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February Productivi-D..Weekend!
Welcome to February’s Productivi-Day Weekend!

Productivi-Day occurs on the 15th of each month, running from 00:01 ST through 23:59 ST. If you wish to participate, all you need to do is take a little bit of time and work on something creative that relates to Mycena Cave! This month since we are a bit late posting the thread, Productivi-Day will run until February 16th at 23:59 ST.

Examples of things that count:
  • Mycenian profiles
  • Geness profiles
  • Roleplaying
  • Creative Collective entries
  • Pretty much anything that has to do with Mycena Cave!
Things that don’t count:
  • Homework
  • Housework
  • Dishes
  • Meal-prep
  • Anything else unrelated to Mycena Cave!

Please post a link to what you’ve accomplished in this thread in order for your participation to be counted! All posts must be made before the activity ends at Feb 16th 23:59 ST - any posts made or edited after that timeframe will not be counted towards this activity.

All participants in this weekend’s Productivi-Day will receive a sticker for their efforts! The sticker will be distributed ASAP - likely within the next few days! :) I will be sure to post here when they’re given out, to avoid confusion.

All participants for this weekend’s Productivi-Day will be entered into a raffle for 50,000 nuggets. There will be two winners!

We look forward to seeing what you accomplish! :D Have fun!
Posted Feb 15
I finished my writing entry for the CC! Here it is.
Posted Feb 15

Hoping to get through a few things today - and especially to make a dent on the Book Fair threads!

1. Blank Paige entries
2. Round-Robin A
3. The Wasteland roleplay post one
4. The Wasteland roleplay post two
5. A profile blurb for Angenga

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*stakes her claim spot*

Gods I gotta work on profiles. Thank goodness I have all weekend for it lol

~ Trinity

Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 16

cha cha slides a post in here

Things I’ve done so far:

  1. started working out a design for Bril (base; if I’m feeling especially motivated I’ll draw him properly. I probably will not work up that much motivation. Oops.)
  2. Scribe circle entry >:D

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Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 16
Posted Feb 15
Posted Feb 15
Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 16

Finally worked on some profiles!
- Saria
- Jayden
- And found music for their(ended up doing more to it) Set up their Geness

Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 16

Finished up my accessory entry for the Blank Page event.
Did a magazine cover for the Extra! Extra! event.

Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 16

Winter Book Fair
Blank Paige - All Activities
Extra! Extra! - All Activities
Four Panel Canvas - Panel C
Storytelling Round Robin - Story A

Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 15

-cracks knuckles- let’s GO

1.  finally finished the adventure I started last productividay! wahoo!! I didn’t realize I was so close to being finished lmao
2.  visual entry for extra extra!
3. finally (3 years later) started putting information in my revolutionary fam’s geness profile


Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 16

Did a little piece for a geness profile.

Posted Feb 15

Finishing some entries for the The Winter Book Faire:

Extra! Extra! Entries
Storytelling Round Robin Entry

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Posted Feb 15
Finally did a profile for Moira! :D
Posted Feb 15

Decided to check out that adventuring system that became a thing sometime between when I left, and, well, now. It was pretty cool- I’ll definitely be checking out more of that later.

Also went ahead and dressed my gril Altair, and am thinking of what kinda character I want her to be. Some spacey guide, is what I’m thinking right now.

Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 15

Sapphy designed her item accessory for Blank Paige

And I worked on my Scrying Workshop

And together we worked on our magazine cover.


*We know our entries both only count as one.

Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 17
I worked on my entry for the Scribe Circle and submitted feedback as well on a few submissions from last month.
Posted Feb 15
Posted Feb 15, edited Feb 16

doing comms and then event art! (after i lie down orl)

she asked me 2 pick the pose so i decided a nice hug would be cute

Posted Feb 15

I’ve been working on a super sugary geness. Most of the items were on the characters already but came up with some sort of back story (really vague and short), made them a moodboard and found a song that I think fits them quite nicely :D

Kira Kira Geness

Edit: Added picrew busts

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Posted Feb 15
Posted Feb 15
I did my canvas entry!
Posted Feb 15
Posted Feb 15
Completed my Extra! Extra! Entry for the Book Faire!
Posted Feb 15
Finally made my mockup for kitty custom number three! I can’t wait!!
Posted Feb 15
Worked on my geness between Akane, Ellard, and Gin
Posted Feb 15