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October News Discussion
It’s October!

October’s OotS is Firestarter, along with their Pleather Jacket and Punk Piercings! This month’s coat and items were created by Meru. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

The Shifting of Seasons

Autumn has officially arrived, and with it, our new Autumn Seasonal. Bruc has rotated out his stock to include the new Autumn Forager Mushroom, as well as all of our favorites from seasons past. Be sure to pick up your fall friends before winter arrives in December!

Creative Collective

September’s monthly roundup has been posted and all stickers and prizes have been distributed! This month’s prompts are now available for tackling, too!


Our monthly Productivi-Day will be held on Thursday, October 15th! We look forward to spending the day productive-ing with you all!

Artist Applications

We are currently in the midst of round 2 of our artist application process! We are extremely pleased with the submissions we received, and are excited to welcome our new artist(s) at the end of the application process!

Coordinator Applications

We also opened up applications for a new Community Coordinator last month! We will be holding interviews this week, and will hopefully have some news on that front later this month.

Coming Soon: The Drawntlet

Rather than our usual Inktober activity, we will instead be holding a similarly spirited daily creative challenge in November. We’re calling it The Drawntlet, but, as always, it will welcome various types of creative endeavors. More information on this activity will be made available towards the end of the month!

In the meantime, though, if you have any one word prompt suggestions, you can share them right in this thread!

Seasonal Shop

Starting on October 31st, the ghost of Howard past will be hosting his annual spooky pop-up shop! Bring your spare nuggets to stock up on favorites from previous Halloweens, as well as a handful of new treats to enjoy!

What a handsome devil!

Behind the Veil

A few brief updates on behind the scenes work:

  • glitch spent a lot of time creating some additional player controls and is nearly done. We’ll have more information available when that is released this month! He’s currently working hard on getting the event prepped for release.
  • Myla worked on prepping the event, artist applications, coordinator applications, and orders this month.
  • Artist applicants will be entering the final application stage this month, and the trial artists will be selected!
  • Most of the staff team’s time this month went toward event work! Between many of the artists having intense IRL stuff going on and event work, queues are moving slowly.
The Siege of Saltrock Cove

Get ready to stretch your sea legs and face some deep-sea horrors —The Siege of Saltrock Cove event is only a few days away! The seafaring sisters Clipper and Doc are awaiting your arrival to help save their seaside home from an onslaught of slimy beasts. The monster-fighting festivities begin at 12:00 ST on October 4th!

Posted Oct 1
Posted Oct 1
:O super cute! but Crow some of your images are broken!
Posted Oct 2
Posted Oct 2
Hmm… all the images appear to be displaying correctly for me, -Ryn-! Which images are breaking for you?
Posted Oct 2
This month’s is a little too close to home for me (my lungs still sound like a squeaky toy from all the smoke), but the artwork is well done.  The little Autumn seasonals are cuuuute!  I’m not a big Dras fan, and these are adorable. I’ll see if I can manage the new event, I’m sure the staff put in a ton of work behind the scenes.
Posted Oct 3

i’m in love with the autumn forager! i can’t wait to get one.

as for prompts, i have a few suggestions! i wanted to base these a little more on november celebrations and holidays and less on the typical fall feels. night, chill, ritual, mischief (for mischief night, on nov 4th), bonfire, lore or weather-lore (a superstition about the weather, like groundhog day), ancestors, lanterns.

Posted Oct 3
Staff Update

Hush’s IRL work has finally gotten to a manageable level, and so they are coming back from their hiatus, woooo!!  Welcome back, Hush! <333

Posted Oct 6
Yay, welcome back Hush!!! :D
Posted Oct 6
Dove sorry for the late reply. Everything looks fine now. I wonder if my internet was being off before
Posted Oct 6
Yaaay Hush!! We missed you :D
Posted Oct 6
;-; I’ve missed you all terribly and I’m so happy to be back to work on things and flit around the site again! I’m ready to dig back in and get back to it!
Posted Oct 7
hello welcome back hush!!!! happy to hear that things are calming down for u!!!
Posted Oct 7
New player controls

Players now have the ability to implement player blocks. You can read more about how blocking works on the blocking page! This was logistically complicated code with a lot of different components to think about, so if you’re using it in the near future, please pay close attention to each component to make sure it is working as intended!

Posted Oct 8
Thank you, staff! Happy to see this is finally a feature. c:
Posted Oct 8
Added to the Bag of Wonders

Cozy Tavern Background by Loon was added to the Bag of Wonders!

Posted Oct 8

Hoooray thank you! I appreciate this feature a lot.

I would like to suggest the following, if I could.

1. Have an option to block a player from their profile, rather than having to navigate to the community settings, then the blockpage, then typing their name in.
(alt/additional: Be able to block players by ID number in case of non-English/special characters or other weirdness)

3. Have blocked players not be able to see your “last online” information or online status.

Posted Oct 9
Welcome to our newest trial staff members!

We received a number of excellent applications for our Coordinator role, resulting in a highly competitive decision making process. By our interview stage, however, two candidates stood out with some truly superb characteristics! Each candidate excelled in a different area of our initial search and after going back and forth several times, we determined that our goals and the work available justified creating two new positions: one focused on social media and recruiting new players to Mycena Cave and one focused on developing our existing resources and player experience to keep our players interested and excited in the Cave!

To that end, I am thrilled to welcome our newest staff trial coordinators:
Cien will be filling our recruiting focused role and Hyasynthetic will be filling the retention focused role! Cien and Hyasynthetic will be working closely together to help continue growing and developing Mycena Cave and we are so excited to see what they bring to the team and site as a whole. <3 Welcome aboard, both!!!

Posted Oct 10
WELCOME ABOARD! Super excited to have you both on the team!
Posted Oct 10
We’re happy to have you! :)
Posted Oct 10

gosh so much wonderful news this month already!!!!!!

congrats hya and cien!!!!!!!  can’t wait to see what y’all can do!!!!!!!!!

and welcome back hush!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we’ve missed you!!!!!!! will hush be taken off red for the queues? :0 or will the focus be site assets for a while? 

also thank you guys for the event and the block feature and everything I’m so grateful for y’all like not to sound like a suck up but…......... ily

Posted Oct 10

Nice! I think that sounds like a really good plan.
Congratulations to both of you, glad to see you were hired for the positions c:

Posted Oct 10, edited Oct 10

Belated welcome back, Hush!

And aaah thank you so much, all!! I’m so excited to be selected with Hyasynthetic, and can’t wait to work with everyone! <3

Posted Oct 10
Congratulations Hya and Corn! And welcome back, Hush! Great news for Mycena!!! ^u^
Posted Oct 10
Congrats Synth and Cien!!! :D
Posted Oct 10
Posted Oct 10
Thanks so much everyone! :D Looking forward to working with Cien and the rest of the team and doing good things!
Posted Oct 11
Congrats to the new staff!  What a sensible solution =)  and so very glad to hear Life is calmer for dear Hush to return <3
Posted Oct 11
Welcome back Hush! And congratulations to Synth and Cien! :D
Posted Oct 12
Welcome, Synth and Cien! 8) I’m so glad it was decided to give both of you a place, because you’re both very deserving.
Posted Oct 12