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February News Discussion
February rolls in!

February’s OotS is Prismatic Peace, along with their Gilded Heart Staff and Peaceful Daydream Background! This month’s set was created by priz. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
New Items

Several new donated items have begun stocking in the Marketplace! Additionally, a couple of new items appropriately themed toward the current event have been added!

Marketplace Update

Mycenians are now able to relocate to new caverns through Mycenian Search in the Marketplace! This is a feature that glitch has been working on putting together for a while now, and we’re excited to finally be able to share it with you! For more details on this feature, be sure to check out this announcement.

Feature Interest Survey

We spent some time last month inviting players to share their feelings on the Character Maker a possible upcoming feature. Responses to that survey were compiled and can be seen here. We appreciate the time all of you took to respond and share your opinions with us! It’s very helpful, especially this early on in development.

New on our Team

We officially invited Hyasynthetic and Cien to join our Coordinator team after they successfully finished their trial periods! They’ve already been a great help with the ongoing event, as well as focusing on their individual tasks of keeping up with our social media presence, updating guides, and helping with feedback survey analysis.

Cave Files: Case of the Stolen Sun

Aliza has requested your help in her most recent case! Someone has stolen her cavern’s source of light, and it’s making everything quite gloomy. With your help, she hopes to track down enough clues to solve the case and get the sun shining once again. The Cave Files: Case of the Stolen Sun event runs through February 13th!

Talk about mood lighting.

Season of Love

Ahh, February. Can’t you just smell the candy-sweet scent of love in the air? As is typical for this time of year, Peent is all aflutter in preparation to open her seasonal shop, and the Sacred Tree is downright blossoming with excitement. Our annual sprout raffle and Valentine’s shop will be coming up on February 14th, so be sure to prepare your nuggets!

Behind the Veil
  • glitch completed one of the major updates we’ve had on our to-do, pet relocations through the marketplace. It was a fairly complex update, with a lot of edge case scenarios that needed to be taken into account. There are several misc. smaller updates he’ll likely be working on this month before starting work on our next major update. More on that below!
  • Myla has been dedicating time to the staff trial periods, long term project planning, orders, the winter event, and site art creation. This month will likely be similar!
  • Coordinators were focused on the winter event, smaller writing tasks, and long term project development. They will be focusing on getting the details sorted out for the spring event soon!
  • The art team has been focusing on the queues and the winter event, soon to be shifting focus on our spring activities and events.
  • Since we’ve finished the pet selling update, the next long-term project we’re focusing on is the crafting and fishing updates, something we’ve been chipping away at for a long time now. We’ve decided to put many of the unreleased recolor equippables into this project rather than a restocking mechanic as we felt the restocking mechanic would be too difficult to make work for our site currently in terms of balanced mechanics and future maintenance. Any recolors not going into this project are being distributed to one of our four pop-up shops.

    This restructuring ensures we get the unreleased items out on a more timely schedule, makes the crafting update more robust, consolidates the amount of planning and maintenance needed, and focuses on ensuring that the crafting is easier for staff to add to in the future. The art and assets for this are almost done and we’re finalizing all of our coding needs to hand off to glitch. There will likely not be any major news on this front in Feb since it’s a large endeavor and needs to happen on top of regular updates and maintenance, but we wanted to let everyone know it’s next on our long-term updates list!

Posted Feb 1
oh I’m excited about the fishing update
Posted Feb 1
Ditto what Dormi said, and the updates on the infamous “recolour shop.” I’m stoked to start seeing some of these items finally available! :D
Posted Feb 1
I’m excited for fishing and crafting updates and I just hope I can still fish up rocks.
Posted Feb 1
Oh yay!! I can’t wait for the February shop!
Posted Feb 1

Really excited to finally have the recolors on the horizon!!! I’m honestly kind of glad they won’t be yet another nugget sink. I’m withholding further judgement until we actually see how it works, but I’m definitely excited!


Posted Feb 1, edited Feb 1
Day 3 of Cave Files sounds like a fun event!
Posted Feb 1
Happy to hear!
Posted Feb 1

I am broke from buying this month’s absolutely STUNNING OotS, but I cannot wait for Peent’s shop!!! It’s always my favorite each and every year and aaaaaaaaa I’m so excited to see the new items that I’m inevitably going to cry over!! ;w; Ya’ll kill it each Vday! *runs to play Cave In*

Also congrats to Hya and Cien!

Posted Feb 2, edited Feb 2
Just a heads up that the Chamber of Reflections is currently not letting players submit new submissions! We’ll have that fixed soon.
Posted Feb 3
Chamber of Reflections is accepting submissions again, and we fixed it so that it will auto-advance on rollover when the next month switches!
Posted Feb 4
Thank you!! <3
Posted Feb 4
Menu update

The “community” menu now contains links to our ongoing creative activities: Creative Collective, Chamber of Reflections, and Bing-GO RP!

We also took down the Wiki link in the “help” menu because it was very outdated and we’d rather focus on making our on-site Knowledgebase more robust.

Posted Feb 7, edited Feb 7
Thank you for the quality of life update!
Posted Feb 7
Very excited to be able to get to the creative events quickly!! Thank you!!
Posted Feb 7

oh my god thank you….. the number of times I’ve accidentally clicked on the wiki while on mobile and then panicking trying to go back but it opened a new tab so I can’t go back I have to go to my tabs and then I frantically click around trying to close it and navigate back to mycena….......... thank you

also really digging the new links so I don’t have to wander through the forums!!!

ALSO I’m peepin those lillies on the items page!!! are those for Peent? :0

Posted Feb 7, edited Feb 7
Hawkins Those are for the fishing/crafting updates!
Posted Feb 9
Dras paws template

Like the kelph, active dras now also have template paws that can be requested on custom and edit orders for 3 PP (rather than 6 PP for drawing paws from scratch). This has been updated in the pricing guide as well!

Posted Feb 9, edited Feb 9
New on our team!

Plaid and Puppy have completed their trial periods and have become full staff as artists!

Plaid (formerly PlaidLabrador) and Puppy went through extensive training, learning the ins and outs of our templates, file formatting and storage, interfaces, and documentation. They completed projects including making an edited ineki coat, an item, a queue order, and sprout (you can see what they did on the artist credit page). They each worked closely with a mentor team, learning more about Mycena Cave style and how to incorporate it in their work.

They both did wonderfully during the trial period, and we are excited to have them on our team! <3

Posted Feb 15
Congrats y’all!! I’m excited to see what y’all bring to the site!! <3 <3 <3
Posted Feb 15
Congrats Puppy and Plaid!! :D
Posted Feb 15

i really love the flower shop event, but if i may make a suggestion: would y’all consider adding a couple more file types to these kinds of events, like pngs or jpgs? i can’t open psds in ms paint, and copying the image in the thread just turns the whole thing into a black square.

i’m loving reading everyone’s arrangements so far tho!

Posted Feb 26


If you save the png in the thread and then open it in paint instead of copy/pasting, that should remove the black square issue for you!

Edit: Edit to mention that the black square is due to the transparency not being retained in the clipboard. You will have this black square issue in programs like clip etc as well if you copy/paste!

Posted Feb 26, edited Feb 26