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Hi! Welcome to my little part of the cave!

Art by: BlackSapphire (#103)


December’s 17 OotS
January 17 OotS (Kittea)
Dying Light Background
Birdy Beads
Coastal Capelet
PP for future customs (maybe breeding)
Nov 16 color coat (Melanistic Jaguar)
Dec 16 items (Starry Eyes, Head in the Clouds)
x3 Fodders (or enough to get 4)
Death’s Embrace (maybe)
Tropical Feathers
Sundisk Choker
Blessing of Fortitude
Blessing of Strength
Black Arm Warmers
Footy Warmers
Broken Heart Earrings
Gothic Charm
Studded Collar
Black Rebel’s Wig
Gritty Arcane Assortment
Salt-Kissed Arcane Assortment
Birch Root Staff
Mists of Fate Background

My set goal on gems:
PP (for future current one at the bottom)

Havent decided on name ^^;


More to be added!


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