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[FORUM ACTIVITY] My Corner of the Cave (raffle drawn, prizes handed out!)
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My Corner of the Cave is an activity focusing on the spaces you and your characters inhabit. Over the course of the next two weeks, we invite you to give us a peek into the physical places that are special to you and/or your characters — and, in doing so, earn yourself a nice prize and the chance to inspire the creation of a site item!

Much like those we’ve run in the past, this activity has two categories - one based on your characters and one based on you, the player. For each category, your task is to show us a personal room, house, or other space that is important to you or your character. This can be a home, a safe or special place, or a “dream” space. You may complete this activity through art or writing, with specific guidelines provided below.

Activity Length

This activity runs from September 23rd to 23:59 Server Time October 7th! No new entries will be accepted after the end date, but the submission form will be open 23:59 Server Time October 14th.

Entry Guidelines
  • Your entry must portray a personal space associated with yourself or your character. The space can be a personal room, house, or other space that is important to you or your character. This can be a home, a safe or special place, or a “dream” space.
  • Art-based entries:
    • The entry may be created in any medium, from drawing to creating a depiction of the space in another game such as Minecraft.
    • Your piece must show a reasonable amount of effort equivalent to at least the level of a clean sketch.
    • Your entry must include a link to the character’s profile (relevant for character entries only)..
    • Your entry must include the name of the program used to create the image.
  • Writing-based entries:
    • Entries should use descriptive language to describe the space and its content.
    • Your entry must include a link to the character’s profile (relevant for character entries only).
    • The entry excluding the title and profile link should be at least 150 words long.
  • You may create as many entries as you’d like, but you only receive credit for one entry (art or writing) in the character submission and one entry (art or writing) in the player submission.
Entry Examples

Note that these examples are mostly character examples rather than player examples, but player entries can look something along these lines as well!

Rajani’s Home Above the Desert (Character Entry)

Profile: Here

With the entirety of the ground level devoted to the lamp shop, living space is limited to the second floor. Even so, a large portion of that space is allotted to Rajani, with both the main living area and what was once one of the modest bedchambers converted into a large single room divided by a waist-level half wall. His father, meanwhile, claims the other small bedroom at the opposite end of the hallway.

Rajani’s room is colorful and inviting, with bright, intricate fabrics draped across the walls and many colorful lanterns suspended from the corners of the ceiling. Their soft glow illuminates the assortment of stained glass that rests against the high narrow windows — and when the sun shines, it casts rainbows onto the floor. Several fluffy pillows lay scattered on the floor, encircling a low table with several half-burned candles and an intricately carved incense burner gathered at its center.

Against the half-wall divider, a number of wooden crates sit stacked upon each other to create shelves, which hold a number of interesting items. These include books, small painted figures, interesting stones, small bowls full of beads and baubles, and a number of mementos from places Rajani has never been, personally, but which have been gifted to him by a number of customers and business associates.

Above the divider hangs a colorful curtain made of stringed together beads — an attempt at privacy, since neither the sitting area nor the entrance to the sleeping area have doors in place to separate them from the rest of the house. This is not uncommon in the region Rajani calls home.

Stepping into the bedroom proper means stepping onto the plush, intricately woven rug that is laid out to soften the tile floor. It is largely shades of purple, decorated along its border with geometric golden patterns. Here, too, the walls are decorated with colorful fabrics, and lanterns of many shapes and sizes hang from the ceiling. Pressed up against this side of the dividing wall, and taking up much of the floorspace with its size, is a large bed resting upon a low wooden frame. It’s covered in more pillows and blankets than most anyone could ever want, especially in this desert region.

At the foot of the bed rests a heavy wooden trunk, its top carved with intricate designs depicting the moon in its various stages. Within this trunk is where Rajani keeps the majority of his clothing, with his sandals lined up on the floor along the front of it.

Finally, there are the windows. Unlike the smaller ones in the other room, made simply to let in a bit of light rather than for providing a view outside, these ones are large, spanning from above Rajani’s head to about knee-level. There are three of them in the row, with a pair of thin golden curtains pulled aside to let the moonlight in. A single cushion rests upon the floor next to these windows — one of Rajani’s favorite places to sit and watch the desert city as it sleeps.

Kibi’s Corner (Character Entry)

Profile: Here
Created with SAI

Van’s House of Wonders (Character Entry)

Profile: Here
Created with Terraria

Holly’s Home (Character Entry)

Profile: Here
Created with Minecraft

priz’s Nook (Player Entry)

Created with MagicaVoxel


The participation prize for this activity is the Rainy Day Background. Each player may earn up to two participation prizes - one for entering a piece into the character category and one for entering a piece into the player category.


In addition to the Rainy Day Background, we will be raffling off three special prizes! In the order they are drawn, these prizes will be the creation of new player-inspired items.

  • First: A background item inspired by a brief description provided by the winning player
  • Second: An avatar background item inspired by a brief description provided by the winning player
  • Third: An avatar background item inspired by a brief description provided by the winning player

Each winner will be provided a copy of the item they helped inspire. The new background and avatar backgrounds will then be placed in Lands Within for all players to enjoy! Each player may earn up to two raffle tickets; one for entering a piece into the character category and one for entering a piece into the player category.

Help inspire me in creating new lands!

Submission Form

In order to be eligible to receive participation prizes and be entered into the raffle , you will need to fill out a submission form with your entries. Please do not fill out this form until you are completely finished participating in this activity. The submission form will be open until 23:59 Server Time October 14th.

Activity Links

Any questions or discussion relating to this activity may go in this thread!
Posted 09/23/18, edited 10/22/18


Yay a vista event! Been wanting to flesh out a few settings, and now I’ve too many ideas and don’t know which ones to work on ahh~

Time to excitedly build things.


In regards to the art-based entries, would a Youtube video touring the space count? For instances such as Minecraft or Terraria where it could be difficult to get a sense of the whole area in one screenshot.

Posted 09/23/18
polygone A video tour in the place of screenshots would definitely work! :D
Posted 09/23/18
omgomgomg I love this event and its prizes so much!!! :D Super pumped that players will have an opportunity to influence Mycena’s items 8D I will definitely make use of Minecraft as an option HAHA catch me in three weeks emerging from minecraft without a clue as to whats going on in the world
Posted 09/23/18
What if the important space isn’t owned by the player, but spaces owned by the player aren’t places of comfort, safety, etc. and so aren’t a favorite or important space at all? O-o Cause I, personally, do not find much comfort in my own home and do everything in my power to not be there, so the space I had in mind isn’t in my house ^^; Would my entry still be allowed?
Posted 09/24/18


It says it can be any safe space (even a dream place) so that should be fine I imagine o:

Posted 09/24/18, edited 09/24/18

Rowyn Oxton is correct, the space doesn’t need to be owned by you!

I’ve clarified the wording on that guideline point to the following: “Your entry must portray a personal space associated with yourself or your character. The space can be a personal room, house, or other space that is important to you or your character. This can be a home, a safe or special place, or a “dream” space.”

Posted 09/24/18

Would a photo collage count for an art entry? I’d really like to enter an art submission for once but drawing isn’t my strong suit. However I enjoy taking (admittedly not that great) photos and I like making (again, not particularly great) collages.

If a collage wouldn’t count, would making the space in the Sims work since we’re allowed to use Minecraft? I don’t play/have Minecraft but I do own the Sims 3 and it has a pretty expansive build-mode including an option to customize the colors/patterns of furniture.

Posted 09/24/18
Oxton Myla Awesome! Thank you! :3
Posted 09/24/18

Nephele We could make that work! The collage would need to be something more artsy than placing the pictures on a canvas and doing simple rotations/arrangements—I’ll put some examples in a spoiler so you can get an idea of what I mean, but basically unique cropping or more complex arrangements is on the level of what we’d be looking for!

Posted 09/24/18
Just wanted to ask since I saw we’re allowed to use games, could we use The Sims to create the personal spaces?
Posted 09/24/18
Avis I haven’t played the Sims in.. yearsandyears but from what I remember, rooms are pretty customizable, especially nowadays? So yeah, that’s fine! :D (also pinging Nephele again because I missed that you asked this exact thing!)
Posted 09/24/18, edited 09/24/18
Myla, that’s good to know. Thank you for the quick response.
Posted 09/24/18
Thanks for the info Myla!
Posted 09/24/18


So for entering this,do we echo it to you guys thru the forms?Or do the forms automatically submit them?

Posted 09/24/18
Dragongem23 To enter this activity, you will first post your submissions to its respective submission thread. Once you’re finished with your entries, you will use the submission form (which is a Google form) to link me to your entries.  I get the info from the submission form automatically, so there is no need to echo me in addition! :D
Posted 09/24/18
Kay thank you Myla!
Posted 09/24/18
y’all im gonna fire up animal crossing happy home designer this weekend be prepared
Posted 09/28/18


the description provided by the winners of the raffle, can that be ANY description or do the images created have to tie in to the winner’s submissions?

Posted 10/01/18
Miranda The description does not need to tie in with your submissions—it can be anything. :D
Posted 10/01/18
Myla oh sweet!! thank you~
Posted 10/01/18
My Corner of the Cave ends tonight!

Get those entries in!! :D

Posted 10/07/18

!! D:

I thought it ended on the 9th, today. ;~:
(Don’t know why I wrote that time down. >_>)

WAH I really wanted to do the thing too. :c

Any chance I could get the thing set up today for the participation rewards? ><

Posted 10/09/18, edited 10/09/18
polygone Oh no, that’s really sad—I’m sorry about that! Unfortunately, we don’t take late submissions so as to keep everything fair.
Posted 10/09/18
Heck. I really wanted that background too. :c
Posted 10/09/18
I’m in the same boat polygone. I thought yesterday was the 7th, and whoops, the 7th already passed. We can admire the bg from afar together ;.;
Posted 10/09/18
Just a quick update: glitch and I will have time to do the raffle and participation prize distribution this weekend! :)
Posted 10/18/18
Myla  Thank you for posting, I was wondering where my cute backgrounds were =)  this was a fun thing to do!
Posted 10/18/18

The participation prizes have been distributed!

The raffle will be drawn live at 17:30 ST tomorrow (October 22) :) You can watch it here

Posted 10/21/18, edited 10/21/18

I didn’t get any participation prize. Did my entries not qualify, or did someone miss me?

Edit: Oops, I didn’t realize there was a form to fill out :‘D

Posted 10/21/18, edited 10/22/18