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Hello! My name’s Aku. I’m currently working in a psychology research lab and will be starting medical school in August.

I don’t have any active roleplays at the moment and I am immensely out of practice, but it’s something I’d eventually like to get back into. Right now I’d at least be open to plotting, so feel free to echo me if you’re interested (or for any other reason). I can’t promise a quick reply to any messages, but I’ll do my best.

Open: these characters are open for roleplay/plotting!
Closed: these characters are closed for roleplay.
Limbo: these pets either don’t have characters yet (or only very rudimentary character ideas), or I’m considering getting rid of them.
For Sale: pretty self-explanatory.

General ————————
- Psychology
- Medicine
- Mythology & religions

- Foreign languages
- Writing, drawing, & reading

Fiction ————————
- Worm
- Zaregoto
- Nabari no Ou
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Revolutionary Girl Utena
- Yu-Gi-Oh (mainly DM & GX)
- Yuri on Ice
- Hollow Knight

- Hannibal
- Star Trek (mainly TOS & DS9)
- Shin Megami Tensei
- Ace Attorney
- Zero Escape
- Pokemon
- Danganronpa (mainly SDR2)
- Mother/Earthbound

On-site SalesOff-site SalesCharacter Cavern

- unfinished profiles: Kanon, Changeling, Advent Child, Madoc
- work on character cavern!
- golden moon = Luo
- rainbow magical streak = Thaumiel
- shadowy mage scarf = Rio


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