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Colorations Wishlist
Basic: Golden Glow
Monthly: Pastel Star, Sparkling Shores, Angelic Solstice, Blue Morpho Butterfly, Elysium, Melanistic Jaguar (#2 want!), Tropical Splash, Rainforest, Three Wishes, Magic Surge Meteorite (purple or blue), Arcane Whispers, Ink Wash, Winter Phoenix, Divergence, Plaguebearer
Event: Purple Shimmer, Spell Weaver (blue/purple/silver), Pearly Depths, Crystal Catalyst (light blue), Moon Phase, Enchanted Stone, Ill Omen
Hidden: Prismatic Tiger (#1 want!), Twilight Woods, Winter Lights, Inkling (#3 want!)

Note to Mods: Morgil15 and I are married and live together. We share the same internet connection, and occasionally the same device.


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