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[EVENT FEEDBACK] Alphabet Goop (results posted!)
Feedback survery results posted here!

Event Feedback

Our event feedback survey is now live, and will be accepting responses through April 9th. As always, we appreciate any thoughts and comments you have regarding this event! We made some tweaks this year and will make changes and tweaks again next year based on feedback responses. We’ll be sure to post our usual feedback summary once the survey has closed.

For every 10 survey responses, we will be raffling off 1 randomly selected Forces of Nature background prize!

Event Credits

I’d love to take some time to thank and recognize staff who helped out with this event!

Event lead
Crow was the event lead, putting together the theming, sign-ups, ideas, a lot of the text, sketches, coordination, and more for the event!

Coding, event maintenance
glitch got the event code up and running as well as implementing some changes we decided to make based on the last feedback survey (word additions, lowering direct buy prices, letter exchange, getting the Forces of Nature wordlists set up and a tool that helps staff check if words are in the dictionary or not)

Writing + more!
Crow - Most of the forum posts and information posts, flavor texts, forces of nature word lists, random encounter text
Cien - Random encounters text, getting the random encounters set up, shop text
Prose - Forces of Nature texts, help with the community word list
Loon - Help with the community word list
Hyasynthetic - Feedback analysis

Tar Pit image - priz
Forces of Nature images - Plaid
Equippable items - created by priz, Plaid, Puppy, Eluii, Meru, and Loon
Coats - created by Rhyme, Plaid, and Plasma
Event title header - created by Crow

Staff always amazes by their ability to continue to put on these large-scale events that take a lot of time and coordination to do. A special thanks to Crow who always takes on a huge amount of the work, including the coordination efforts. We had to put this event together pretty quickly since we didn’t want it to interfere with my due date, and the fact that we were able to do that without any delays is a testament to our wonderful staff team. :D

And thank you to the community for participating in, supporting, and continuing to be enthusiastic about these events!

Posted 03/29/22, edited 04/19/22
Thank you to everyone who helped put the event together, I always love the clicky events >:D
Posted 03/29/22
Thank you all for the fun event! ^_^
Posted 03/29/22
That was a very fun event!
Posted 03/29/22
Thanks for the event!!
Posted 03/29/22
It was a wonderful event! I always appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating them, and I’m especially grateful for the extra work that goes into the random encounters. There were so many sweet and funny ones this time that made the whole event more enjoyable!
Posted 03/29/22
I really enjoyed my first event! The random encounters were really well written, enjoyed em a lot!
Posted 03/29/22
Thank you staff for another wonderful event! Even though I couldn’t be a slave to the ding, I still enjoyed myself and got the things I wanted most! I look forward to the next one!! ~•^•~
Posted 03/29/22
Thank you for the fun event! :D I especially enjoyed the random encounters.
Posted 03/30/22
Thank you for another fun event! :D
Posted 03/30/22

I had a good time! I liked the theme, and the items!

Thanks for the event!

Posted 03/30/22
heyo i only hv 12 points but i cant get any prizes from the stone age sundries shop though can someone help me with this cause i just hv 12 points only also i wish for a vampress girl custom but does anyone know any forums i can check out if u do message me ok?
Posted 03/30/22
glaselkj The minimum cost of an event prize is 55 points so unfortunately there is nothing you will be able to get with 12 points. After the event shop closes on the 9th, your 12 points will convert to nuggets at a rate of 25 nuggets per point!
Posted 03/30/22

Hey there! Not sure if this is the right place to post this. If it isn’t, direct me to where I should go and I’ll share it there.

During the “active” phase of the event, I experienced one random site event where I reviewed a Ginko Parcel. When the event ended, I then bought a Ginko Parcel from Stone Age Sundries.

I went to my inventory to open them, I opened one (received one of the random items), but when I went back to my inventory to open the other Ginko Parcel it was gone. I figured it was a stacking issue (two items, one gets opened and it consumes both), figured I’d mention it later, and in the meantime went to grab another parcel.

I purchased another Ginko Parcel, but this one did not show up in my inventory at all at any point. I’m missing the 110 points I used to purchase the parcels, but the two parcels themselves never got sent to me. I unfortunately do not have any screenshots to prove this as I was not anticipating the error to happen. I have not bought any other parcels during this event either before or after this issue occurred.

To give context, I purchased the parcels (and also successfully opened the one parcel I had gotten during the random site event) on Friday (4/1/2022). I did not report this issue then for two reasons. 1) I didn’t want it misconstrued as some inconsiderate April Fool’s joke, and 2) I have a job that keeps me very busy and I haven’t had time to write until today.

TLDR; I purchased two Ginko Parcels (and nothing else so far), I received neither of them and I’m still missing 110 points for the purchases.

Thank you so much for reading! I still have remaining points left and would like to be able to get the event items if possible, but I’m reluctant to attempt buying any more.

//edit: Well… I was going through my inventory looking at items and I saw the two parcels. I looked everywhere for them Friday, even used the item search feature. Looks like they eventually showed up after all!

Posted 04/03/22, edited 04/03/22

Sharklore Oh, yikes! That shouldn’t be happening - it sounds like some kind of error. Thank you for bringing this up, I’ve passed it along to glitch so he can take a look at it. I think your instinct to hold off on buying more parcels is correct, and I would wait a bit until this can be looked into, just to be safe. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue!

EDIT: Oops! You were too fast for me! I’m glad you found them after all, please feel free to let us know if you encounter any other issues! :D

Posted 04/03/22, edited 04/03/22
Event Update

Autobuy and nugget conversion performed and stickers distributed!

Posted 04/12/22
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 95 responses to the feedback survey.

Charts were copy/pasted from Google Forms unless otherwise stated.

Notes: 1 = too short, 5 = too long

Notes: 1 = prefer shorter times between letter collection, 5 = preferlonger times between letter collection

Notes: 1 = prices too low, 5 = prices too high

Notes: 1 = not frequent enough, 5 = too frequent


“I enjoy that there are encounter-specific prizes”
“I do not enjoy that there are encounter-specific prizes”
“I am glad they are released in seasonal shops later”
“I wish they would not be released in seasonal shops later”
“I wish they would be released through other means after, but kept relatively rare”
(Additional responses were custom “other” responses which have been blurred for privacy)

Notes: 1 = No, not useful at all, 5 = Yes, it was very useful

Repeated Comments

Mechanics: Vowel Trading - Comments about potentially adding in consonants
There were quite a few requests to add consonant trading in addition to vowel trading with various suggestions about implementation such as only including 1-point consonants, having the traded consonants only being worth one point, or having the trades scale in points for rarer letters. Comments indicated that players were often not lacking for vowels which made the trading mechanic not as useful to them. We did consider implementing something like that this year but wanted to be cautious about affecting the calibration of the event and went for something fairly minimal in order to see the effect at a smaller scale.

Mechanics: Vowel Trading - Comments about potentially allowing traded vowels for the community wordlists
There were also a few comments about how players would have liked to be able to use traded vowels for the community goals, as often the reason the trade is desired is for a word from those wordlists.

Mechanics: Community Goals - Comments about indicating which Forces of Nature you’ve sent a word to
There were a number of requests for a visual indication as to whether or not you’ve sent words to one of the community wordlists.

Mechanics: Comments about letter distribution
There were some comments which suggested various different ways of altering the letter distribution to make it less likely to get stuck waiting for a certain letter such as being able to pick one letter daily, increasing the odds of consonants, and being able to check the dictionary to see allowable words.

Mechanics: Comments about the timer reductions
Many commenters requested the minute off be converted to an item of some sort, similar to the battleship events, since often the time reduction isn’t utilized (such as being sent words while you’re asleep).

Mechanics: Comments about sending to pets
There were a few comments about making tweaks made to the sending mechanics, such as sending to a random pet, player assigned ‘preferred pet’ for words, and including the pet name in the notifications of words received.

Instructions: Comments about Sprocket letters
A few commenters noted that they were confused about the fact that the traded letters were unable to be used for the community wordlists and would have liked that to have been better explained.

Theme suggestion comments
We received a lot of theme suggestions. The ones that we saw repeated quite a few times were: space, libraries, circus/theme park, fairy/fairytale,

Comments about the prehistoric theme
Those who commented about the theme either did so because they loved the theme or disliked the theme, making it potentially a more divisive theme than normal.

Comments about the item costs
There were a number of comments from players who felt that the individual item costs were too high. Based on feedback from last year, these prices were lower than past scrabble events, lowered from 2x the bag price to 1.5x.

Thank you to our community for your participation in the event, and for the feedback! There was a lot of useful feedback that we’ll use to make our event even better next year. You may not have seen your comment in the repeated comments section, but we do read and analyze all feedback, so thank you for taking the time to fill that out.

And of course a special thanks to Hyasynthetic who does a lot of work to comb through and organize feedback so that it’s easy for us to figure out areas to target for changes!

Prize Raffle

10 winners were chosen via random number generator, are are as follows:


I’ll get the prizes out shortly! distributed!

Posted 04/19/22, edited 04/19/22
Thank you ^_^
Posted 04/20/22
Thanks, this was a cool event!
Posted 04/20/22