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December News Discussion
It’s December!

This month, our OotS coat is the Yule Dog, along with their Snow Friends and Holly-day Bells! December’s coat & items were created by Eluii. You can purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Seasons, they are a-changing

Brrr. Do you feel that frost creeping in? Seems like the end of fall is near, and winter is lurking just beyond the horizon. As such, the current Seasonal mushrooms available in Fungimental Magic will soon be swapped out for their winter counterparts—along with this year’s new Winter Seasonal coat!

The first day of winter is December 21st, so be sure to stock up on all of your autumn friends before then!

Creative Collective

November’s monthly roundup has been posted and stickers, gems, and prizes have all been distributed! Additionally, we have shared the results from our prompt survey last month and are taking those results into consideration for this month’s prompts! Thanks again for your continued participation in this activity - we know Inktober tuckered a lot of you out!


Account Security

Due to recent happenings on another petsite, glitch recently posted an announcement urging everyone to double-check their account security and update their passwords if necessary. We would hate to see any members of our community have their account compromised. If you haven’t already done so, please check out his thread and the tools provided therein here.

New Knowledgebase Articles

Speaking of account security, we have several new Knowledgebase articles for you to peruse… one of which focusing on account security! You can also find information on stickers, Mycenian bonding, and the item donation process!

The more you know!

New Items

There were so many new items this month!  You can find the full list of donated items in this post, and as always, you can view all of our items here.

Item collectors: *sweating intensifies*

Additionally, Loon created and uploaded her first set of items! The Inky, Cerulean, and Sunset Butterfly Clips can be purchased from Sullie’s Closet!

We had a Cave Challenge

After some time without one, we held a Cave Challenge this past month! Aliza and Professor Sprocket went in search of a treasure… only to have Sprocket mansplain their chance at solving the puzzle away, giving our players the chance to swoop in and claim that sweet Gold Medallion (and sticker!) for themselves.

The challenge has now ended, but if you’re looking for a fun read or are interested in learning about Cave Challenges in general, we suggest taking a look through the thread!

We had an event

The Stoneskin Outbreak has been quelled, with the Unafflicted triumphing at the end of the day. The event has now entirely wrapped up, with the prize shop and feedback survey closed. It will take us a bit of time to write up our feedback compilation, but we hope to get that out to you soon! Thank you to everyone who left feedback, and for your patience as we gave a new event type a shot!

Introducting the Gloomshroom

Originally found in the Stoneskin cavern, Gloomshrooms are now a craftable item! Provided you have the necessary components, you can craft one of your own by heading to the crafting page.


Driftshroom & Gloomshroom updates

The interface for Driftshroom- and Gloomshroom-affected Mycenians has received an update! Rather than a button located on the pet’s profile, they can now be found under the ‘manage’ page, where you would equip items and edit their profile text.

The Magic Puddle updates

Additionally, Driftshroom and Gloomshroom effects can now be previewed in the Magic Puddle! There are still a couple of display issues that are being worked through (see glitch’s post here), but we hope that this update is helpful for planning your drifty/gloomy goals!

Secret Santa

Our annual Secret Santa activity is now under way! Sign-ups have closed, and Santas will be assigned their Santa-ees at some point today! :D Have fun spreading your holiday cheer, everyone!

Posted 12/01/19
Wheeeeeee happy December everyone :DDDDDD
Posted 12/01/19

Would it be possible to get the (rest of the*) unlocked GCS coats in the Magic Puddle? I’d really like to be able to preview apparel and drifts on them.

*I see that the Inkling coat was added, but it doesn’t look like any of the others are there.

Posted 12/01/19, edited 12/01/19

WindyFox Any secret coats or customs you own are put into the magic puddle, which is probably why you’re seeing the inkling.

Hyasynthetic’s Drifts Guide does contain drift previews of all the secret coats! There’s also a separate guide for gloomshroom previews!

Posted 12/01/19, edited 12/01/19
Chimerical Ah… That makes sense, I guess. Still, it’d be nice to be able to play around in the puddle with the GCS coats I don’t currently own. : P
Posted 12/01/19
Wait! Where was the sign up? I didn’t see anything to sign up ;^; I missed it?
Posted 12/01/19
i got some snow friends and almost started crying when i saw they had names in their toggles. i love and adore mistle, toes, and holly. ;n;
Posted 12/01/19
are there any plans to add item previews to driftshroom/gloomshroom previews in magic puddle? i was so excited about the update until i realized that adding items resets the hue shift to default. ;n;
Posted 12/01/19
Primarina Currently, the items previewed through the magic puddle the would all drift/desaturate with the pets which is why they were excluded, and it would have taken a bunch of extra coding hours to make it work properly. We may add it in at some point though. :D
Posted 12/01/19, edited 12/01/19
Quuuestion, did clicking on the red (the Santa link) used to bring you to your conversations with your Santa? Instead of that entire thing “Secret Santa ( , )” all going to Santee? If so I’d like to as for us to be able to click the red and get to our Santa convos again. If it wasn’t, then can I suggest it?
Posted 12/01/19
Question, does the art have to be digital? I don’t have an art program on my computer. I’m not the best artist, but I love the theme for the canvas circle, and I think I might be able to come up with something for it.
Posted 12/02/19

Submissions for the canvas circle do not have to be digital!

Posted 12/02/19
Crow Thank you! :)
Posted 12/02/19
Oh dear in the midst of the collectio of shrooms/moss/water for the event I had forgotten all about that sprocket forum post tevent thingy. OTL. Else was sure I had an idea of how to solve the first ( havent looked in the thread yet so dunno if there were more ) puzzle, already the first night when it had gotten uploade d( which was around 4 am for me so I had to kick myself to bed )
Posted 12/02/19
New Items!

More items donated by players!

New in Sullie’s Closet

Sundrop Circlet sponsored by Malis, created by Hush | Bird-watching Binoculars sponsored by Gabriel, created by Plasma | Rainbow Star Scarf sponsored by Oxton, created by Plasma

New in Val’s Modern Composition

Sage Faerie Bob Wig sponsored by doragon, created by Morgan | Black Faerie Bob Wig sponsored by doragon, created by Morgan

New in Leeetle Companions

Drifty Songbird Serenade sponsored by Malis, created by Hush

New in Land’s Within

Dovely Stained Glass Background sponsored by Azurrys, created by Plasma

New in Darcy’s Confection Perfection

Bottle of Sweet Wine sponsored by Sylphie, created by Plasma and Myla

If you’re interested in learning more about the edit donation process, please check out the Item Sponsorshop article.

Thank you again to those who donated edits! :D

Posted 12/02/19, edited 12/03/19
Ohhh my goodness! Azurrys thank you so much for the background donation that’s been one of my fave custom backgrounds for a while! I’m squeeing over all of these, but that background def takes the cake :D
Posted 12/02/19, edited 12/02/19
I made the thorns and doves on it toggle for extra awesome 8)
Posted 12/02/19

Haha, I’m glad to hear that! Thank Plasma for doing such an amazing job on that background—only having one copy of it around on the site didn’t feel like enough. I’m definitely getting a few extra copies for myself and I’m going to love seeing it around too <3

Posted 12/03/19

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but with no green artists in sprout queue, does that mean no new sprout orders can be placed? :D;;; I’m still tied up in custom so it’s not relevant to me yet but I was hoping to get a sprout next aha,,,

edit: While I’m here, can I suggest the possibility of needing one green artist to submit a sprout order be removed altogether? Since we already have the restriction that you can only remove two artists at most and all? :D;;;;;;;;;;;

Posted 12/03/19, edited 12/03/19
Purr We had one green artist going into their holiday, but will have a different green artist go active by the end of the week! No new orders can be placed between now and when the green artist becomes active, so it’s in a mini new order hiatus until that happens.
Posted 12/03/19
Lil’ baby suggestion! Simple avatar backgrounds. Like, just a flat color like the when you’re not wearing an avatar bg it looks white behind your pet? Maybe one in each color (ROYGBIV) and maybe a brown, a grey, a tan, etc.?
Posted 12/04/19, edited 12/04/19

Tamako Yeah, that wouldn’t take me long to do! I can likely fit it in the next week or so. :D

Also a note to my edit queue bbs that I’ll be going abroad to visit family from the Dec 19th - Jan 4th and I probably won’t be able to churn through edit orders at my normal pace in case you want to hold off entering! All the orders that are in there currently I’ll plan on getting through before I leave.

Posted 12/04/19
We were wondering, with the recent changes to the puddle, would it ever be possible to import a pet’s outfit directly to the puddle so we don’t have to add the items one by one? (Or better yet, use the pet image directly as a base so we can see how items might look like with our specific arrangements/toggles.)
Posted 12/05/19
Now we have so many new items cropping up, could we possibly have a greyscale blank of all the breeds/poses in the puddle for when we want to just get a quick look of how the item looks on pets. It’s kinda hard to remember which coat is which breed now we have so many gorgeous coats to scroll through.
Posted 12/05/19

Hey, sorry to bother you I’m sure you’re busy with the season and such but I noticed on my new girl Yulia that the Sable Crown Wig is clipping on top of my Active Dog Ineki, not sure if it happens to all active dog coats or just the new Yule Dog but I tried reordering the wig below the “head” layer and it had no effect.

It’s the closer ear on the left of the pet.

Edit: It does this with all the active dogs I tried in the puddle :3

Posted 12/07/19, edited 12/07/19

Kay Mentrae Thanks for letting me know! I just pushed the fix; the wigs should be displaying correctly on the active dog now. <3

Re: Magic puddle stuff - magic puddle needs a big revamp, in particular to show/interact with toggles since right now players don’t have a good way to find out if an item has toggles at all unless they have the item in their inventory already. Upgrading the magic puddle is on our list of things we need to do!

Posted 12/07/19
Ahh, it’s great to hear the puddle may one day show toggles! I’d love if that was true for both the coats and items.
Posted 12/07/19

Thanks for the fix! I’m glad to help out, and very excited for the puzzle updates in the future! <3

Posted 12/07/19
New Items

Long Tasseled Tail created by Loon and me as part of the trial artist training. :D This one is in Val’s Modern Composition and the tail tassel toggles!

Stoneskin created by me for the Stoneskin Outbreak. This one is super toggley! Important note: this item does not desaturate your pets; you need the gloomshroom for that. Stoneskin is also in Val’s Modern Composition.

Enjoyyyy <3

Posted 12/09/19, edited 12/09/19
New Forum Avatar Backgrounds!

New in Land’s Within
The very affordable rainbow series:

And a couple of others, Shattered and Lightspeed:

Enjoy! <3

Posted 12/17/19