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[SUBMISSIONS] MycenaDeck - Character Deck
Character Deck Submissions
Submission Requirements

Your deck submission may follow the writing-centric criteria or the art-centric criteria.  It can follow both, but does not need to in order to qualify for a participation prize.

Option A: Writing-Centric Submission
Your post must contain these elements in order for it to qualify for a participation prize if submitting under the writing-centric criteria
  • A link to the character’s profile (your character must be represented by a pet on Mycena Cave)
  • A game card containing
    • Character name
    • Character image
      • You do not need to draw this yourself (though you can if you want)
      • You may use the Mycena Cave image of your pet
      • You may use art you’ve commissioned of your character, but please remember to credit the artist
      • You may not use art you do not have explicit permission to use
    • Card statistics or description
      • This is fairly open-ended depending on the type of card you want to make for your character
      • Could do something along the lines of traditional D&D stats (str/cha/con/int/wis/dex), or list special abilities of the card/character, etc! Be creative, and feel free to google “game card designs” for ideas if you are stuck!
  • A written description of at least 200 words that fleshes out one of the prompts below
    • Describe the game in which your card is used.  What are the objectives and rules?

    • Pretend your card is part of a tarot deck.  What are some possible meanings/interpretations of your card?

    • Describe in more detail some of the strengths and weaknesses revealed about your character through your character’s card


The Gardener
The Gardener depicts a solemn-looking ineki staring off into the distance.  She is soft pink, patterned with a rose on her haunch and rose petals dotting her cheek and tail.  She wears a deep red cloak whose inner side is dyed a gradient of pinks and yellows fashioned to resemble large petals.  She carries an elaborate staff with vines twining from its straight, wooden base to a deep crook in the top.  A rose blossoms in a protective glass bubble cradled by the crook of the staff.

Drawn Upright
The Gardener is a caretaker, protector, and a nurturer.  Generally, drawing The Gardener can be seen as a call to help someone or something in a vulnerable place.  Gardeners know the meaning of sacrifice, and will often inconvenience themselves in order to take care of and protect something else.  They also are cultivators of ideas—they listen to the quiet voices and acknowledge and boost their signal.  A Gardener is usually quiet themselves, but makes an invaluable friend who will help when everyone else has turned.  They are also not afraid to show their thorns if their friends are threatened.

Drawn Reversed
The reversal of the Gardener represents a Gardener misused.  It is easy to take advantage of a Gardener, and a Gardener may find that their beds are full weeds that suck the nutrients from the soil.  A reversed Gardener could also suggest a poor harvest—perhaps the Gardener has been too thorny: Gardeners can have a hard time making friends and tend to be fiercely loyal to only a small circle of friends and family.
tarot reading

Option B: Art-Centric Submission
Your post must contain these elements in order for it to qualify for a participation prize if submitting under the art-centric criteria
  • A link to the character’s profile (your character must be represented by a pet on Mycena Cave)
  • A game card containing:
    • Character name
    • Character art made by you
      • Art must be refined/finished (i.e. not a sketch)
      • Art must be made specifically for this activity (do not reuse art you’ve already made)
      • Art can be made using any media
    • Card statistics or description
      • This is fairly open-ended depending on the type of card you want to make for your character
      • Could do something along the lines of traditional D&D stats (str/cha/con/int/wis/dex), or list special abilities of the card/character, etc! Be creative, and feel free to google “game card designs” for ideas if you are stuck!


Submission Instructions
  1. Create a card that fufills the submission requirements above
  2. Post your submission in this thread
  3. When you’re done with all of your submissions (from both character and community decks), fill out a Submission Form!

You may make your own card, or use the templates provided here!

.PSD (will work in SAI, Photoshop, and CSP)

Posted 06/21/18, edited 06/21/18

Strength: Zwei is a fierce and passionate fighter who is not only immensely physically strong, she is incredibly resilient and able to handle almost any situation thrown at her. She excels in bar brawls and has been known to start fights whilst visiting her sibling at the bar they’re employed at as a bouncer. This has lead to her being thrown out on her rear more than she’d care to recall.

Dexterity: For her size, Zwei is relatively nimble, though her tall and broad form means she can’t contort herself in any particularly interesting ways.

Constitution: As resilient as Zwei is, she’s also incredibly lazy. Her self-motivation is lacking and it’s hard for her to get up and do the things she has to do. Her problem isn’t her capability, it’s her desire to get up and get ‘em-unless it directly benefits her, chances are slim she’ll do the right thing.

Intellect: Her education was about as average as average gets. Zwei’s wiser in the ways of galactic commerce than she is in algebra, though some would argue this is intellect in its own right.

Wisdom: Though she has street smarts and is somewhat educated, Zwei has absolutely no common sense. For example, as a teenager, she French kissed a light socket on a dare. This landed her in a hospital for a week and caused her to lose her sense of taste.

Charisma: Zwei is cocky, sometimes a little too cocky, but her charm is difficult to beat (when she chooses to use it) and her negotiation skills are shrewd. She enjoys conversation-thrives off it, even-and is very extroverted.

Posted 06/21/18, edited 06/22/18

Shoot dang this event sounds so awesome! Let’s get started!
I’m gonna link the pet profiles via the cards, so all you need to do is click on them to see the pet.

Posted 06/21/18, edited 06/23/18

Cards? Aer specialises in cards!
(I ended up making two with him: One as a monster from his game and one for his actual in-game representation.)

General Rules

  • Cortraludum is a game played between two duellists. Typically, there are three duels to a game, and the winner is decided by winning two out of three.
  • Decks are required to have between 40 and 60 cards, excluding side deck (a deck with extra cards to switch between duels, a maximum of 15 cards).
  • Players start out with 30 Vitality.
  • The game starts with five cards in the hand. A card is drawn from the top of the deck at the start of each turn.
  • Players are represented in the duel by an ‘Avatar’, a character card that stands in place of the duellist. (A custom card that represents the duellist can also be used.) The Avatar cannot attack unless dictated by a spell effect.
  • Turns are structured into five phases:
    • Draw phase: A card is drawn from the deck
    • Standby phase: Pre-existing effects are activated in this turn (if a Prodigy loses Armour due to a card effect, for example). Mana crystals are restored.
    • Main phase: Prodigies and spell cards are summoned. Counter cards are placed onto the field.
    • Battle phase: Prodigies attack.
    • End phase: Cards that only last a turn are sent to the graveyard.
  • When a card is sent to the Graveyard, it is removed from play unless otherwise specified by a card effect.

Mana Crystals

  • Players start the duel with three mana crystals. Mana crystals are required in order to summon Prodigies and activate spell cards.
  • Mana crystals are restored at the start of each turn and one is added, up to a total of fifteen.
  • Mana crystals can also be added by card effects, and these are not bound by the fifteen crystal maximum.
    • These crystals are generally only temporary, and are destroyed at the end of the turn unless otherwise specified.
  • Prodigies may be tributed to restore mana crystals in order to summon Prodigies with higher crystal counts (ie, if you have four mana crystals available, and a three crystal Prodigy, you can tribute that Prodigy for a total of seven crystals.) Any crystals not used as a result of this are destroyed at the end of the turn.

Prodigy Cards

  • Prodigies are the primary method of dealing damage in Cortraludum
  • Prodigies may not attack on the turn they are summoned, unless otherwise dictated by a card effect.
  • Prodigies have three values: Strength, Armour, and Mana Cost. Strength is the leftmost number, Armour directly beside it. Mana Cost is on the right-hand side, and indicates how many crystals are needed to summon the Prodigy
    • Strength indicates how much damage a Prodigy can deal.
    • Armour indicates how much damage a Prodigy can sustain.
    • Armour decreases when attacked. (So, if a Prodigy with 10 Armour receives damage from a Prodigy with 7 Strength, the attacked Prodigy’s Armour becomes 3)
    • However, if a Prodigy with a lower Strength value attacks a Prodigy with a higher Armour value, it is destroyed.
  • Damage to a player’s vitality can either be done directly — if there are no Prodigies on their side of the field — or indirectly — if an attacking Prodigy’s Strength exceeds that of the defending Prodigy’s Armour.
  • When a Prodigy’s Armour reaches zero, it is destroyed, and any excess points are dealt to the controlling player’s Vitality.
  • Prodigies can also have certain effects, like being allowed to attack on the turn they’re summoned, or gaining a Strength boost during their first attack.

Spell Cards

  • Spell Cards have four types: Equip, Effect, Counter, and Avatar. All spell cards require one mana crystal to activate.
  • Equip cards only affect one specific Prodigy, and can be equipped to Prodigies on either side of the field. The majority of these cards buff either Strength or Armour, but can also be used to give Prodigies certain effects.
  • Effect cards affect the field, or some or all cards on the field. These cards can either buff monsters of a specific type, or limit the Prodigies either player can summon (either by number or crystal count.) Most effect cards remain on the field once they are played, but there are many which are sent to the graveyard immediately after use.
  • Counter cards are used to counter other spell cards or Prodigies’ effects. There are also Counter cards which can be used to block damage. These cards can be activated at any point, as long as they have been placed face-down on the field beforehand.
  • Avatar cards are cards which affect the Avatar character. They can be used to bolster Vitality, give extra mana crystals, and even give the Avatar a Strength value to attack. However, if the Avatar attacks a Prodigy with a higher Armour value, they take the difference in damage to their Vitality.

The game ends when one player’s Vitality is reduced to zero, or when they have no cards in their deck to draw during the Draw phase.

Posted 06/22/18, edited 06/22/18


Credit to Tamako

The Rogue

The rogue depicts a young man wearing revealing clothes and a come-hither expression. He wears dark colors, sometimes seeming to blend into his background, his Cheshire grin and pale skin drawing the eye. The Rogue is often found paired with cups. The rogue tends to symbolize something not seen in the public view. A sneaky romance, a secret kept. It alights the secret desires one might wish to act upon.

Drawn Upright

Drawn upright the Rogue might indicate a time to discover romance or when to buy those stocks or if a secret is about to be revealed. Alternatively, the rogue can indicate emotions flaring high - the reason depending on what card it’s paired with. Paired with a seven of swords could indicate some insider knowledge bringing good fortunes your way.

Drawn Reversed

Be wary of this card drawn in the reverse -Your love life could be in danger! Watch out for smooth talkers when this card appears reversed in your reading. It’s a good time for that ‘rainy day’ fund to come into play. Order in, watch a movie, avoid romances and acting on sketchy ‘tips’. It could also indicate a secret kept from you that could bring about dark times.

Posted 06/22/18

Nadiana Fenn, the Inexperienced Necromancer.
Featuring DelightfulDragon‘s art.

Card Strengths
Remains in play until defeated while dealing damage each turn, deals extra damage against undead enemies & reveals her true strength when close to death by summoning additional cards into play.

Card Weaknesses
Lacks defensive moves (not a particularly well-rounded Hero Card) & deals below-average damage.


Nadiana Fenn, the Character

Nadia is a hero in training, having yet to realize the full potential of her powers. As such, she primarily relies on energy-based attacks because she is more intimately familiar with this subset of her power. Using bolts of energy shot from her hands, she can propel enemies backwards and cause harm when she builds up a concentrated amount of the energy. In game, this skill manifests as the ability to deal light damage.

It is only when pushed to her limit that Nadi pulls from her deeper, normally untapped abilities. Her parentage allows her to combine two otherwise incompatible powers – she can raise the dead through a unique brand of necromancy that imbues skeletons with her own light-based energy, then severs the bond between them to give the skeletons a life of their own. These skeletal creatures, though independent and not harnessed to Nadi’s will, feel a strong connection to Nadi and typically wish to keep her safe. Unfortunately, because she has no control over the undead beasts she summons, this power can go wrong, leaving her frightened of using it unless under dire circumstances. In game, this skill manifests as summoning a Skeletal Army card each turn she is in play with low health, where these cards offer attack value but do not directly prevent Nadi herself from being defeated.

Theodore Antell, the Young Leader.
Featuring DelightfulDragon‘s art.

Card Strengths
Remains in play until defeated while dealing damage every other turn, strong offensive attacks, decent defense & bolsters all allied heroes attacks.

Card Weaknesses
Only deals damage every other turn & loses all attack power when allied heroes are in play.


Theodore Antell, the Character

Theodore is new to leading a team of heroes, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good at it! Years of training and hero experience let him pack a powerful punch and have allowed him to learn how to teach and direct others. Unfortunately, lack of experience brings certain difficulties — Theo struggles to pay attention to his own attacks while also looking out for the rest of his team. In game, this manifests as a strong physical attack as well as an inability to attack every turn and a loss of attack power when he assists his allied heroes.

Posted 06/22/18, edited 06/22/18
Posted 06/23/18

Ilvan the Fiery is a pretty solid card, with a special move that deals both magical and physical damage, with a low chance to leave a small burn damage over time. The “summon” ability allows the player to draw an extra character card. The “Annoy” ability is a low mental damage over time attack.
However, due to being a strongly elementally aligned card, any Water aligned card or attack causes 1.5x more damage to Ilvan.

Posted 06/23/18

character is created based on fluffers, my lucky rabbit ineki. ♡

Posted 06/23/18

Free to use card template from blackcarrot1129 @ deviantArt
Free to use textures from www.texturemate.com
Myrddin art commissioned by me for my own use from Chanedelure @ MC

The Nucelus

The Nucleus depicts a young man in quiet contemplation. His arms are drawn over his chest, and upon them is perched a small pet creature whose open wings mirror his own.

Key words are: beginnings, vision, insight, fertility

This card corresponds to the numbers: 2, 12 and 24
Associated plants are: lavender, violet and white poppy

Drawn upright:

When drawn upright, the Nucleus may represent a time for self-reflection, growth and new beginnings. This may take on a great many meanings when paired with the different suits. Particularly when drawn with swords, it could be critical to practise mindfulness for a time before proceeding with the proposed action or asserting strong feelings. Then you may gladly proceed with bringing these ideas out of aspiration, and into the real world.

Drawn reversed:

When drawn in the reversed position, the Nucleus may represent that one has become insular, and blind to the feelings of others. Particularly when this card is drawn with cups, it may be time to force yourself to look outside of your shell, and really consider how your recent actions may be affecting others. More generally, it may represent behaviour which is becoming isolating, and leading you away from your best path. Most negatively, this card can represent an unwillingness to deal with the realities of life.

Posted 06/24/18

Nerd: Advantage on intelligence checks involving the Sorceress and her magic.

Eustus is played within the MC universe.
A student of the Sorceress’ magic, Eustus is roughly fashioned as a knowledge cleric.
He’s a simple-hearted boyo, but far from simple-minded. His personality is pure honey. :^)

Posted 06/24/18, edited 07/05/18


Pixel Pony the Purehearted

A luminous white and pastel rainbow maned and tailed pony prances across the front of the card, facing left with her Clouderfly trailing above.  Pixel Pony is distinctive with her pastel stars, diamonds, and hearts on her left haunch and she wears a delightful crown of flowers perched above her pastel rainbow coloured forelock.  Her dazzling purple eyes dance with delight and bliss, a knowing smile on her face.

Drawn upright

The best of luck!  The upright depiction means the person is in the flow.  Good things will come bounding in, granting whatever the holder’s most treasured desires are.  Lucky in heartfelt love connections, lucky in abundance showering upon them, lucky in any higher persuit they maybe trying to achieve.  It feels like luck is on their side, and everything flows like a finely tuned clock. Typically manifests within 24 hours.

Drawn reversed

Oh dear.  This is a difficult card to even draw, so to have it drawn upside down is deeply disappointing.  Even worse, the holder will now be crossed in their luck for the next 24 hours. Sadly if you have a dinner date, or are buying something treasured and you pull this card, best to wait at least 24 hours, if not an entire week to be sure.  Pixel Pony is wise, however, if you pull her card reversed, it’s typically because what you think you want might not be for your highest good.  She’s warning you to take a deep, long look at your obsession and ask yourself honestly if this will support you in your journey. 


Posted 06/24/18
Posted 06/24/18

This is a card I created for Roslyn using Pokemon cards as an inspiration/base. She is a Nature Fairy type character. Royal Beam and Thorn Throw are her two attack moves. Royal Beam is her Fairy attack and has a damage of 60. It’s her strongest move, but it also depleats her own HP by 20 when used. Thorn Throw is her Nature attack, has a damage of 45 and is her most common attack. Rose Garden is her special character ability and is a HP rejuvenizer that gives her 25 HP. She can only use this 3 times per battle. Roslyn’s HP is hidden from enemy combatants and can only be revealed using a “Hide n Seek” card or a special character ability.

As Roslyn is a Nature Fairy type character, she is immune to Nature and Fairy attacks, but she is highly susceptible to Fire and Physical Fight attacks. While she is not immune to Water and Air attacks, she is also not susceptible either.
For example: If a Fire Fairy type character attacks, Roslyn will be immune to Fairy attacks but not Fire attacks. If a Water Physical Fight typle character attacks she is more harmed by Physical Fight attacks than Water attacks, but Water attacks will still leave damage.

Posted 06/24/18, edited 07/04/18

(drag for full view)

Zoe is a happy-go-lucky person who enjoys helping out her friends. She often takes it upon herself to help smooth over conflicts so that everyone can live together peacefully.

Posted 06/24/18

Jonah’s tarot card

Sketch by: destinyWeb (#207321) on Flight rising, Coloured by: Me

The Seer
The seer displays a grim faced young man turned slightly away from the viewer. His gift of foresight allows him to face forward, but his eyes also continue to glance backwards, never forgetting a past experience. He sports a dark gray bomber jacket over a rusty orange shirt and the pendant of an unknown animal tooth. The seer represents quiet perseverance, balance, and surprising revelations from an unexpected source. Reversed it speaks of stubbornness and suspicion.

Drawn Upright
The seer drawn upright usually indicates that a moment of clarity is coming your way. Pay attention! Your determination has paid off and new clues will soon arise from seemingly mundane encounters that hold the key to solving a problem from the past. This may also be a call to focus on the details in life - for a seer’s true strength comes from piecing together all the little visions rather than searching for a big one - or a signal that two warring aspects you are facing will finally make peace.

Drawn Reversed
Drawn reversed indicates a seer overly focused on the past. Remembering one’s past is important, for it shapes how one reacts to new events, but a seer’s place is always to look towards the future and their past should never take away from that. As for the one whom this card was drawn: your perseverance is a good thing, but getting too caught up in trying to solve old problems will cause you to miss out on a great opportunity. Seers also tend to become quite cynical over time - a hazard of the job, so an alternate reading can be a sign to do something mindless for a while and take a break from worrying about the consequences.

Posted 06/25/18, edited 06/25/18

Drawn while yelling because I didn’t think to download a pentagon image from the internet until I was starting the actual drawing. Click the image for Cýron’s page on Mycena Cave.

Edit: Click here for the game premise and rules! A gameboard mockup! A Settlers of Catan/Magic the Gathering/Monopoly fusion with a touch of Funzo! I have only played one of these games and that is Monopoly!

Made for my most recent carving, Cýron. Their lore hasn’t been written yet, but they are a tea-and-bunny-loving creature. Here, they are depicted wearing a traditional Japanese archery outfit because I saw one in an anime and had a mighty need to draw it.

While ordinarily peaceful, Cýron will do anything to protect their family, friends, and large collection of bunnies. If things are really going bad, they can bend the moon into a bow and level cities, although they rarely use this power. This is kind of a nod to their name, which means “new moon” and is spelled similarly to “cúron”, which means “crescent moon”. The prefix “cú” means “bow”, as in bow and arrow. Hence archery!

Posted 06/25/18, edited 06/27/18

I actually used Elias and Giliane both for a Starfinder campaign. I recently finished their clay models, so here’s his for his card ^^ He’s technically a mechanic in the campaign, but he’s a shipwright in his lore.

Posted 06/25/18

HERE WE GO! Modeled along the lines of a MtG card

Valen, the Stalwart Sailor! Part of the Seafaring Showdown collection released in 2018! Apparently regularly sought after, this set brought another 35 cards to the game of Mycena: the Deckening. I might do up some others, idk yet???

He takes 3 water tokens to bring to the field, sporting a 4 attack and 6 defense with the card abilities of exalted and shroud. Classed as an exalted beast, this version of his card is actually common. Rumor has it that there are holographic versions floating around, so good luck in finding them.

His abilities are as follows:
Exalted: Valen gains +1 attack and +1 defense during any combat phase. Once the combat phase has ended, his attack reverts back to 4 and defense to 6.
Shroud: Valen is not affected by enemy common spells or abilities at any phase (except for Flying and Trample; He is not in range to damage enemies with flying and can still take massive damage from Break Abilities.)

Another thing of note is that despite being part of the Exalted Archetype, Valen leans more towards the defensive side of things and it happiest on the front lines protecting other creatures that have been brought to the field.

Posted 06/26/18, edited 06/26/18
Posted 06/26/18

Tormund doesn’t understand why his face is on a piece of paper but he’s glad to help.

Posted 06/27/18

The Illusionist
The Illusionist is represented by an antlered fox, dressed in golden bangles and holding a staff adorned in flowers. A single glowing, golden eye floats above his head. The backdrop is a garden filled with red and orange flora, paired with an unnatural jade-colored sky twinkling with stars.

If drawn upright, The Illusionist card is associated with creativity, inspiration, curiosity, and open-mindedness. The Illusionist indicates that a new burst of creativity — not just limited to artistic endeavors — may be on the horizon, and that a major source of inspiration may be incoming. The Illusionist encourages exploration of one’s interests and suggests that now is a good time to delve into a new hobby, or perhaps revive an old one. Open-mindedness is encouraged; those who draw The Illusionist may find themselves open to opinions they had previously discarded.

If drawn reversed, The Illusionist is associated with obliviousness, delusion, and stagnation. Those who draw this card reversed are likely to be in the midst of a difficult situation, or on the verge of encountering one; this problem is/will be one caused by the person themself, whether unintentionally or not — and it will take some time for the person to either realize or admit this fact. The reversed Illusionist indicates the presence of one or more false or misguided beliefs; serious introspection is highly recommended. If reversed, the Illusionist may indicate a lack of drive or other form of stagnation, which may be combatted by re-evaluating one’s goals, the steps required to achieve them, and the steps achieved thus far.

Posted 06/27/18

Iiiiiiit’s Gretel!

Posted 06/28/18, edited 06/29/18

Prince‘s card is designed to look holographic. He is a rare card designed to look like a pokemon EX card.

Seven Seas


Not so long ago the ocean (which is in fact a giant underground lake) was torn apart by war. This game was produced to promote the war. It is a combination of WAR, Gwent and Yu-Gi-Oh (the only 2v2 card games I know more than a little about).

There are 7 kingdom decks. (Which do not all have names as this tcg ties right into the lore of Prince’s world)

Each deck has 21 cards basic cards. King to Ace

A,K,Q,J,10,9,8 and7 all only have 1 card per deck. 5, 4 and 6 are have 2 copies. 3 is 3, and 2 comes in 4 copies

Number of Cards Card Number
1 Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7
2 6,5, 4
3 3
4 2

Set Up

Players first shuffle their decks and draw 5 cards.

Game Play

Game is played in turns. To begin, players flip a flat object, in keeping with the nature of the game it dose not need to be a coin. Bottle caps and flat seashells are commonly used.

The winner begins by playing their card. Much like War, the higher wins.


(Gah. I’ve been working at this for hours. King please tell me if I need more.)

Posted 06/28/18
Posted 06/28/18

Been a while since I did something for Flux

Posted 06/28/18, edited 06/28/18

A Shadowverse card of Briar, made using this site! Art by me, but done prior to the event.

Briar’s card produces the token card Thorn Burst (an existing Shadowverse token card, which is a 2PP spell that deals 3 damage to an enemy) upon evolution. From a purely lore standpoint, this is naturally due to his position as the ruler of the Court of Thorns and reflects his greatest strength in battle: his dominion over thorns. The cost reduction effect for the Thorn Burst is a further extension of this. While the condition behind it (play 2 or more other cards) is mostly for balance and to fit in with the usual mechanics in the craft assigned to him, there’s a small lore reference here as well. Effects like these are most often triggered by playing 2 Fairies, the Forestcraft-specific 1/1/1 token follower; aside from the fact that Briar is a fae himself (even if the fae object to calling him one of their own), in a sort of stretchy sense, you could say that Briar’s strengths are further emphasised when he has others to protect. (But there are a lot of 1PP non-Fairy cards that could be played to trigger his effect, so it’s definitely somewhat stretchy.)

From a purely gameplay perspective, Briar as a card is definitely strong. Going second, he provides the option for a huge Turn 4 evolution swing if played with 2 other cards by reducing the Thorn Burst’s cost immediately to use for either further board control or as reach. 3 damage is nothing to scoff at, especially with the possibility of making the spell 0-cost due to the potential interaction with the existing card Rhinoceroach, the key card of a combo deck which aims to OTK via playing as many cards as possible then playing the eponymous Roach for huge bursts (with bounce in between at times). Briar can generally be likened to the existing Runecraft card Timeworn Mage Levi, who produces a 1PP 3-damage spell upon evolution; he’s either strictly better (if his condition is achieved) or strictly worse (if not) since the Thorn Burst is 2PP by default, but either way, is an extremely solid card.

Briar’s statline and effect are solid for his cost. He’s a vanilla 2/2 who can be played on Turn 2 in a pinch and gains full evolution stats. For his cost, and if drawn early, he’s an excellent card; however, his main weakness is that he’s a terrible topdeck once you run out of evolution points, especially if you’re behind and trying to survive or fight for the board. Also, in terms of raw power, a 2/2 is tiny in the face of the many existing beatsticks; even evolved and undamaged (which is unlikely, since he’ll probably trade into something), a 4/4 body is easy to dispose of.

Edit: Nerfed him because I walked out of the shower and realised he was hilariously broken 8D;; Fixed the write-up as well. Here is the first overpowered version if anyone is curious.

Posted 06/29/18, edited 06/29/18

The Conduit features a woman in quiet contemplation in a woodland glade. The forest is lush with a kaleidoscope of colors, particularly soothing cool tones. A lake at her side reflects the canopy of trees. The woman herself, Muse, is crowned with waves of purple hair and wears a sleeveless indigo dress complete with silver swirls to match her jewelry.

Drawn Upright:

This card symbolizes meditation, natural growth, and an innate sense of peace. Whatever may be troubling will soon pass. You have the inner sense of strength to persevere. Reflect on yourself and the world around you and continue on your journey. Understanding who you are and where you belong has brought you much tranquility. Use this as your cornerstone. A strong heart and mind are the first step. You are well on your way.

Drawn Reverse:

When drawn in reverse this may symbolize great discord in your life. A fractured mental image or loss of self. You may feel unease as you struggle to find your path once more. Look to nature, to your loved ones, to your goals. All is not lost, although it may feel that way, but you may have to weather a few storms first. Start with yourself first. If there is anxiety or self-doubt you must understand the root of it and restore your confidence. Good luck.

art by Chromi from flightrising!
(dA & tumblr)

Posted 06/30/18

Dahlia is probably OP and banned from tournament play

Posted 06/30/18
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