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i’m currently exhausted from a lot of IRL changes… i hope to be back to being online every day in the near future but until then sorry if it takes me time to get back to you!

hi, call me ber! i’m 26, prefer feminine pronouns (but will answer to anything really), live in the northeastern u.s., and am totally, completely obsessed with star wars and sci-fi. i’m one hour ahead of cave time!

i love to roleplay, go to concerts, and collect lots and lots of cute things <3 i’m trying to be more active on here so feel free to shoot me an echo about writing, or anything really! :3 i work in a school so some days I have less energy to really be involved, but i DO try to log in daily to check up on things. i am still a digis player at heart, so all my pets also have corresponding profiles there, if you’re interested~


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