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[Survey] Mycena Cave Player Survey 2021
Mycena Cave Player Survey 2021

Hi, everyone! We hope you’ve had a lovely Season of Connections, and a good start to spring! As the weather warms, we’re looking forward towards the growth of Mycena Cave. You might have seen before that Hyasynthetic and myself have roles focused on player retention and recruitment, respectively. In light of this, the team has put together a survey to get a better idea of how best we might move forward with both!

The goal of this survey, as reiterated on the form, is to collect some information to help direct our team’s priorities as we formulate a plan to more effectively grow our player base and increase player retention.

We’re hoping to get a clearer picture of where Mycena Cave’s player base came from, what you’d like to see, and what we can improve on. While we are still figuring out a plan moving forward, all suggestions and feedback will be carefully read and taken into consideration.

Survey date

The survey will close at 23:59 ST on March 14!

Feedback raffle

While the username section of the form is optional, you can fill it out if you would like to be entered in our raffle!

We will be raffling away 50 Golden Tickets after the survey closes.

Posted Mar 1
It’s great that y’all do surveys from time to time, it really shows that you care about the users here on Mycena. It’s pretty amazing, all the work you do with little secured pay for it.
Posted Mar 1
I am happy to see that this survey has been made! I was low-key hoping that there would be a survey made in the near future in order to gauge how the community feels about more generalized site aspects.
Posted Mar 1

Today is the last day to submit your responses to the Player Survey! The form will close at 23:59 ST today!

The survey is closed, thanks so much for your responses, everyone! We’ll be pulling the data together soon and will pull the raffle after that. <3

Posted Mar 14, edited Mar 15
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 127 responses to the feedback survey.

Charts were copy/pasted from Google Forms unless otherwise stated. A huge thank you to Cien for compiling the graphs for this section!

Note: Remaining results are “Other” responses. The “Social Media” response percentage is 3.1%.

The following charts were manually created from Google Forms data. Please note that for all of the following charts, in cases where a typed response listed multiple things, all things mentioned were included. For example, a response of “Digis and Flight Rising” counted +1 for Digis and +1 for Flight Rising.

Note: This question was in the form of a text box. There was a total of 57 responses to this question.

Note: We had a total of 126 responses for this question. The “other” category encompasses petsites played by only one or two respondents.

Note: There were a total of 127 responses to this question. (The error bars mean nothing - Google Sheets would not let me show percentages any other way for this chart!)

Note: There were 80 responses to this question. The cut off line (the third from the top) reads: “Advertising through other sites (Flight Rising’s ads through Hiveworks etc.)”

Repeated Comments

Many respondents brought up the problems with our economy
There were two main issues brought up in terms of the economy. The first is that grinding for currency is tedious. Many players find the games difficult and/or tedious, and the payout for them too low. Furthermore, it was mentioned that everything was expensive, with even a basic pet taking days to earn.

The pets and the events were many respondents’ main draw to Mycena Cave
Many respondents mentioned how much they enjoyed the pets and artwork on the site. Many players also enjoy the larger clicker-based and story events, and the variety of events that Mycena Cave offers.

Some respondents mentioned that they would like important information to be clearer
Some players mentioned that they often missed important information, such as deadlines or event instructions, as it can often be lost among the other information.

Many respondents felt that the economy was unfriendly to new players
The difficulty of the games and high price point may disengage new players, as they do not have the practice to minimize the tedium of the games or the investment in the site to want to get that practice. It was also mentioned that the focus on roleplaying and creativity may overwhelm new players, and those who are less invested in forum roleplaying may find themselves with not enough to do onsite.

Many respondents requested an exploration or quest system of some kind
In response to the point of there not being much to do on Mycena Cave outside of roleplaying, some respondents mentioned that they would appreciate an exploration or quest system that allowed for currency to be earned outside of the daily cap on the games.

Many respondents would like to see better organization options
Many respondents wanted better organization options for their pets and inventories, with several asking for more pet and inventory pockets. There were also requests for item icons and tags to be incorporated into the Magic Puddle.

Important note: Features brought up in the summary are not guaranteed to be implemented. These are just features that a significant number of respondents would like to see.

Many respondents appreciated the opportunity to give feedback
Many respondents appreciate the feedback forms and being given the opportunity to voice their thoughts.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give us your feedback! Overall, we were able to get a sense of what draws players to Mycena Cave, what it does right in keeping them here, and how we can better improve the experience for new and old players alike. As a reminder, if you didn’t see your sentiment echoed in the comments above, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t read it or consider it; these results tend to take the larger themes from analyzing the comments rather than focusing on individual ones.

The next steps for us will be to create some short term and long term goals based on the feedback and work to implement them with the objective of improving recruitment and retention of players!

Prize Raffle

50 winners were drawn randomly and are pinged below:

We will give you your golden ticket shortly!

Posted Mar 29

The golden tickets have been distributed!
If we’ve missed you, let us know so we can get that to you ASAP.

If this is your first Golden Ticket and you’re not sure how they work, it’s an item that you can sell back to the site from your inventory for 3,600 nuggets!

Posted Mar 29
Thank you for the survey and thanks for the ticket! ^-^
Posted Mar 29

Thanks for the ticket! That was a lovely surprise to login to!

Posted Mar 30