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November News Discussion
November is here!

November’s OotS is Ink Wash, along with their Tattered Wraps and Silent Scarf! This month’s coat and items were created by Meru. You may purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

The Creative Collective

October’s Creative Collective has drawn to a close! Thank you to everyone who posted a submission, engaged in a roleplay, or offered some feedback this past month. The raffle has been drawn and a new prompt has been posted!

Additionally, the Canvas Circle is back from its brief October hiatus! We hope that everyone who participated enjoyed the Inktober challenge!

My Corner of the Cave Wrap-up

The My Corner of the Cave forum activity has concluded! The raffle has been drawn, and the new background and avatar backgrounds inspired by the winners will make their debut in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

Moonlight Collection

As if drawn forth by the Halloween spirit itself, Howard has once again opened his Moonlight Collection for business. He’s got a few new treats to trade you for your hard-earned nuggets, but his supplies are limited! He plans to close up shop and wing away at the end of the day on November 7th, so be sure to stop by before then!

Letting these deals pass you by would be horror-ble!

Sorcery Spelltacular is Ongoing!

The Sorcery Spelltacular event is ongoing through November 11th! Bruc and Jessamyn have invited you along on their yearly work retreat to help them harness the natural magic of their hideaway by creating power words to etch into the cavern walls. And while you’re busy fishing for runestones, they’ve each invited you to help with their respective magic experiments!

You can find more details about the event and its concurrent forum activities in this thread!

We’d One of us would love your help! The other one would certainly tolerate it!

Posted 11/01/18
I just can’t put into words how much I love the November set. Some seriously gorgeous and spooky coloring skills there! The rough brush strokes of the branches on the coat are really something else and provide such a beautiful contrast. I wish I could buy bunches of both items<3
Posted 11/01/18
OhhHHHH this OotS is so. Cool. *U*
Posted 11/02/18
New Feature!

Mycena Cave now has a Notifications vault — you can find it in the menu at the very top-right, just below “Community settings” and “Account settings”. This feature allows you to protect notifications that you cherish and want to keep safe.

Pinging Jacq because we talked about this in another thread.

Posted 11/04/18, edited 11/04/18

Hoooray! Thank you so much!
Being able to stash my special notifications during events, then restoring them afterwords, is completely perfect!

Posted 11/04/18
I wholeheartedly approve of the Notifications Vault. Thanks glitch!
Posted 11/04/18
glitch Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this! It’s always so worrisome in events like this with special notifications, this is perfect! (Also thank you Jacq for actually asking, I admit I was afraid to bring it up myself!)
Posted 11/04/18
New shop items!

Lands Within has new stock! Four new avatar backgrounds:
Sparking Stars, Craggy Mountains, Ringed Wanderer, and City on the Water!

and one regular background:
Mists of Fate

Sparking Stars was designed by KaceyCat, Craggy Mountains by firewyrm2018, and Mists of Fate by Kiwi as a part of winning the raffles of the My Corner of the Cave event! Thanks, you three!!

We hope you enjoy the new stock! :D

Posted 11/07/18
YES more city stuff!!! I adore the city on the water bg!! :D
Posted 11/07/18
Oh my goodness I’m so excited, I’ve already made Starla up to match the avvie background~!
Posted 11/07/18
yessssss! I love the mountains so much! Thank you myla!
Posted 11/07/18
Ohh wow these are gorgeous!! *u*
Posted 11/07/18
I love the city one <3
Posted 11/07/18
Omg I love all of these avatar BGs they’re so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the full one is spoopy and fabulous and they’re just. All great. I love them. :D
Posted 11/08/18
Those are lovely, and thank you so much for the Notification vault! 
Posted 11/08/18
glitch Sadly, that came a little too late and I lost my notification of receiving 750k nuggets from ‘A mysterious stranger’. Nice to know it’s possible to save them now though!
Posted 11/08/18

is there any way to preview avatar bgs? i really like the city and space themed one (along with some older ones in the shop) but i would love to preview them before i buy them ^^

edit: OMGGG a hUge thank you to the mysterious admirer who gifted the bgs!
they’re so beautiful ahhhh, you’re such an amazing person <3333

Posted 11/09/18, edited 11/09/18
Any ETA on when Secret Santa signups will be this year? OvO
Posted 11/17/18
Purr A few moments ago ;)
Posted 11/17/18, edited 11/17/18
New Bag of Wonders Item

Health Potion

The Health Potion equippable has a potion bottle and an aura that are individually toggleable. Bags of Wonders can be won by participating in the Creative Collective!

Posted 11/27/18
Ooo, pretty 0v0
Posted 11/27/18