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July News Discussion
July floats in!

This month, our OotS coat is the Burned Sugar ineki, along with their Soft Shawl and Sandy Bird’s Nest Wig! July’s coat was created by King, and the items were a collaboration between King and Myla. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Creative Collective

June’s monthly roundup has been posted, and stickers, gems, and Bags of Wonder will be distributed shortly! Thank you all for your submissions; we are continuously in awe of the work you produce as part of this activity. Keep it up!

This month, we are featuring a player submitted prompt by Purr, which asks you to share a little bit about your character’s most important relationship. For our canvas circle prompt, you’ll be introducing your characters to a piece of reality… by drawing them into a photograph! And for you intrepid adventurers, we are asking you to experiment with a new mechanic.

July prompts & June feedback are now open; we look forward to seeing what you create!

Edit Sponsorship

Have a custom / sprout edit that you aren’t certain you want to keep? Stuck with an edit that, while beautiful, doesn’t quite jive with your Mycenian’s character? We are currently in the process of creating the means for players to recycle unwanted edits as new items for sale in our shops! While we work on formalizing this process, you can reach out to Myla if you have any edits you are considering submitting to be sponsored.

Visit Lands Within to pick up a copy of one of our first two sponsored backgrounds!

A Birthday was Celebrated!

Mycena Cave reached its sixth birthday this year, and celebrated with a host of new items, two new coats, a forum activity, and a raffle! We also introduced a new sticker as a reward for creating a new Mycenian Tradition, and one-two player submissions will be formally incorporated into the Cave’s lore! Look forward to seeing these submissions utilized in another site activity in the future.

Balloons… balloons EVERYWHERE!

Annual Item Survey

Our annual item survey is running through July 5th! You can still submit your item suggestions and vote on those submitted by other players here. Although there is no guarantee that the items suggested in this survey will be created, it is a great reference for us to see what types of items the community wishes to see!

New Coats & Items!

June saw a number of new items added to the site! Most vividly, we have our selection of pride flag avatar backgrounds, which will remain available for purchase in Lands Within. While there, you’ll also spot two new recycled backgrounds: The Cost Background, sponsored by Lord, and Far Far Away Background, sponsored by Oxton.

Over at Fungimental Magic, you’ll find a couple of new mushrooms for purchase. The Paper Rose and Trailblazer Mushrooms will change your Mycenian’s coats to resemble two of our NPCs, Griselda and Tamshir, based on your votes!

Coats for a Cause

Starting this month, we’re raising money for a charity called RAICES. They work to provide free and low-cost legal help to immigrant children, families, and refugees in the United States, who are often thrust into untenable conditions without a clear way forward. We understand that the overall immigration issue is a contentious one in the United States, but regardless of where your opinions on the issue lie, one thing that we believe everyone can agree on is that the conditions foisted on the children that get caught up in the system are untenable and need bettering.

To that end, this month we will be releasing a charity coat: Summer Sweet, created by Hush! It will be sold for USD only for a 3-month period. At the end of this time, all proceeds from the sale of this coat will be donated to RAICES, and a mushroom for the coat will be placed in Fungimental Magic where it will be available for purchase with nuggets.

If this interests you, please fill out this form to help us determine the price for this coat, and to help guide us in determining how we do charity drives in the future.

Toggles: Hair, leaf clip, strawberry, ribbon.

For those of you filing US taxes this year, please note that this does not qualify as a tax-deductible charity donation: among other restrictions, tax-deductible charity donations require that you not receive anything in return for your donation, and since you will be receiving a Summer Sweet Mycenian, this will not qualify. If you would like to make a tax-deductible charity donation to RAICES, please donate to them directly here.

Posted 07/01/19
aaaa I love the way you drew the scarf ;u;
Posted 07/01/19
coats for a cause is very cool! what a lovely idea
Posted 07/01/19

Oh Summer Sweet is beautiful ;w; And I’m super excited to see MC doing coat sales for such a good cause, that’s AWESOME :D I’m really hyped for the charity thing in general and can’t wait to see what else comes from this initiative as well as what causes MC will be raising money for in the future!

Also totally stoked to see a prompt of mine as a Creative Collective thing that’s cool :D

The monthly and the items are absolutely gorgeous and I for one will be aiming to get my hands on as many of the wigs as I possibly can.

ALSO I’m INCREDIBLY hyped for edit sponsoring???

Overall, great month for Mycena Cave news!!! :D

Posted 07/01/19
Ooh that’s so cool! :O Both coats are so wonderful and I love the fact you did a donation coat.
Posted 07/01/19

hi I’m STOKED for Coats for a Cause that’s such a good freakin’ idea?? And the Summer Sweet is gorgeous!

Also I have a question, since my friend brought it up: would it be against site rules to purchase a Summer Sweet on behalf of another player and receive nuggets from said player in return?

Posted 07/01/19

I absolutely love the Coats for a Cause idea! I’m not in a financial space to be donating much money to anything right now, but perhaps I can in the future and this is such a good way of directing attention to a great charity. It’s also really neat that you’ll be releasing them after for nuggets so no one will feel disadvantaged by not being able to dole out cash. Lovely execution of a fantastic idea!!

Would MC have any issues with users buying the Coat for a Cause and trading it with another user for nuggets or other site currency? That would be a cool way of being able to donate through someone else rather than just buying it with nuggets three months later, haha. (While I have little disposable income, I have lots of disposable nuggets.)

Posted 07/01/19
Summer Sweet will be a tradeable pet like any other, so players who purchase the pet with USD are free to sell and trade the pet for nuggets!
Posted 07/01/19

I love the charity coat, and the idea behind it! I put many a thought in the googleydoc, so I won’t bore you twice with them here.

I’m a little less sure how I feel about the edit donation, but I’ll wait and see.

Also —
Is there any chance we could get a pop-up that shows the full-size background when we click on it?
I know they’re available on the misc items page, but they’re not named there, and the puddle is a little bit of a hassle sometimes (esp on mobile).

Posted 07/01/19

What a beautiful idea… I am curious if it would be possible to also *suggest* charities too? :) I have lots of nice ones in mind…

Thanks for the beautiful pets as always<3

Posted 07/01/19
Posted 07/02/19
coats for a cause is such a cute idea omg! and that coat ;w; sdfjhsldakf i love itttttt~
Posted 07/03/19
I’d like to officially request getting shop recolors of the bird’s nest wigs? :D I adore them SO MUCH and I need it in black omg.
Posted 07/07/19
I would like to second Purr’s statement. But also a drifty bird’s nest would be amazing as well.
Posted 07/08/19

-points up- Please. I’d murder a man for more colors of the wig. It’s my new favorite instantly. Drifty could be fun but I’d rather have normal colors since it’s kind of the most natural style wig we’ve got I think? Or, at least in the top three, and it looks so super duper cute on literally everyone.

There’s honestly so much cute stuff this month I’m melting. Good job artists, ten gold stars for all of you.

Posted 07/08/19, edited 07/08/19
Regarding the wig, is there any chance we can have a toggle on the ponytail as well?
Posted 07/08/19
New Items!

We have a bunch of new items that were donated by players and staff. It’s glorious to be able to update the shops like this without the work of creating items from scratch, so thank you to everyone who reached out. <3

New in Sullie’s Closet

Squirrel Hair Paintbrush sponsored by Purr, created by Plasma | Huge Hand Fan sponsored by Meru, created by Myla | Flickering Flashlight sponsored by King, created by Hush | Nightblooms sponsored by Crow, created by Meru

New in Land’s WIthin

Colorsplash sponsored by Purr, created by Plasma | Coral Reef Background sponsored by Rhyme, created by Myla | Slumbering Sands Background sponsored by Crow, created by Hush and Plasma | Lollipalooza sponsored by King, created by Hush | Cosmos sponsored by Mycenian Laika and created by Plasma | Moonlit Midnight sponsored by Crow, created by priz

New in Fungimental Magic

Shimmering Star Crown sponsored by Purr, created by priz | Drifty Rune Moon sponsored by Kippie, created by Plasma

New in Leeetle Companions

Spirit Guardians sponsored by Vysal, created by Hush | Chained Beholder sponsored by Crow, created by Meru

Posted 07/09/19
We’re glad you like the Bird’s Nest Wig! <33 I’m sure we’ll be recoloring it at some point; it’s too cute not to have it in more colors. I can make the ponytail toggleable, Oxton. 8)
Posted 07/09/19
Aah yay thank you Myla! <3
Posted 07/09/19
Oxton No problem! I just pushed the update; you may need to unequip/reequip to see the toggle. :D
Posted 07/09/19
Ooooohh the new items are gorgeous! Thanks to everyone involved in getting them in the shops!
Posted 07/09/19
The new items are fantastic! I’m gonna be very broke and it will be worth it. Thanks so much to the sponsors and artists!
Posted 07/09/19
I’m super excited to see all this new stuff on site, thank you to everyone who sponsored something!!!!! NGL there are a few things donated that I’ve loved for a while and am super excited to have the opportunity to play with them myself. :D
Posted 07/09/19

Results are in; take a peek! Thank you to all who took the time to submit ideas and vote—this survey comes in handy when we are thinking up item ideas!

Posted 07/10/19
Hmmm, I can’t seem to preview the Cosmos background in the Magic Puddle. The rest of the items work fine but that one doesn’t seem to exist.
Posted 07/10/19

Cosmos is an avatar background, which doesn’t show up in the puddle.

It looks like this when equipped :D

Posted 07/10/19, edited 07/10/19

Oh! Neat! Thanks Jacq! :D

I’m blind. Got mixed up with it just being alongside a bunch of normal backgrounds, heh.

Posted 07/10/19
I’m so amazed at all the lovely things getting donated!!! The generosity of everyone is so wonderful~
Posted 07/10/19

Hello everyone!

We’ve reworked the Item Survey results a little bit. They’re now scored differently, in order to account for popular suggestions that were submitted late and didn’t get a lot of eyeballs. It will now also show you how many of what votes each suggestion got. See the new results here!

You can find a screenshot of the old list (which sorted by positive votes minus negative votes) here

Posted 07/12/19

Friembs. I have a formal request. Poor Jessamyn’s shop front has been neglected for far too long. ;o; She deserves a good blurb! I mean… when someone has time ofc, but I figured I’d pop in and remind everyone of this INJUSTICE.

again whenever someone has time, this is more of a joke post than anything i swear.

Posted 07/12/19