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April News Discussion
April Arrives!

This month, our OotS coat is Muscovy Duck, along with their Ducklings and Peaceful Pond! This month’s coat was created by Plasma and items were created by Myla. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Activity Updates
  • The Creative Collective has been updated with new prompts for this month!
  • Bingo RP is in the process of being tallied. Those of you who have heard from the Bone Monster may now request a new card!
  • A new round of the Chamber of Reflections has begun!
  • This month’s Productivi-Day will be held on Friday, April 15th!
A New Seasonal

Spring has sprouted a new seasonal! Dandy Lion by Myla will be available through the spring season here!

Coats for a Cause

We’ve launched another charity drive, this time for Direct Relief. While they provide aid in response to many causes and crises all over the world, we will specifically be donating towards their Ukraine Relief which focuses on providing humanitarian relief in the form of medical aid to people affected by the conflict.

100% of the proceeds made from the sale of the Wheat and Sky coat, created by Plasma and Rhyme, will be donated to this organization.

Head over to this post to learn more!

New Forever Coats

Seven designs were selected from the Carve a Companion activity and made into Forever Coats. Take a peek at the designs here!

Sprouts and Semi-Custom Raffle Delivery

A big batch of new cuties were delivered to the February raffle winners! Just look at ‘em!

Trial Artist Items Released

Our new trial artists Nonny and Acyd finished up their first projects, and they have been released to the site!

Colorful Bandages by Nonnavlis and Drifty Fish Fins by Acydosis!

A Note About April Fools

As a reminder, since glitch and Myla will be preparing for the arrival of their baby, we are opting not to do our traditional April Fool’s activity. We know that our players have a lot of fun with April Fool’s every year, but unfortunately, it falls during a time where we are reluctant to add extra work to our pile as we make preparations. We aim to be back at it next year, though!


While we may not have an April Fools event this year, we plan to extend Productividay and make a whole weekend out of it this month. We’re excited to get to productivity-ing soon!

Item and Marketplace Search Updates

The general Item Search now remembers your sort order preference rather than resetting each time you visit the page. Marketplace Search now defaults to reverse release date and individual shops sort from price low to high rather than displaying items from oldest release to newest.

Alphabet Goop Conclusion

Our spring spelling event, Alphabet Goop, has concluded!

  • Stone Age Sundries, the prize shop, is open through April 9th
  • The Forces of Nature Shop, the gem shop for the community goal prizes, is open through April 9th
  • Feedback survey and event credits are here. We are taking feedback through April 9th and there will be a feedback raffle for Forces of Nature prizes once the results are released
  • After April 9th, the autobuy will occur with any unspent points. Once you’re below 55 points (the minimum for a parcel), the rest will convert to nuggets at a rate of 25 nuggets per point

*dinosaur noises*

Behind the Veil
  • glitch worked on setting up and maintaining the spring event! He also worked on sorting updates for the various item searches.
  • Myla worked on queue, site art, and administrative planning, and trial artist support. This month she will likely be focused on administrative tasks, trial artist support, prepping for maternity leave, and site art.
  • The coordinator team worked on the spring event launch, as well as maintaining creative activities. They’re working on activities for the upcoming months as well as planning to fill in a lot of missing item descriptions.
  • The art team worked on creating forever coats, the sprout raffle sprouts/semi-customs, and event art. They’ve also done a lot of queue work!
Posted Apr 1
Need a duckie for my birthday ouo cant wait
Posted Apr 1
Ooo, ducks, they’re very pretty! New items as well! Glad there’s donations going to Ukraine.
Posted Apr 1

The OOTS for this month are so pretty! <3 Huge fan of the duckies especially, very fluffy!!!
I haven’t got the fins yet, but I got the colourful bandages and I really love em, so many toggles! Can’t believe this is a first project, incredible @-@

Posted Apr 1
i wish i hv the sabre pet that looks like the shopkeeper of stone age sundries but im low on points to get the sabre pet could someone help me with this so that i can own one though
Posted Apr 1
dandy lion ;o; look at those blushy cheeks !!
Posted Apr 2

Those new items from the trial artists are so cute!!

And dandylion is one of my true loves. ;0;

Posted Apr 2
New Market Items

Golden Swirls donated by Oxton, created by Plasma

Earthen Tricorn donated by Condor, created by Morgan

Happy Little Honeybees donated by apiphily, created by Myla

Ombré Wings donated by Jacq,created by Hush and priz

Avian Tail Feathers donated by Acydosis, created by Plasma

Dawning Wings donated by Acydosis, created by Plasma

Comfy Cozy Slippers donated by Reggi, created by Plasma and Myla

Light of the Phoenix donated by Celestine, created by Hush

Thank you for the item donations!! You can find the new items for sale in the Marketplace! You can learn more about edit donation here, though this was the last batch that will be accepted for awhile!

Posted Apr 7, edited Apr 7

I adore the honeybees!!! Aside from their individual cuteness, they fit Dandy Lion super well!!! Very lovely!!!

Edit: messed around in dressing room with em and goodness i love their little names… made me smile when i saw em 10/10

Posted Apr 8, edited Apr 8
New Recipe Item

Fanciful Frog Friends, created by Acydosis and Nonnavlis, can now be crafted at the Combinabulator! :D

Posted Apr 14
so cute!!! i love frogs, so i immediately had to craft them, good work on them Acydosis and Nonnavlis! Gale is very happy with his new friends!
Posted Apr 15

Ombre Wings look like they were made for Starlight inekis :D

Posted May 2