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[ACTIVITY] The Drawntlet 2021 (Sept 1st - Oct 1st)
Sorry but where do today’s submissions belong? I though it was week 2 now, but the second submissions thread seems to still be closed n__n;
Posted 09/05/21

Sorry about that! It’s open now.

Posted 09/05/21
Thank you! <3
Posted 09/05/21
Drawntlet Week 1 Submission Form Update

Happy week 2 of the Drawntlet! We’ve been listening to feedback and are making links to the submission page stand out a little more on the Town Square page and on the weekly threads. We know that several people have accidentally missed this form for week 1 - if that’s you, please reach out to a coordinator with permalinks to your week 1 posts and we can count those for you.

Posted 09/06/21

Time to bring back this meme I made like 2 years ago when we first started using submission forms… I’m so glad to hear that there’s some flexibility with forgetting to submit the links! <3 I’m sure it’s easier to mark when people remember to use the form, but it’s a big relief to know it’s not a hard cutoff.

Posted 09/06/21
OMG I’m actually caught up.
Posted 09/07/21
Hey, Nyfeaena! I just wanted to swoop in and clarify that outside of the wiggle room we allowed for week 1, when the links were definitely not clear enough, we are requiring that the submission form be used for the rest of the activity. We will also work on getting it added to the blue banner ASAP for extra visibility!
Posted 09/07/21
Submit this week’s permalinks to the submission page before 23:59 ST on September 12th!
Posted 09/11/21
The spotlight for week 1 is live! Find the collection on Twitter and Facebook!

Week 1 features work by Caesium, kessaria, Heather, and snafflewyrm! You should all receive a Bag of Wonders shortly, and this post will be updated when they’re sent out!

Prizes have been sent!!

Week 1 was short but strong all around and we’re looking forward to showcasing more great work! :D

Posted 09/11/21, edited 09/11/21

When will week three be unlocked?

I have my entry ready to go. Wrote it after the day turned over.


SHIT! QAQ I forgot to enter my permalinks to the first week and even wrote it. Is there any way I can submit or am I out of luck? It’s fine if I can’t. I’ll just use this as a learning experience and try to remember it for next year.

For some reason, I skipped over that part. Also I don’t know why I kept thinking all I had to do was post in the thread.

Day 1 - https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/permalink/443384

Day 2 - https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/permalink/443386

Day 3 - https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/permalink/443740

Day 4 - https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/permalink/443756

Posted 09/12/21, edited 09/12/21

Week 3 is unlocked now. 8); one of these weeks I’ll remember to do it before I go to sleep.

Chibi Envy Chan
I’ll pass those links on to Myla, and she’ll get them put in for credit asap.

Posted 09/12/21


QAQ Thank you.  I couldn’t believe I was such an idiot.

Edit: Random thought. Maybe add the link to the submissions page to the banner? I know it would catch my attention.

Or maybe have it be weekly submissions page. That way people don’t confuse it with the daily submissions threads. Like me.

Posted 09/12/21, edited 09/12/21
The spotlight for week 2 is live! Find the collection on Twitter and Facebook!

Week 2 features work by Dracogryph, apiphily, Oxton, Acydosis, Parasitic Candy, Pirran, and Sherushi! You should all receive a Bag of Wonders shortly, and this post will be updated when they’re sent out!

They’ve been sent!!

Week 2 was amazing, and we could really feel the momentum picking up! The Drawntlet continues, and there’s no doubt the amazing submissions will continue to come!

Posted 09/19/21, edited 09/19/21

So I managed to actually post entries for week 3, but like a dumbass, I forgot to submit the links on the submission page. Is there any way they can still be counted? I just realized like 10 minutes ago and panicked lmao

Here are the permalinks:

Posted 09/20/21

Calibris For the entries that need to be inputted manually, please send me an echo with the following formatting:

Day - permalink to entry

e.g. Day 12 - https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/permalink/446093

Posted 09/20/21

I dunno if it would be possible or be worth the time required to implement, but it would be neat if the submission could be streamlined somehow for next time.
The current flow is:
Uploading our image somewhere, then navigating to the correct weekly forum thread, then posting the image with the form, then getting the permalink from the thread post, then navigating to the submission form, then pasting the permalink and submitting.

It’s a lot of very little fiddley steps that are easy to forget or mess up, and you have to do it for each entry (sometimes multiple times in a single day if you fall behind and want to catch up — and you can’t even submit multiple permalinks at once).

What about something like having us submit the images (or urls to the images) directly into a submission form, and then a locked “gallery” thread that automatically posts submitted entries that have been approved? Or have us format our posts forum posts as usual, but have poses in the specific submission thread somehow autopopulated the submission form, without us having to link them on a separate form?

edit: I don’t wanna sound too grizzley grousey, I’m a fan of the submission form! But there are an awful lot of steps involved and I don’t think I’m the only one that’s forgotten or messed them up or thought I did it it ight only to find I missed a step.

Posted 09/22/21, edited 09/22/21
The spotlight for week 3 is live! Find the collection on Twitter and Facebook!

Week 3 features work by Nonnavlis, Quiche, Purr, Knight, Nyfeaena, Laggingbehindreality, and Unicamel! You should all receive a Bag of Wonders shortly, and this post will be updated when they’re sent out!

They’ve all been sent!!

Everyone is still going strong, and week 3 was an amazing halfway point! The Drawntlet is coming to a close now, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else everyone creates!

Posted 09/26/21, edited 09/26/21

I thought we’re allowed to submit until the end of the first. How come the submissions page is closed?

Edit -

Day 29: https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/permalink/447221

Day 30: https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/permalink/447228

The links are for my reference so I don’t have to go hunting for them when the submissions page is reopened.

Posted 10/01/21, edited 10/01/21

Looks like the submission form may have closed its shutters a little preemptively; not to worry, we will have that reopened so that entries can continue to be submitted through 23:59pm ST tonight as originally indicated!

We will confirm here when it’s available again and appreciate your patience in the interim!

Posted 10/01/21
The submission form has been reopened!
Posted 10/01/21
The spotlight for week 4 is live! Find the collection on Twitter and Facebook!

Week 4 features work by Tamako, Rowyn, Pesky, Reggi, Nobo, Blemy, and WindyFox! You should all receive a Bag of Wonders shortly, and this post will be updated when they’re sent out!

All sent!!

The Drawntlet is over and so many amazing creations came of it! Week 4’s spotlights are done, but week 5’s are still just around the corner! Awesome job finishing, everyone!

Posted 10/02/21, edited 10/02/21
The spotlight for week 5 is also live! Find the collection on Twitter and Facebook!

Week 5 features work by Airadea, Celestine, Pink Chocolate, Niki123, and Jacq! You should all receive a Bag of Wonders shortly, and this post will be updated when they’re sent out!


Congratulations to everyone for finishing the Drawntlet! That’s another year down and so many amazing pieces done - take a well-earned rest! We loved seeing everyone’s creativity shine this month!

Posted 10/03/21, edited 10/03/21
Stickers and Spirograph Frame

Drawntlet stickers have been given out for anyone who participated in at least one day of the Drawnlet. The Spirograph frame has been given to anyone who completed all 30 days!

Posted 10/03/21