19:29 ST
[RAFFLE] November Raffle Time!
Welcome to our November Raffle!

With the Harvest Festival in full swing, the time seemed perfect to host another raffle! This round, one lucky winner will have the rare opportunity to select a date in the next 12 months to display a pet of their choice in our Feature Pet Spotlight! Please note the pet you choose must be on your profile when the raffle is drawn for it to be eligible for the spotlight.

In addition to the spotlight slot, we will be raffling off cool prizes to 75 additional lucky winners! You can begin purchasing tickets on November 13th, and the drawing will be held on November 20th at 00:01 ST. We will be pulling the tickets live at the raffle page!

As usual, your first ticket will begin at a price of 100 nuggets! Tickets will then increase in price by 10% for every ticket purchased. There is a cap of 35 tickets maximum per player.

Here’s our full list of prizes for this raffle:
  • 5x Glowing Changingshroom
  • 20x Cave Capsule 2013
  • 15x Cave Capsule 2014
  • 10x Cave Capsule 2015
  • 25x 7 gems
  • 1x Choose a day to spotlight your pet!
Get your tickets here!
Posted 11/06/16
EEEEE a raffle!
Posted 11/06/16
ah, yes, the time has come to waste the nuggets i’ve saved for other projects all on a raffle i hope to win TvT
Posted 11/07/16

R.I.P. My nuggies

Excited though!!! :3

Posted 11/07/16
Ooo my birthday is on the 21st, gonna have to treat myself to some tickets so I hopefully get a birthday win *v*
Posted 11/07/16

I’m early to a Mycena event for the first time haha
Hopefully it proves to be worth it :0c

Posted 11/13/16

The page seems to be freaking out for me, almost like it’s automatically refreshing over and over? I’ve tried it on a couple different browsers and it happened both times. It’s even doing it on my phone.

Obviously, there’s plenty of time to buy tickets so it’s not that big a deal, I just figured I should mention it in case I’m not the only one having this happen.

Posted 11/13/16
Can anyone tell me what is the best way to organize the prizes to get the most lucrative one? I have not been on here long.
Posted 11/13/16
The page is refreshing automatically for me, too!
Posted 11/13/16

Glowing changingshrooms are the rarest item on site. After those, older items are worth more (so 2013/2014/2015 cave capsules). There are a handful of items from the 2015 capsule that are worth less than 7 gems, but not many. The spotlight prize is “valueless” (but pretty cool if you have a special occasion you’d want to celebrate).

If you’re purely interested in reselling, GCS -> 2013 -> 2014 -> 2015 -> 7g -> Spotlight is probably the way to go. If you’d prefer to buy a new pet rather than resell / save up for one, you’d probably want to put gems a little bit higher (maybe higher than 2015).

Posted 11/13/16, edited 11/13/16
The page also seems to be automatically refreshing for me. I have yet to try on my laptop, but it’s doing it on my iPad.
Posted 11/13/16

Ahh thank you so much. I don’t mind reselling to get the most nuggets. I would like to get a pet I really like.

Posted 11/13/16

“You must enable JavaScript in order to purchase raffle tickets”

Is this normal?

Edit: mine is also automatically refreshing

Edit: it’s still automatically refreshing, but I was able to get my tickets!

Posted 11/13/16, edited 11/13/16
Dove I want to buy tickets for the raffle, though it seems to me, as several other people have mentioned, that ithe page keeps romantically refreshing to the point that grabbing tickets seems impossible. Any chance you guys are fixing that soon? ^^
Posted 11/14/16

It seems some browsers — most notably but not exclusively iPads — are constantly refreshing the raffle page making it impossible to buy tickets. We’re working on a fix and will have it up asap. in the mean time, if you need to get tickets before the fix is pushed (because you want specific numbers maybe) then give it a try with Google Chrome which isn’t affected.

EDIT: this issue has been resolved :)

Posted 11/14/16, edited 11/14/16
Posted 11/16/16

Quick reminder that the raffle is being drawn TONIGHT in approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes :)

Like last time, we’ll be drawing it live on the raffle page.

Posted 11/19/16

Congrats to the winners ;3;
I wish I’d win one of these xD I spent all my nuggets on the raffle

Posted 11/20/16
Posted 11/20/16
Thanks glitch!!
Posted 11/20/16

omg yay!
I won a Cave Capsule 2013!
thank you so much for this!

congrats to all the winners!

Posted 11/20/16

Thanks for running this raffle! I’m a little surprised, but happy, that I got something!

Can’t wait to see what comes from the glowies!

Posted 11/20/16

Oh wow, can’t believe I won something. And a cave capsule 2013 too :O

...just opened it and got a Tanuki Mushroom neato

Posted 11/20/16
Congratulations to all the winners. ^o^
Posted 11/20/16
Wow!! Thank you, can’t believe I actually won something! Congrats to everyone else!
Posted 11/20/16
Wow, I actually won a 2014 Capsule… Seems like all those nuggets spent on tickets were well worth it!
Posted 11/20/16
Congrats to all the winners! I received a lovely Prismatic Tiger from my GCS, and I hope everyone who won gets something really amazing from their prizes! ^^
Posted 11/20/16
FINALLY! I finally won something :)
Posted 11/20/16

Thank you for the raffle!!

I got a tanuki mushroom too :o

Posted 11/20/16, edited 11/20/16
won 7 gems :D thank you site admins <3
Posted 11/21/16