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[SUBMISSIONS] MycenaDeck - Community Deck
Community Deck Submissions
Submission Requirements

Your deck submission may follow the writing centric criteria or the art-centric criteria.  It can follow both, but does not need to in order to qualify for a participation prize.

Option A: Writing-Centric Submission
Your post must contain these elements in order for it to qualify for a participation prize if submitting under the writing-centric criteria
  • A game card containing
    • Your username
    • Representation of you
      • You do not need to draw this yourself (though you can if you want)
      • You may use the Mycena Cave image of your human representative or a pet which represents you
      • You may use art you’ve commissioned of your representation, but please remember to credit the artist
      • You may use a picture of yourself, but please use caution and don’t use a picture with location-identifying information (e.g. in front of your house with address visible)
      • You may not use art you do not have explicit permission to use
    • Card statistics or description
      • This is fairly open-ended depending on the type of card you want to make for yourself
      • Could do something along the lines of traditional D&D stats (str/cha/con/int/wis/dex), or list special abilities of the card/yourself, etc! Be creative, and feel free to google “game card designs” for ideas if you are stuck!
    • A written description of at least 200 words that fleshes out one of the prompts below
      • Describe the game in which your card is used.  What are the objectives and rules?

      • Pretend your card is part of a tarot deck.  What are some possible meanings/interpretations of your card?

      • How does your community card represent who you are?


The Ranger - A Deck-Building Card Game
You and up to three other rangers need to do an ecological survey at a large, national prairie.  Your job is to focus on signs of animals near the main roadways of the park to figure out which wildlife is regularly crossing the roads.

Rules: Everyone starts out with 10 random cards in their hands.  Pick one of the cards and pass the rest clockwise. Repeat 9 more times until the cards have been distributed.  The player with the most points in their hand at the end of the game is the most observant ranger!

Point Values:

  • Bison tracks are worth 3 points for each card collected.
  • White-tallied deer tracks are worth 2 points for each card collected.
  • Coyote tracks are worth 1 point for each card collected.
  • Ornate box turtle scat is 5 points, but you lose a point for every subsequent turtle scat card collected.
  • Three redwinged blackbird feathers are worth 9 points if exactly three are collected.  Otherwise, they are worth 1 point each.
  • An burrowing owl pellet multiples the next card you pick by 2.
  • The player who collects the most black-tailed prairie dog droppings earns 10 points.
  • The players with an invasive coypu card lose 2 points.
  • A player with a bobcat card can subtract 2 points from any other player (this is not added to their own score).

Why did I chose this for my community card?
I love identification, especially plant and animal ID! I also love the prairie: I was born and raised in Iowa, a state that used to be almost all prairie, and had a lot of exposure to the prairie and prairie ID having grown up with one nearby and going through the biology program at an Iowa school.  Lastly, I picked this prompt since I love to play card and board games.  This one was inspired by a game called Sushi Go! :)

Option B: Art-Centric Submission

Your post must contain these elements in order for it to qualify for a participation prize if submitting under the art-centric criteria
Your game card must contain:

  • Your username
  • Art of your representation made by you
    • Art must be refined/finished (i.e. not a sketch)
    • Art must be made specifically for this activity (do not reuse art you’ve already made)
    • Art can be made using any media
  • Card statistics or description
    • This is fairly open-ended depending on the type of card you want to make for yourself
    • Could do something along the lines of traditional D&D stats (str/cha/con/int/wis/dex), or list special abilities of the card/yourself, etc! Be creative, and feel free to google “game card designs” for ideas if you are stuck!


Submission Instructions
  1. Create a card that fufills the submission requirements above
  2. Post your submission in this thread
  3. When you’re done with all of your submissions (from both character and community decks), fill out a Submission Form!

You may make your own card, or use the templates provided here!

.PSD (will work in SAI, Photoshop, and CSP)


Post your Community Deck submissions here!  Questions about character decks should be asked in the Mycena Deck thread.

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Creature art by DelightfulDragon

The Beast is a quiet creature, seeming to prefer its own company over that of others. It is not malign and has no desire to harm others. If threatened, the Beast would rather retreat into safety than attack, and will only lash out at another if retreat is impossible. Despite its name and appearance, and much like the creature it represents, the Beast is not an inherently bad card.

If drawn upright:
The upright Beast symbolises peace in tumult. It is not a forewarning of bad tidings, however, as the tumult it predicts may well be the simple busywork of day-to-day life. Be warned, however, that the peace the Beast brings is both a blessing and a curse, since, if kept unchecked, it may cause idleness.
It also represents retreat. It is always important to know when to back away from a problem, rather than bashing one’s head against it again and again. Often retreat can bring clarity and can allow for a new perspective.

If drawn inverse
The inverse Beast symbolises busyness and unrest. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as there are those who are able to find joy amongst the chaos. There might also come satisfaction from the busyness, as one completes tasks that they had been putting off for one reason or another.
It also represents needing to push forward. Just as retreat is sometimes necessary, there are often occasions when perseverance the better option. Do not give up, and you will likely find success.

Posted 06/22/18

(drag for fullsize!)

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Artist: Doctor Stein

Hero: Malis Vitterfolk
Class: Zandalari Shaman
Ranking: Healer/Support

Skills: Malis is a bit of a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ when it comes to her healing abilities. She is able to patch on the fly or channel a deeper healing current if given time. A single tap triggers her quick heal. It is a short burst that invigorates and revives flagging spirits. If you need her larger heal she needs to charge for a single turn before summoning a totem that heals in an area around it. The longer she charges before placing the totem, the stronger and longer the heal lasts.

Activity: As a character, when she is not supporting others, Malis enjoys crafting and the arts. She especially likes to design costumes and weapons. Projects have a tendency to grow a little too big for the moment which can be a bit overwhelming but Malis usually pulls through with the help of the Loa. 

Description: Long thick dreads crown a cheerful blue face. Malis only has one tusk as she lost the other one in battle. She loves to wear primary colours accented with holds and each dark tattoo on her body tells a story. She loves her friends with a fire of the spirits and the best way to get on her bad side is to attack one of her friends. 

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Posted 06/23/18
Posted 06/23/18

the number one card no one hecking wants

Posted 06/23/18

Free to use card template from blackcarrot1129 @ deviantArt
Free to use textures from www.texturemate.com
Chickpea/Panda art commissioned by me for my own use from Zowato @ deviantArt

Chickpea - a Helper Card

A fat little magical panda with a fondness for legumes. Once per day, their magic allows you to draw upon that greatest of assets – half-baked, half-remembered pieces of trivia. The card game in which this card is used is a card based RPG. Every round of the game represents one ‘day’. One player takes control of a villain card, and the others hero cards – these are ‘face’ cards. They take turns gathering assets to buff their stats or the stats of their villainous lair. In the final confrontation, various scores such as strength, wealth, allies and knowledge are compared and a winner declared. 

Chickpea is a helper card rather than a hero, villain or asset card. Rather than stepping into the spotlight themselves or being directly consumed, they have unlimited once per day uses. They come into use because certain assets are only able to be gathered when the player can pass skill checks or otherwise roleplay a bluff. If you have chosen to play a ‘face’ who is currently lacking in both book smarts and charisma, Chickpea can help you out just a little with the various riddles the world throws at you, with their cobbled up third-hand knowledge. Generally this card is more regarded as an asset to beginning players, before they have been able to build up a knowledge base of their own.

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I didn’t know what to write omg

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OregonCoast ~ The Daymaker

See you’re smiling already at the sight of Pixel Pony, and the mention of the beautiful Oregon Coast ^,^  my work is done.

Drawn Upright

Drawn upright, this delightful card will dazzle the user with tales of the Oregon coast.  From harrowing stories of shipwrecks to haunted lighthouses and beaches, to sunny, lazy days filled with laughing seagulls and darting sandpipers,  ooooohing over seastars and sand dollars, finding agates, fossils and beach floats, to stories of daring do in days gone by to nommy nommy stops you simply must indulge in!  OregonCoast will tell you loads of things to see and do in their native homeland, and will regal you with stories of the local wildlife that thrive on their farm, along with pony stories and the occasional chatter of mushrooms.  The user who holds this card will often find the time has passed quickly, and they are left with a yearing for ice cream, or cheese, or the tang of cold salt sea air. Happiness restored, and stress dropped away.

Drawn upside down

Oh dear, the user of this unfortunate draw will quickly realize they can’t go to the beach!  Alas they may be stuck in some very hot, humid clime, or simply stuck in their daily grind and unable to retreat to the joys of freedom and glorious days exploring the beach.  sighhhhhhh!  You stare at your wall calendar of the Oregon Coast and staple your papers together to file. 


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Posted 06/24/18

please drag for full image

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When I drew this, I imagined a tabletop D&D/Magic the Gathering fusion game but since I don’t play either of those, that’s probably irrelevant. More detailed explanation and game board mock-up below!

The cards are pentagons because my favorite number is five, and they said I could do any shape. Cards come in five colors; blue, white, red, green, and black. Each color corresponds to one of five territories, which are arranged like slices of a circular pie country and represent a different biome and element. Players create roads, cities, mountains, and more along a predetermined pentagonal grid pattern in order to move and expand their empires.


  • blue - taiga - ice
  • white - tropical rainforest - water
  • red - grass savannah - fire
  • green - temperate broadleaf forest - earth
  • black - arid desert - air

CARD TYPES — Player Deck
Player deck cards are affiliated with your element of choice. They are thematically relevant and marked by gems of the element’s color at their corners. When you choose an element, the deck of this color becomes yours!!

  • Ruler: Like the king in chess, the ruler does pretty much nothing, but if you lose them, you lose the game. Ruler cards have a copper border.
  • Knight: These cards have special abilities, although you don’t have very many. Knight cards have a golden border.
  • Trap: Place these face down wherever you like along the roads! Trap cards have a silver border. Note that there is nothing forbidding a player from placing regular cards face down and pretending that they’re traps because the backs all look the same !!

CARD TYPES — Game Deck
This is a very large deck of cards indeed, and there should probably be a fancy holder for them in the middle so everyone can draw from it easily. Players start with ten cards from this deck and draw one with every turn.

  • Element: These are the building blocks of your empire - literally. Bricks, roads, rivers, mountains, lakes, houses, important city buildings, you name it! This type of card is the majority of the deck. Combining elements can create buildings or other structures.
  • Civilian: You can have scientists to develop weapons, bakers to bake bread, whatever you might need! But not soldiers. There’s a card for that!
  • Soldier: Deployable guards, armies; whatever you might need fightin’ humans for, really. Soldier cards have a gunmetal border.
  • Prophecy: In order to make a move on another nation, a Prophecy card must be active. In order to activate the card, the rules of the Prophecy must be fulfilled. They may require the Knight card of another kingdom, sacrifice of a trap or several soldier cards, you name it! Prophecy cards are solid black with white text.

Everyone’s first move is to create their first city, their capital, at the edge of their region furthest from the center of the board. The goal is to reach the center of the board by building roads and cities, bartering, stealing from other players, and also waging war! It will be the Monopoly of its age!! MUAHAHAH—ahem.

Players advance their empires by building along the pentagonal grid printed on the board that I was too lazy to draw. Access is granted to Magic MacGuffin Land after a player has conquered another empire by occupying their capital and taking their “Ruler” card. This player may then enter the Sparkly Land of Magic and become the ruler of the WORLD!!

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Modeled after MtG cards :p

EDIT: Aaaaaand there’s typos -.- Gotta fix it or it’ll bug me. FIXED! :D

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Ability: Bamboozle

Playing this card allows you to claim proficiency in any skill you use before your turn is over. If you play this card more than once in a game, all opponents gain the ‘Suspicion’ status effect, giving them advantage in any checks they make against you-no matter what skill is being checked. If your opponent already has proficiency in a skill you apply ‘Bamboozle’ to, they may take the reaction ‘Call BS’ and you must succeed on a CON saving throw in order to continue using ‘Bamboozle’. If there are any cats nearby while this card is in your hand, you are unable to use ‘Bamboozle’ and instead must succeed on a CON saving throw to avoid spending the entire turn attempting to pet the cat.

If you succeed on a ‘Bamboozle’ attempt, and one of your opponents has the card ‘Doragon’ or ‘Sid’ in their hand, you must spend your next turn explaining, in detail, just how masterful you are at bamboozling your unwary opponents. If the person who has the ‘Doragon’ or ‘Sid’ card in their hand was the person you used ‘Bamboozle’ against, you must spend the next three turns apologizing profusely to that player and doing everything in your power to make it up to them.

Posted 06/25/18


Ability: Quiet Time

Effects: Take a time out. Listen to your enemies friends and develop a way to take them down so you can claim victory! Hopefully you aren’t fighting a big bad dragon!

This card forces you to lose your voice. While you’re still able to perform your standard actions, you can’t declare any rolls with dice, challenges you’d like to make against actions of the game or your companions, and so on and so forth. You can try to roll your INT to challenge, but nobody knows what you’re doing.

Seriously, just take it easy for the next two rounds, okay?

Bonus: Please make note that this card may be discarded after your two rounds are up in ONE(1) of three ways
- It may be reshuffled into the deck by another player and put back into play
- Roll for INT; if 12 or higher, the card may be placed onto a player of your choosing. If 11 or under, the card is removed from the rest of the game.
- Roll for DEX; if 15 or higher, the card is placed into your hand to reserve for a later time. You may play it on a play of your choosing at any time, but may not discard the card from your hand; It MUST be played!

Your personal stats have NO EFFECT on these rolls. If this card is removed from the game, it cannot be re-added at any point.

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New skill aquired: Makes fluttery eyelashes like a boss

Posted 06/26/18

Abilities are based off uhhh talents I have irl!
Read Aloud is based off the fact that I love reading out loud and it bothers my sister a lot but it’s just fun. If I could read for audiobooks that would be like. my dream job.
Distance Swim is based on the fact that I love the 500 and 1650. I like distance swimming, and I’m pretty good at it.
Write is pretty self explanatory. I write a lot.

Posted 06/26/18


The power is inspired by the fact that my art is often described as “swooshy.”

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Game Description
Players answer trivia questions, earning one point per correct answer; normally, there is no penalty for answering incorrectly. Before beginning the game all players agree on the amount of points required to win, allowing games to range from quick to fairly lengthy. Questions are divided into categories, with the game possessing hundreds of different categories — each game session, however, is limited to six categories. These categories are chosen before the game begins. Players roll a six-sided die; the player with the highest roll picks the first category, with the player to the first player’s left choosing the second category, and so on. Any number of players can participate, but the recommended number is six or fewer.

Once the game begins, players draw from two decks — one with trivia cards, each containing one question from a given category. The second deck contains assist cards, which have special effects that aid the user or hurt one’s opponents. A trivia card is always drawn at least once per turn; once per game, before answering their question for that turn, a player can discard the trivia card they’ve drawn and draw a new one. Each player also rolls a six-sided die once per turn after answering their question. The assist deck can be drawn from if a six is rolled; a draw can also be made if a three is rolled, but only if the player correctly answered their question for that turn. A player can hold up to three assist cards at once; if a fourth is drawn, one must be discarded. Assist cards are also discarded upon use. Once the assist deck runs out of cards, the discard pile is shuffled and then becomes the new assist deck.

Posted 06/26/18
Posted 06/26/18

When drawn, the sweaters card represents uncertainty and possibility. Characterized by a confused cat, the card often comes to those who are at a crossroads in their life, unsure of what exactly will make them happy. This card has come to be associated with confused post-graduates whose friends are all getting engaged and having children while the holder has just learned what the phrase BOGO meant.

However, the card does not necessarily represent negativity. When drawn upside down, the card can mean opportunities for growth and emotional fulfillment, depending on which route the card-holder takes. When drawn upright, the card represents a choice that only the card-holder can make. These choices are neither good nor bad, but rather mean that it is time for the card-holder to take on a more active role in their life.

At its core, the sweaters card represents the unknown and sometimes frightening elements of the future. There is much to do and much to see, but what matters is what will make you happy. At times, it can represent something as simple as “what ice cream flavor will float my boat today?” At other times, it can represent something much more life changing. It is up to the card-holder to decide.

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Posted 06/27/18
Posted 06/27/18


Text reads:
Fills the target with a sense of contentment, restoring 7HP.

Fun design elements:
- I made a physical card similar in design to the holiday/celebration cards I love making for people IRL
- In person, the cat part of the card pops out from the rest for better emphasis
- Sparkles exist because I love them and also spacey aesthetics
- The smudges near the text are my finger prints (the scanner just… sucks)
- My favorite number is 7
- I actually do the cat-like slow blink at people I like

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In time, they shall all learn to fear you.

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The Bird Handler features Corva bravely offering a leaf of spinach to her two demons: Brendon and R2D2. A pair of beloved, but bratty, budgies. Brendon is the smaller, green and yellow bird, while Artoo is the larger white and blue one. A good bird handler must offer lots of fresh foods and millet along with plenty of head scritches.

Drawn Upright:

You have appeased our gluttony, human, and proved yourself to be a proper handler and friend. You will be well rewarded with the two best feathered friends you will ever find. You’re part of the flock now! Expect a pair of birds to snuggle on your shoulders for daily naps. Maybe you can even feed them or play with their toys (if you’re into that?). You will be graced with comforting bird song, complete with lots of “I love you!“s and kisses. A sense of joy and safety. Even when it seems everyone else is ignoring you a little birdy will always listen—and maybe even tell you “it’s okay!” when you’re down.

Drawn Reverse:

Bite the hand that feeds. Your insolence must be punished. A pox upon you, human! The birds are eternally molting—nowhere is free of feathers. They coat your floors and clothes. No matter how much you vacuum there is no end. Incessant screeching fills your ears. There is no escape. They will not be silenced. This is your life now.

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Posted 06/27/18

Allows you to view the opponents hand.

Posted 06/28/18