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[EVENT] The Drawntlet (July 1st - July 31st)


The Drawntlet is a month-long activity that encourages artists and writers to challenge themselves as well as develop positive creativity habits. The goal is to create a unique piece each day, based on one of the provided prompts. This activity welcomes both art and writing, and will run in lieu of our usual Creative Circles this month.

We are excited to announce our annual Drawntlet activity, beginning July 1st and running throughout the month! :D We’ve once again made several adjustments based on last year’s feedback, and will continue to hone things as necessary going forward. There will be a feedback form available at the end of the activity, and we encourage all participants to share their thoughts with us there! 

You can find the full rules and guidelines on the Town Square page!

Below you can read through the more notable adjustments we’ve made, as well as take a peek at the new coats and item prize created for this year’s activity.

Changes & Adjustments
  • Themed alternate prompt banks
    It was suggested in our last feedback survey, and it seemed like a good idea! The alternate prompt banks each have a theme that they follow - but you still may choose to swap out as few or as many of the week’s prompt words as you like.

  • Some adjustments to the point schematic
    • While each day completed will continue to earn you 1 point, an entire week is now worth 10 points. Consider the 2-3 extra points (depending on how the week falls) to be a little bonus for completing an entire week’s worth of submissions!
    • Completing a weekly challenge will earn you +5 points on top of that - an increase from last year.
    • This brings the maximum number of points you can earn this year to an even 60!
  • Some adjustments have been made to the prize shop
    We got rid of the oddball 12 point tier and shuffled around a couple of other prizes, but for the most part, we are keeping the same model as last year. The basic shop layout is as follows:

    • 30 points: discovered gcs coat of choice
    • 25 points: GCS mushroom | gold medallion
    • 20 points: choice of past oots set (mushroom + items) | choice of seasonal coat
    • 15 points: choice of past oots item set | choice of past oots coat | choice of BoW item | driftshroom
    • 10 points: july OR august oots set (mushroom + items) | choice of cave capsule | changingshroom | choice of past event coat | choice of past oots item
    • 5 points: forever coat | lucky envelope | july OR august oots item set | choice of past event item | bag of wonders
    • 1 point: golden ticket


  • The return of Sunday deadlines
    Because of how the month worked out this year, weekly deadlines will be Sundays by 23:59 ST. Weeks end on Saturday and the next week begins on Sunday, allowing us to retain our usual overlap. Additionally, we will be opening each weekly thread sometime on the day before that week starts - this is to allow some flexibility on our end, to hopefully avoid having threads open later than intended.

  • No more date restricted posting - as long as you’re posting during the current week!
    This year, if the thread for the week is open, you may post any and all prompts belonging to that week as you please. All of the current week’s entries must still be linked on the submission page by 23:59 ST on Sundays in order to receive credit.

  • And a discord channel for discussion!
    This was requested at some point, and we will gladly add a channel so folks can discuss what they’re working on and the like!

New Secret Coats & Completion Prize
  • Players who complete all 31 days of the Drawntlet will receive a Golden Picture Frame
  • The ‘choice of GCS coat’ prize tier includes two newly added coats: Doodle Dog (by Plasma) and Middle of the Night (by Acydosis). These coats are also available from using a Glowing Changingshroom.

Remember to submit permalinks to your entries on the submission page!


Posted 06/28/23, edited 06/30/23
The Town Square has been updated with the full rules and guidelines!

Please be sure to read through them before beginning the event!

Posted 06/30/23

So, I think this is where we ask questions about the event? If it’s not, uh, sorry for what follows…

So, with Week Three’s challenge of “Tribute”: Does it have to be a different character for each day, or can it reuse the same smaller group of characters across the week?

And with Week Four’s challenge of “Redux”: Do we have to post the piece we’re redoing, or is it just a ‘take it at the poster’s word’ that it’s being redone?

ETA: Also, another subset of the Tribute question - Does it have to be OCs, or can we use other fandoms and their characters (with proper credit, naturally), such as pulling from a video game series I’m a fan of?

Posted 06/30/23, edited 06/30/23

Yes, this is where you’d ask! :D

Tribute - Does not have to be a different character every day, and can include non-OC fanart, as well!

Redux - You do not have to post the piece you’re redoing, though it would be really cool to show off your progress! If we find that people are trying to be sneaky and reposting art that hasn’t been reworked at all, we will have to make some changes, of course - but otherwise, we are taking the players’ word for it.

Posted 06/30/23
Thank you, Crow! Also, if I remember previous Drawntlets correctly, writing is usable for this, too, correct? That was the main reason behind asking about the Redux one, since I’d be redrafting a chunk of writing, and having both old and new would be quite… expansive xD Assuming writing is still usable, then I’m definitely gonna be joining in on the madness!
Posted 06/30/23

Yes, writing is very much allowed! :D

Posted 06/30/23

POV - all of your pieces for this week should focus on the same scene or event, but viewed from different perspectives

Can we extend the meaning of “same event” in this weekly challenge to different moments across the same day, or events that happen on one day in succession? I have the mind to focus on a couple different characters over different moments that happen on a single eventful day, but don’t have a bunch of characters to spread out the points of view and keep it from just rehashing the same things.

Posted 06/30/23
I think I might try this! Just about finished with another event on another site, but because of it, I hadn’t drawn all that much. It’s a relief that it’s not mandatory that the pieces have to do with onsite characters or MC lore because I really haven’t delved into my world here. This’ll be a great opportunity to do that :D
Posted 07/01/23

Do I need to do/post the prompts in the order they appear? I had started working on my drawing for catch first, but the contents of the piece has spawned a story that would make way more sense if I can reorder some of them.

Posted 07/02/23

Hi, I have a question about the prize shop.
Do “activity” items also count as “event” items?

Example item I’d maybe be interested in: Glow Worm Lantern (which I guess was from an forum activity called the walk of three)

Or is this prize option more strictly limited to bigger event items?

Posted 07/02/23

You may post them in any order you wish, as long as the dates align correctly on the submission page, and whatever you’re posting is for the current week!

Activity prizes would also count as event items, yes!

I think that would be fine for that challenge.

Posted 07/02/23

Thank you Crow!

I think I’m going to enjoy the weekly themes this time, being able to choose one vs the other. Gives more flexibility. The extensive prompt banks, too, look very helpful.

Posted 07/02/23
The spotlight for week 1 is live! Find the collection on Twitter and Facebook!

Week 1 features work by Nyfeaena, Dracogryph, spectralFeather, Chicken, Sherushi, Miranda, Emeralda, and Ibis! You should all receive a Bag of Wonders shortly, and this post will be updated when they’re sent out! Prizes have been sent out!

Amazing start to this year’s Drawntlet, everyone! Keep the creativity coming!

Posted 07/15/23, edited 07/15/23
I have to say, thank you for the spotlight, I didn’t expect that this week. You’re all awesome for all this effort!
Posted 07/15/23
Oh aw my least favorite piece from that week how fitting LOL thank you!!!!! I’m glad my somewhat gimmicky piece appealed :catblush:
Posted 07/15/23
Can Week 3 challenge “Variance” include video game characters, or OCs from games and shows?
Posted 07/16/23
Airadea -Hun you forgot to put the date in one of your submissions. Just in case you’re not checking PMs ^^;
Posted 07/16/23
The spotlight for week 2 is live! Find the collection on Twitter and Facebook!

Week 2 features work by RuinsCapes46, Tsar Nicky, Nephele, Huli, Oxton, theoryofaghost, and Caesium! You should all receive a Bag of Wonders shortly, and this post will be updated when they’re sent out! Prizes sent!

Great week 2, everyone! Keep it coming!

Posted 07/19/23, edited 07/19/23
Thanks for the spotlight! I’m glad you guys liked it. Of course, now is when I notice the typo. XD Oh well.
Posted 07/19/23
Haha I’m so flustered by that one too! The amount of detail Nonny had originally was a lot to work with, and one hour turned into many but I’m honoured it might have given someone a laugh. Thank you so much for the feature!
Posted 07/20/23
Thanks for the spotlight! :D
Posted 07/20/23

I’m having a bug! I submitted this guy for the 17th:


But it’s saying that I didn’t submit anything for week 3 yet— it’s totally empty. So when I try to resubmit the above link, it says it was already submitted — while also showing zero submissions for week 3. Any help? ^^;

Edit; it’s happening for all the submissions I’m making this week! Even the one I just uploaded!

Posted 07/21/23, edited 07/21/23
Meesh Hm, yeah, we don’t have anything from you for week 3 on our end so it really isn’t going through. I don’t see any obvious problems so I’ll need to have glitch take a look. He’s out of state at the moment but he’ll be back tomorrow! I’m sorry for the issues; hopefully we’ll get it resolved soon, though we’ll be sure to give you credit for them regardless of when they get submitted!
Posted 07/21/23
Myla thank you so much! I’ll keep on posting them in the thread for now. I appreciate you or glitch taking a look.
Posted 07/21/23

Hi Meesh,

I suspect you’ve got the wrong link on your clipboard or something: from your post above I see you intend to submit a permalink ending in 469902, but all three of your requests to submit today are for a permalink ending in 459808.

You previously submitted this link for day 12, which is why it’s telling you “You have already submitted this entry”. If you submit the link in your post above, it should be accepted :)

Posted 07/21/23, edited 07/21/23

glitch WELP

Somehow I made this same mistake multiple times, but of course a hard copy paste…fixed it xD thank you for looking into it! How silly!

Posted 07/21/23
The submission page said I did a challenge submission on Jul 18, when I have not. I have not done any challenge for week 3.
Posted 07/22/23

Hi Crow now beginning to wonder if I read the theme submission right. Tribute, does it have to be someone like an individual person’s character(s), or can it be ones from cartoon movies?
Also wonder if since my one submission hasn’t been counted yet, if it’s not seen as ‘honor’ like enough. Like maybe the post I picked was too, plain.

Posted 07/23/23

Yes, Tribute can include characters from other existing media! And don’t worry about your entry - we just haven’t gotten around to grading it yet! We will be able to catch up on grading after the week’s thread closes.

It’s probably a marking error on our end - I can’t look into it right now, but I’ll take a look tomorrow!

Posted 07/23/23

this very genuinely might be a case of me not knowing how to do math/misunderstanding something so I apologize in advance lmao

but I was looking at my point bank, and it says I have 27 points currently, with the first two weeks + their challenges, plus the two so far that have been graded for last week.  I thought full weeks were supposed to be worth 10 points?  or does that only apply if you complete the whole month? 

in any case, last week y’all!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit: Crow

Posted 07/24/23, edited 07/27/23