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[The Walk of Three] The Wanderer: Carve a Companion
The first group, comprised mostly of the elderly and children, travel to the Wanderer’s Grotto, where they listen to stories of the Wanderer’s journey. There, they leave gifts of carver’s tools and relics, thanking the Wanderer for their lives and celebrating the joys of life. At the grotto, artisans will carve flowers and figures into the walls of the cave.
The Walk of Three, Mycenian Tradition submission by sweaters
The Wanderer: Carve a Companion

Color in one of the Mycenian linearts provided below to create the concept for a new forever coat! Alternatively, you may create a written description, approximately a few paragraphs long, to describe the coat you have in mind. We will select at least three submissions to be recreated by one of our artists and added to our roster of existing Forever coats!

Note: Copy/pasting the image into an art program will make it show up with either a white or black background. In order to retain the image transparency, save the image and open it in the art program of your choice instead!
  • Like our other forever coats, your submissions should not have any edits or alterations to the lineart!
  • You may optionally provide us with a coat name, but it isn’t mandatory. (Please note that if your forever coat design is chosen and you did not provide us with a coat name, we will choose one!)
  • Your coat may be on any of the provided pet bases!
  • For bases with multiple poses, completion of only one pose is necessary for activity credit. You may do the other pose, but you will not receive any extra prizes! (Please note that if your forever coat design is chosen and you have only submitted one pose, the other pose will be completed at the artist’s discretion! (Not applicable to kelph bases))
  • Designs chosen to become forever coats will be redone by our artists on an official base, and will subsequently be available to everyone. Please keep in mind that final designs may not be a perfect duplication and we may need to alter the coat name if one is suggested, but will remain as faithful as possible to the original design.
  • We will contact anyone whose coat we’d like to re-create as a forever coat to ensure we have permission. It’s helpful to put that we have permission or don’t have permission on the post, but not required.
  • Your entry should take approximately 30 minutes of effort.
Participation Rewards
  • All players who complete this activity will be rewarded with an Out of the Shadows mushroom of their choice
    • (Alternatively, you may choose to receive 10 golden tickets instead)
  • At least 3 coats will be chosen to be made into Forever coats - creators of the coats selected will receive a copy of their coat.
  • Participation in at least one Walk of Three activity will receive the activity sticker!
Posted 01/23/22, edited 01/23/22

I would love for there to be a forever coat based on Siberian huskies! On the Ineki Dog lines.
It would have a white face, with blue eyes. With black on the rest of the head and black ears.
A white chest, with a black back and a black tail with a white tip on the end of it.
It could also be agouti and white, gray and white, red and white, or sable and white instead of black and white. Maybe active could be one color and upright could be another?
I don’t know how else to describe what would be an awesome coat, imo. I think Siberian husky describes it pretty well! ^_^”
You have permission to use my idea. <3

Posted 01/23/22, edited 01/24/22

I think a Kelph forever coat would be rad! Here’s my idea:

I call it Sunset Dreaming (could be changed to Sunset Dream)

If selected, maybe some tweaks to the fins to make it look more fin-like would be warranted. Also I didn’t change the eye color, but I think a soft gold/yellow would work well. You have permission to use it!

Posted 01/23/22

I was thinking something along the lines of melting sea ice or glacier uncovering an alien/meteor/something

Name suggestion: Subglacial

You have permission to use <3

Posted 01/23/22

Swirling Latte
You have permission to use

Posted 01/24/22

don’t have a name suggestion - based design off of turquoise
permission granted !

Posted 01/24/22

I give permission to use my idea

Initially, the design and palette were inspired by Amur Lemmings, but something went wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I have too little experience with a graphics tablet and related programs.

Posted 01/24/22

A cotton candy flavored themed coat! The name I thought up for it was “Candied Clouds”. It would be on the dog ineki lineart, but the idea could easily be used on a cat or fox ineki too. The color palette of the coat would match the pastels of cotton candy, like pastel/baby pink (somewhat like #ffe9f4), pastel/baby blue (somewhat like #e6f8ff), and cream/vanilla/light yellow (somewhat like #fffbf0).

The main color of the coat would be the pastel pink, with the belly, paws, and the tip of its tail and ears fading to a bluish white (like #f4fdff) or a lighter shade of pink. The nose, inside of the ears, claws/nails, and paw pads could be a pastel/baby blue. There’d be wispy stripes of fluffy cream or vanilla colored clouds all over the ineki, with matching cream/vanilla/light yellow colored eyes of the same color. You have full permission to use this idea!

Posted 01/24/22

Here’s my entry! :> Permission to use is granted, any coat name is fine <3

Posted 01/24/22

I had so much fun with this entry, it was nice to just colour something in for once!  I thought it would be fun to go for an ink-like look for a coat.  You’re more than welcome to use it if you’d like, and to make alterations (since it is splattered with ink after all!) :D

Name suggestion: Inky Raccoon

Posted 01/24/22

The idea was for a really soft pastel coat, sort of like an actual white ineki who rolled in pastel dust.

Posted 01/24/22

permission to use granted!
name suggestion: Festive Flame

Posted 01/25/22

Permission for y’all to use this if you want!

I really love fluorite crystals, and specifically the sort with lots of swirly purples, so that’s where my inspiration and colors came from.
I left the crystal I used to color dropper the colors in the photo, as a reference for what I was sorta going for, as I did not nail it.

beep boop I spent far too long on this

I wanted it to be more. Blended and swirly like the actual rock, but alas I am not an artiste and did not know how to make that happen.

Posted 01/25/22

Here it is! I tried my best, but it’s a bit more simple than I’d liked it to be (but it took me over 3 hours)... I was thinking of a green tea theme, and maybe you could add some mint leaves on the head? Not sure what to call it, but you have my permission to use!

Posted 01/25/22

Okay, so here is my entry! This is actually my first time participating in an event, so I hope I did everything right…
My name suggestion would be Strawberry Thief and you have my permission to use.

Posted 01/25/22, edited 01/25/22

Here’s my entry! And making this helped me understand how to use krita better! =D Also you 100% have my permission to use!

My name suggestion is ‘Sparkling Nebula’, if chosen, perhaps make the coat a bit more twinkly and shimmery, have the white spots/stars kind of glow.(EDIT: That faded part on the right eye was a mistake done by the eraser tool, didn’t see it ‘till after I posted..)

Posted 01/25/22, edited 02/03/22

Neon Tropics! Bright neon colours with dark lines and little bursts of sunlight and shadows of palm trees across the back and tail. Permission to use :D

Posted 01/25/22, edited 01/25/22

I was thinking a soft colored coat with floral designs or other similar designs that would play well with drifting! Also being not too busy to be fun to dress up. I give my permission to use!

Posted 01/26/22

Taste of citrus
The inside part didn’t end up looking as much like an orange as I thought it would lol, but at least the concept’s gotten across. I give permission to use.

Posted 01/26/22

Seal pup go! I thought Saimaa ringed seal would look cute in dog form. Permission to use.

Posted 01/26/22

I think my idea comes across but may need help from a real artist lol

Posted 01/26/22

Flavor Text:

Three ineki travel through the depths of the cave together, searching through the darkness and mystery to find something of interest. A bouncy cat with a rich red coat takes the lead. “Come on, guys!” he says with a bounce and smile. He seems to be the most adventurous of the three. His two companions trail behind the excited cat, checking their maps and notes, taking their time to thoroughly investigate the caverns. The cat lets out an exasperated sigh, “Come oonn guys, let’s keep going. We’ve barely explored anything at all!!!”

“W-well,” says one of his companions “the point is to document the caverns.” The cat sticks out his tongue at his companion. “Whether you like it or not, that’s what we’re here for.” the companion says while analyzing the moss on the cavern walls.

“Well that’s no fun.” The cat folds his arms sulkily. “I’m just going to go ahead” he says, continuing down the tunnel. “Alone.”

His companions give each other a knowing glance. He couldn’t be blamed - he was the youngest in the group, after all. A sweet boy, but perhaps a bit headstrong. After a few seconds, one of the companions looks up from their notes. “Wait,” they say, pointing down the tunnel the cat had just disappeared down. “Isn’t that tunnel supposed to have spiders?”

As soon as the words left their lips, the companions heard a loud shriek from down the tunnel followed by the sound of footsteps rushing towards them. After a moment, out pops the cat, breathless, wide-eyed, and covered in cobwebs. “There’s…spiders… down uh- there…”


A cat ineki with a Sanguine-colored coat. This coat is quite plain, with the exception of silvery spiderwebs on their face, paws, ears and tail, all of which are a couple of shades darker than the rest of their coat (think siamese.) Their eyes are a pretty shade of orange-ish gold, like the sunshine in the spiderweb reference.

Posted 01/26/22, edited 01/26/22

Mossy Mantle
My inspiration was a freshly carved friend, who had been stone so long they became a bit cobbled and overgrown. A mantle of moss adorning their back. I feel like my mockup reads a little bit too turtle, the goal was pebbly. Couldn’t decide if I wanted to stick to an inecki like the other forever coats or try a dras so I did both. You have my permission to use them!

Posted 01/27/22

It’s a bit rough so feel free to edit it in anway. You’ve got my permission to use and alter and add to it. I was thinking about a color inspired by transparent fish, but i wanted to add a pop of color so it’s not all blue with a red-seaweed like detail as well.

Potential Name: Sea Bones, Sea Salt

Posted 01/27/22, edited 02/05/22

I made a dras design here!

A name could be ‘Regal fire’ ‘spellwork core’, but any name works!

Could have been purple, I guess

Posted 01/27/22, edited 01/27/22
Permission to use my coat is granted~

I thought something mostly monochrome might be nice as a forever coat, but I didn’t want it to be too plain, so I spiced it up a little bit, feel free to make edits to the design. I imagine it’d pair well with a white and a grey pet to create a set, maybe named Plaster and Concrete, respectively? Certainly not a requirement by any means, but it sounded kinda fun/cute to me.

Posted 01/27/22

potential names: monstera under the bed, mycena’s monstera
just a great plant and so fun to grow! if i had more time, i would make the tailtip leaf align with the fluff like the ears.
you have permission to use this idea

Posted 01/27/22

Name: Drainage Water.
    Here’s a water used by paint, like when you dip your paint brush into the water to clean it, I imagine all of that water becomes this picture. Feel free to use this.

-Ruins the One in Water.

Posted 01/27/22

Unrestrained Summer Fun (or, if that’s too long, Fun in the Sun)

Feel free to use/edit this in any way :D

edit: aaand of course that didn’t save as a transparent image xD

Posted 01/27/22, edited 01/27/22

I’d attempt this on the linearts, but I’m not sure my laptop would properly cooperate. If I was using the linearts, I’d be basing my design on an Australian Shepherd or a similarly merle coated breed, on the Ineki Dog lines.
They could be like the Pintsized herder coat, where the upright is different than the active. The active pose could be a blue merle- blueish gray with brown and red flecks or patches, while the upright could be a red merle coat- pale reddish brown with brown and black flecks or patches. Paws, muzzles, and the chest can be white. The ears can be dark gray or dark reddish brown depending on the pose. Or the red merle can be active and the upright can be blue merle, either way. The lineart itself would need some floofing up to match the shepherd’s fluffy coat.
One eye could be brown and the other blue. Their tails can be short and stubby.
While I have no idea for a name, you have permission to use my idea. ^^

Posted 01/29/22