirement to keep them all in one post for the Scavenger Hunt activity.

Posted 02/08/18, edited 02/08/18
The form has Darcy’s Cozy Concoctions, but isn´t it called Darcy’s Cozy Comforts in the event threads?
Posted 02/08/18, edited 02/08/18
I’ve updated the form to hopefully make the wording confusion more clear. And also to correct the error with Darcy’s activity title. :)
Posted 02/08/18
ahh neat! i submitted a mug but skipped the item, i didnt think any of mine were particularly equip worthy! cant wait to see what the new items will be
Posted 02/08/18
Submissions forms are due by noon today

That’s in a few hours, so get those forms in if you haven’t already! :)

Posted 02/15/18
The Winter Watch has concluded!

Thank you for participating, everyone! :D All of your entries were fantastic to admire, and we hope you had a fun time stretching your creative muscles with us over the past couple of weeks! As a reminder, anyone who met the participation requirement in at least 3 activities will be receiving a Frost Bite.

We’d like to take a moment to stress the importance of submitting the required participation form if you would like to receive participation prizes in the future. There were several players who met this criteria but did not submit their form. This time around, you will still be awarded your prize because staff manually combed through to ensure you were counted, but this will not be the case going forward.

Now, onto the individual activity raffles!

Rikur’s Identification Station

Unique Participants: 56

Due to the number of unique participants in this activity, we are awarding a total of 4 Frost Bites; 3 Bags of Wonders; and 2 Glowing Changingshrooms.

Raffle Winners:

** We have pulled an additional Bag of Wonders and Glowing Changingshroom to account for staff member pulls in these two raffles.

Additionally, the Identified Item raffle winner is raus with their Damaged Knife of Secrets! This item will be represented as an on-site item created by one of our artists. raus will receive a copy of this item, which will then be available for purchase in one of the shops.


Less than a dagger, more than a bread knife, this small tool appears crafted during the time every person carried a personal knife for daily use. A pearly quality belies the handle’s bone structure, the blade clouded from disuse yet unrusted. The blade bears chips and scratches, as if the metal were truly made of ceramic, yet a finger taken to the edge would show a slice as any finely sharpened blade would leave.

Magical Effects

This knife gives the wielder an incredible prowess with lies and secrets, but for every successful use of its powers, it gains a scratch and inflicts a matching imperfection on its wielder. Borrowers (for the knife never truly belongs to its current holder) are often left scarred and deformed, as increasing use raises the effects left on the user until usage threatens the user’s life. It is unknown whether the user is granted magical power to form truths from lies, or if the knife affects the target’s ability to believe or disprove the lie in question. Studies made by a later scholar lead to the latter after findings on the knife’s effectiveness in crowd situations were recorded but oddly never published. The scholar was notably anonymous.


A relic from ages past, many origins exist as raising this artifact from relentless obscurity to something more akin to an infamous legend. Though many speak of grander origins, the main line among more noted scholarship is that a weapon of similar effect has been claimed by many leaders across multiple eras of bloody tumult. Would-be kings raised to martyrdom, thieves caught within political intrigue, and warrior lords felled in battle alongside their treacherous bannermen; the only thing agreed upon of the scholars who have studied the knife’s legend is that each of its wielders meet terrible ends.raus

Hopper’s Snowy Companions

Unique Participants: 53

Due to the number of unique participants in this activity, we are awarding a total of 4 Frost Bites; 3 Bags of Wonders; and 2 Glowing Changingshrooms.

Raffle Winners:

Darcy’s Cozy Comforts

Unique Participants: 53

Due to the number of unique participants in this activity, we are awarding a total of 4 Frost Bites; 3 Bags of Wonders; and 2 Glowing Changingshrooms.

Raffle Winners:

** We have pulled an additional Bag of Wonders to account for staff member pulls in this raffle.

Additionally, our five Mug Design raffle winners are: Gabriel, Auswren, Acydosis, LadyHawke, and OregonCoast! These mugs will be recreated as official items by one of our artists. Each winner will receive a free copy of their mug, and the items themselves will be available for purchase in one of our shops.

Kerric’s Scavenger Hunt

Unique Participants: 25

Due to the number of unique participants in this activity, we are awarding a total of 2 Frost Bites; 2 Bags of Wonders; and 1 Glowing Changingshroom.

Raffle Winners:

Prizes will be distributed ASAP!
If you have any questions regarding any of your submissions, please let us know and we will be more than happy to address them.
Posted 02/15/18

i am literally screaming

edit: CONGRATS to everyone else! c:

Posted 02/15/18, edited 02/15/18
I was not expecting that lol Congrats everyone!!!
Posted 02/15/18

Huzzah! I won a thing! Congrats to anyone else who also did! <3

Especially grats to Oregon and Purr for the double glowshrooms :O
So lucky. Such envy wow. XP

Posted 02/15/18, edited 02/15/18

Oh, wow owo Now I need a fodder pet XD thanks, guys~

And congrats, everyone ^w^

Posted 02/15/18

Ahh, I got a bag!!! *Excited meeping.* * W *

Also congrats to all winners~ <3

Posted 02/15/18
Wow, so many congrats to Oregon and Purr! And of course everyone else who won. :D Looking forward to seeing what everyone gets!
Posted 02/15/18
Congrats everyone!! What a wild pull omg!
Posted 02/15/18
Aaah I won something, thanks so much!!!
Posted 02/15/18

Oh wow, congrats everyone!!

I hope everyone had fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing the winning entries as site items! <3

Posted 02/15/18

O,O *joins Purr with the screaming!!!!  AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Flails!  I’ve NEVER won a GCS in the whole time I’ve been playing and entering and to win 2 with PURR?!?  ....hyperventilates!

And then to discover my little Tillamook Twilight mug won too?!?!  I’ve never been so lucky!  =D wweeeeeeeee!!!!!

Congrats to the other winners too ^,^


We’d like to take a moment to stress the importance of submitting the required participation form if you would like to receive participation prizes in the future

***Is there any chance in the future you could put it as a banner on the site that you are in the submit feedback phase?  I almost missed this because I’ve been hurried in real life, and I glance at the top of the page for current events.  Although the Winter Watch 2 event was posted, the feedback entry wasn’t.  I looked at the announcements and was able to get all my entries submitted in time.  It might be helpful for future events so players don’t miss this important step!

Posted 02/15/18, edited 02/16/18
Congrats everyone! I had a ton of fun participating! :D
Posted 02/15/18