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November News Discussion
November has arrived!

November’s OotS is Anemoi, along with their Windswept Wig and Cradle of Cloud! This month’s coat was created by Myla and the items were a collab between Myla and Loon. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Creative Collective

October’s monthly roundup has been posted and all stickers and prizes have been distributed! There are no new prompts for this month due to the ongoing Drawntlet activity, but we will be back in December!


Our monthly Productivi-Day will be held on Sunday, November 15th! We look forward to spending the day productive-ing with you all!

The Drawntlet

Our month-long creative challenge has officially begun! Flex those creative muscles by making a little something every day, and earn yourself some fun prizes for doing so! The Drawntlet will be running throughout the month of November. We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful submissions!

Artist Applications

Our artist application process is nearing its end! We have finished up interviews and should have some news to share relatively soon.

New Coordinator Additions

Last month we restructured the coordinator role, including transitioning the previous writer position into a coordinator and welcoming Prose aboard! We also brought two new trial coordinators on: Cien has been working diligently as a recruitment focused coordinator, while Hyasynthetic has been focused on player retention and our guides! These changes have some exciting new progress underway and we can’t wait to see what the new team brings to Mycena Cave!

Seasonal Shop

Howard has once again opened his Halloween seasonal shop to the public! Peruse his glorious collection at your leisure - but remember, it’s only open until the end of the day on November 14th! After that, he’s set to hoard away his treasures for another year.

Those big, blank eyes could only belong to a conniving businessbird.

Player Controls

Players now have the ability to implement player blocks. You can read more about how blocking works on the blocking page! This was logistically complicated code with a lot of different components to think about, so if you’re using it in the near future, please pay close attention to each component to make sure it is working as intended!

Siege of Saltrock Cove

Our Fall event, the Siege of Saltrock Cove, wrapped up early last month! We are collecting feedback on the event and its mechanics through November 2nd. Share your insights with us and you could win an extra item from the event!

Tweet tweet - do you hear that?

You can now find us on Twitter! Follow us to keep up to date with events, news, and reminders, and give us a retweet and like to spread the word! Use the hashtag #MycenaCave to post anything and everything Mycena Cave related - we’d love to see what you’re working on.

Behind the Veil

A few brief updates on behind the scenes work:

  • glitch finished and then has been refining the player blocking feature as there is a lot of complexity to it. He’s also been helping Myla with her IRL emergency and helping with the artist applicant interviews.
  • Myla has been dealing with the loss of a family member, and has been very busy with all that entails. She’s been doing her best to keep up on her Mycena Cave work, too! Between necessary artwork and processing artist applications, this has made for a very tired buffalo. (Myla note: Thank you to everyone who has reached out—your kindness means a lot. I haven’t been able to respond to some messages, but I have been reading them and deeply appreciate them. <3)
  • Queues are still moving slowly due to the usual influx of work that comes with the autumn season.
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Oh, the twitter link isn’t a link.
Posted Nov 1
OH NO a false link 8);;;... Thanks for catching us, Poly, let me get that fixed!
Posted Nov 1

After a long and intense application round, we are excited to introduce our three newest trial artists: Ersatz, plaidLabrador, and Puppy! This was a highly competitive batch of applicants and we are so thankful to all of you who took the time. Each of our trial artists produced some exceptional work during the process and we can’t wait to see what they produce during their trial — keep an eye out for their art appearing around the site soon!

Welcome to the team, all!

Posted Nov 10
CONGRATS to all the new artists!! I’m excited to see the wonderful creations you will bless Mycena with :D
Posted Nov 10
Welcome aboard to all the new artists! Can’t wait to see what you all make!!
Posted Nov 10
Congrats to the new artists, excited to see what everyone churns out! ^_^
Posted Nov 10
Congrats ya’ll! Rooting for your continued success!
Posted Nov 10
So exciting, congrats new artists!!
Posted Nov 10
Yaaaay! Congrats!
Posted Nov 11
As an update to Crow‘s statement above, at this stage for the artist trial period just PlaidLabrador and Puppy will continue moving forward.
Posted Nov 11
A reminder that today is the last day the Moonlight Collection is open until next year!
Posted Nov 14
New Market Items

These items were donated by staff and players!

Sandy Tousled Wig donated by Reggi, created by Hush

Ringed Planet donated by Oxton, created by Myla

Peaceful Terrarium Background donated by Hawkins, created by priz

Space Punk Wig donated by Reggi, created by Myla

Nocturnal Wings donated by KeeperGreymuzzles, created by Meru

These are available in the market (sort by release date)! Thanks goes to the donors for all of the beautiful new items! <3

Posted Nov 23
A tiny bit of news! Since it came up in the Discord tonight, we’d like to give an informal heads up that we are planning a cooking activity for December! More info will be coming soon! 8)
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Posted Nov 24
OMG FINALLY! another cooking activity! -vibrates-  soooo. much. excite. OuO
Posted Nov 25

We’ve updated Echolocation and Cave In to re-skin them! I know a number of you felt uncomfortable with echolocation due to a strong dislike of wasps. Now Echolocation will default to the Pirate Treasure theme, and Cave In will default to the (new and improved) Starry Night theme.

If you prefer the old themes or want to change them back for any reason, you can do so in your Community Settings.

Posted 22 hours ago
YOOO I love them :D I also love the option of reverting <3 ty artists and glitch!
Posted 22 hours ago
I love this!!! Thank you! The pirate theme is so clean and nice looking. *u*
Posted 21 hours ago
Yay! We’re freed from the wasps, thank you so much!<3
Posted 20 hours ago