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[ACTIVITY] The Drawntlet 2021 (Sept 1st - Oct 1st)

The Drawntlet is a month-long activity that encourages artists and writers to challenge themselves as well as develop positive creativity habits. The goal is to create a unique piece each day, based on one of the provided prompts. This activity welcomes both art and writing, and will run in lieu of our usual Creative Circles this month.

We are excited to announce our second annual Drawntlet, beginning September 1st and running throughout the month! :D We’ve made several changes this year based on the feedback gathered from last year’s activity, and will be very appreciative of the feedback we receive this year as well.

You can find the full rules and guidelines on the Town Square page, and the forum for this year’s activity is here.

Below you can read through the more notable adjustments we’ve made, as well as take a peek at the new coats and item prize created for this year’s activity.

Changes & Adjustments
  • There are no weekly theme challenges this year.
    These were omitted for two main reasons: the difficulty of creating challenges that encompassed both artwork and writing, and a general desire to simplify the point breakdown and deadlines. However, if you wish to stick to a theme or create a player-organized list of challenges, you are more than welcome to do so!

  • Prompt banks have been added.
    Each week has a total of 10 prompts to choose from, and they are not assigned to specific days. This will hopefully allow players who might not connect with a certain prompt to choose one that inspires them a bit more, as well as add some flexibility for those days when you might have found yourself more excited for tomorrow’s prompt than today’s.

  • The point scheme has been adjusted.
    Last year we assigned points weekly, which players found complicated and potentially disappointing, were they to miss a single prompt in any given week. Thankfully, September has 30 days, which is a nice round number to assign points to. Each submission is worth 1 point, and the prize shop prices have been adjusted accordingly.

  • The prize shop has been improved.
    We’ve made adjustments to the prize shop this year. It now closely resembles the prize shop for Bin-GO RP, which feels like a fair comparison effort-wise. Of particular note, instead of having the choice only between the two new secret coats created for the Drawntlet, players may now select their choice of any of the discovered secret coats for the grand prize tier. A simple run-down of the prizes is below:

    • 30 points: discovered gcs coat of choice
    • 25 points: GCS mushroom ; gold medallion
    • 20 points: choice of past oots set (mushroom + items) ; choice of seasonal coat
    • 15 points: choice of past oots item set ; choice of BoW item ; driftshroom
    • 10 points: september oots set (mushroom + items) ; choice of cave capsule ; bag of wonders ; driftshroom
    • 5 points: forever coat ; random cave capsule ; september oots item set
    • 1 point: golden ticket


  • We’ve added a prize for completing all 30 days.
    Another request that stuck out from last year’s feedback was the desire for an overarching prize for those who completed the entire challenge, aside from those included in the prize shop. So, this year, we made one! Players who complete all thirty days of the Drawntlet will receive a Spirograph Frame! We figured an avatar frame was a great choice, since avatar items are the one thing most players don’t desire more than one of.

  • We will be utilizing an on-site submission form.
    This was a common request from last year’s feedback, too. The submission forms will be weekly, and be similar to the ones used in the Soup, Stones, and Snakes event that recently concluded. Essentially, you will be asked to submit the permalink to each submission’s post, and staff will record your credit accordingly.

New Secret Coats & Completion Prize
  • Players who complete all 30 days of the Drawntlet will receive a Spirograph Frame
  • The ‘choice of Secret Coat’ prize tier includes two newly added coats: Troutrageous (by Myla) and Glimmering Kiss (by Plaid). These coats are also available from using a Glowing Changingshroom.

Remember to submit permalinks to your entries on the submission page!


Posted 08/27/21, edited 09/06/21
These are such beautiful new coats!
Posted 08/27/21

i’m very excited for these changes, i love drawntlet this will be fun!!!! the first one allowed us to choose our gcs coat and i really liked that, im happy to see the option back!!

also the spirograph frame is so beautiful and i agree, an avatar frame is a perfect prize for something like this!!!

Posted 08/27/21

I’m really excited about the changes :D Pretty much everything about Drawntlet I didn’t love last year has been tweaked, and I love the frame and the new coats!

Can’t wait >:3c

Posted 08/27/21
i love the changes!! i cant wait to participate again this year!
Posted 08/27/21

I’m gonna cry……. my own lil Finnegan……… this is a dream come true

honestly though thank you guys for making all these tweaks.  I feel like this year is gonna be so much more fun and chill and the avatar frame really was a stroke of genius.  I can’t WAIT to get started!!!!

Posted 08/27/21
Really liking the changes! And I love both of the new coats. It will be a very hard decision if I manage to do all the days :D
Posted 08/27/21

Mmmmm yeessss, I like these new changes! =3c

Especially the prompt bank, week themes, and the lack of the weekly deadlines. It feels like the barrier for entry (having ideas that go along with prompts, potential struggle with the themes, and having to remember two sets of deadlines) have been reduced a whole lot.

I’d be interested to see what people think about the points ; prize ; nuggets route ratio, just because I remember that being something that was brought up a fair bit last year.

Posted 08/27/21
The link to this year’s drawntlet forum has been added. If you have any player-run challenges in mind or anything else that you wanted to set up a thread for (that isn’t submissions), feel free to utilize it!
Posted 08/27/21
Ahh I’m so happy that trourageous becomes an actual coat in game! I was initially pretty disappointed that the coat was reserved for an npc and I could never obtain it, and now I can! Thank you!
Posted 08/27/21

Man, apparently I’m the odd one out in that I absolutely hate this ‘here’s a bunch of prompts, pick the ones you like for the week’ change made this year instead of a set list. I really don’t like having to pick between things and what made it fun to me was the lack of choice in prompt and needing to work with whatever was put down. I’m not very good at picking things from lists, I tend to waffle over it and then end up a puddle of procrastination that doesn’t get anything done because I can’t decide. XD I dunno, maybe I can figure out some way to do some sort of random picker on the prompts or something.

Ah well, hopefully I can manage to get my indecisiveness under control enough to actually manage some things this month because I still really want an Inkling! Good luck everyone and have fun! Thanks as always for the creative events!

Posted 08/27/21

I was waiting so much for a repeat of this event!
I hope that this will again break my laziness and give me an incentive to draw more often :D

Posted 08/28/21

I’m happy to make a set list from the provided prompts if it would help you! (and, of course, anyone else who feels the same way)

Posted 08/28/21
Crow Oh, goodness, that would be lovely, but only if it doesn’t give you too much trouble! I’m sure I can manage to figure something out if you’ve got a lot of other stuff on your plate. Thank you either way, that’s incredibly kind!
Posted 08/28/21

Here you go! :D

Week 1:

- Sept 1: memory
- Sept 2: flame
- Sept 3: contrast
- Sept 4: electric

Week 2:

- Sept 5: melancholy
- Sept 6: dawn
- Sept 7: ordinary
- Sept 8: loss
- Sept 9: wings
- Sept 10: artificial
- Sept 11: beast

Week 3:

- Sept 12: figment
- Sept 13: chance
- Sept 14: split
- Sept 15: lullaby
- Sept 16: warmth
- Sept 17: faith
- Sept 18: desire

Week 4:

- Sept 19: fortune
- Sept 20: obscure
- Sept 21: familial
- Sept 22: hope
- Sept 23: poison
- Sept 24: goodbye
- Sept 25: wonder

Week 5:

- Sept 26: pale
- Sept 27: voice
- Sept 28: ruin
- Sept 29: love
- Sept 30: shadow

Posted 08/30/21
If this is helpful to anyone, I created a tracker spreadsheet for the month with the prompt banks in a sort of calendar layout! Feel free to make a copy and use it here! :D
Posted 08/31/21
question O: ! since there’s more prompts than days, would it be fine to combine a few as long as there’s no overlap?
Posted 08/31/21

As long as your submissions otherwise fit the guidelines (no duplicate prompts, etc), I don’t see why not! They’d still count as a single prompt and wouldn’t get you any sort of extra credit or anything though, just to be clear.

Posted 08/31/21
The Drawntlet has begun!

You can find Week 1’s submission thread and prompts here! Be sure to read through the directions before you post any of your submissions - things are a little different from last year.

Posted 09/01/21
I love the tweaks to the drawntlet! For some reason it just seems easier to wrap my head around it now, less daunting/overwhelming! I’m excited to attempt what I can this month! Good luck to everyone!!
Posted 09/01/21
I have a quick question, so I was wondering if we are doing art is a base allowed? IE, using a body and then adding clothes and other edits, and with color? Of course, bases will be credited to the on or offsite artist?
Posted 09/01/21

As long as you’re following whatever usage guidelines the base’s creator has outlined and the edits made to it are your own work, then sure thing!

Posted 09/01/21
Crow Crow, if we’re allowed to submit work done on bases, does that mean we could do like, themed custom pet mock-ups and submit them too~? : O I think that would be such a fun challenge (totally okay if that’s not viable, though).
Posted 09/02/21

You could certainly do that, yes!

Posted 09/02/21

Ok, so maybe this is in a really obvious place, but I cannot for the life of me find the on-site submission form???
I found it somehow yesterday but can’t seem to find it again ;-;

Posted 09/02/21
dream_weaverr Submission Form! It’s also linked on the first post to near the top of each week’s submission threads :D
Posted 09/02/21
I’m already loving this. While I’m kinda-but-also-not happy that we don’t have the weekly challenges any more, I’ve decided to simply give myself one - To tie all thirty entries together via a singular character/setting. And so far, so good! gotta love being able to pull some multiversal shenanigans and have a Mycenian end up elsewhere!
Posted 09/03/21
Any chance the submission page for the drawntlet could be added to the town square page? :>
Posted 09/03/21, edited 09/03/21
Purr It has been added! :D
Posted 09/03/21
Thank youuu :D
Posted 09/03/21