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I’m bad at being active on this site, but I at least look at it once in a while.

I don’t speak human well, but I’m fluent in rambling-about-ocs. And wordbuilding.

If you want dumb doodles of your (non-human) ocs, you should tell me about said ocs.

Stupidness guarantee!!! Or nothing back (lo siento). Must be able to tolerate silliness.

I might add more doodles here for fun. Some ancient, some new? Maybe? :D:D?

I found this magical drawing from 2012 and thought it was pretty good. And by good I mean it made me laugh. Because these chars are idiots and freaks and I love them. None of them even had anthro designs; I just winged everything. As you do. Heeeck ye! 8D


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