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January News Discussion
January is here, 2020 is over!

January’s OotS is Diamond Ice, along with their Frozen Halo and Snowy Feathered Wings! This month’s set was created by Eluii. You can purchase this set from the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

A New Season

Winter officially arrived last month, bringing with it our newest Winter seasonal coat - Lunar Glint, by Hush! You can purchase a new mothlike friend, as well as previous years’ seasonal mushrooms, in Fungimental Magic through the end of the season!

Creative Collective

The Creative Collective has moved to a new thread for the new year. Information has been reorganized slightly, and we are eager and ready to have a creative 2021! December’s wrap-up has been posted, and participation awards distributed!


Our monthly Productivi-Day will be held on Friday, January 15th! We look forward to spending the day productive-ing with you all!

Wrapping up the Drawntlet

We collected feedback and released a summary of results on The Drawntlet last month and will be reviewing how we might adjust this activity in the upcoming year! Be sure to spend any remaining points at the prize thread before 23:59 ST, January 31st! After that time, the shop will officially close, and any remaining points will be randomly spent on behalf of the player.


New Activities

This month we will see a couple of new activities begin their ongoing run! Bin-GO RP: Scene by Scene will begin in earnest in February - though we will be collecting tropes for the next couple of weeks to prepare. And a new profile activity, The Chamber of Reflections will soon begin - we’re just putting the last few finishing touches on it!

You can now access all of our continually ongoing creative activities from this post, which will remain stickied for easy access!

Warm Winter Wonders

Our new winter seasonal shop, Warm Winter Wonders will be closing its doors soon! Cho has thawed all of the goodies her little bird body can manage and is about ready for a nice long nap. Be sure to pick up your cozy couture by the end of January 4th!

New Coats and Items

Several new donated items have begun stocking in the Marketplace! Additionally, Plaid and Puppy have had their first coats released - you can pick up the Bushel of Apples and Dappled Carousel mushrooms in Fungimental Magic!

Miscellaneous Updates
Secret Santa

The deadline for our Secret Santa exchange is January 7th! With the postal service backlogged in many places, we understand that some gifts may still be stuck in transit. If you’re still waiting for your Santa-ee to receive their gift, be sure to at least send them proof of shipment in the form of a tracking number to keep yourself from being marked a flake!

Cozy Cavern Cooking

We’ve enjoyed drooling over all of the scrumptious recipes you’ve cooked up, written about, and drawn thus far, and are excited to see what the second half of our Wintersfeast activity brings to the table! Remember, you have through January 17th to cook something up!

Survey Season

This month we will be releasing two new targeted surveys to collect feedback from you, our players, about aspects of Mycena Cave! The first will be regarding a potential new, major feature for the site so that we can gage interest and determine direction. The second will be hosted by our trial coordinators, Cien and Hyasynthetic, and will have several questions around player recruitment, player retention, and your experience with each! We look forward to hearing from all of you and will post announcements when each survey goes live.

Behind the Veil
  • glitch has been busy with miscellaneous updates around the site, the biggest being finishing up the updates to the Magic Puddle. He just wrapped up a semester of teaching (on top of his full time job), and will likely have a bit more time for MC since he doesn’t have to teach next semester!
  • Myla has been dedicating time to the staff trial periods, item conversion, unique pet orders, the winter shop, and further developing some long term projects.
  • Activity upkeep/creation and guide revamping is still keeping the Coordinator team occupied, and focus will soon shift to the next site event
  • The art team has kept the queues flowing smoothly, and will soon begin preparations for the next event, as well

Happy New Year, and may it be a good one for all!
Posted Jan 1, edited Jan 1

happy new year!
omg such cute monthlies ( wings!! my inner wing-hoarder yells )  and… I had completely forgotten about the seasonals…. ^^;;;

Posted Jan 1, edited Jan 1

Happy new year everyone!
Thank you to all the staff members for working so hard and for hosting fun events <3
I’ve only been on this site for a week but I love it here already.

Posted Jan 1
Happy new year! I love the moth cutie omg!
Posted Jan 1
The Chamber of Reflections is now open for visitors!
Posted Jan 2

OH I’M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS finally a reason to actually do profiles!!!


Was the number of blue stickers needed for a Bag of Wonders increased from 3 to 4?
edit: the prize section right above the submission form says “4 blue stickers nets you a Bag of Wonders!” which is why I’m asking I swear I didn’t just pull this out of my butt

Posted Jan 2, edited Jan 2

That was my mistake - it’s fixed now!

Posted Jan 2
Thanks Crow :D
Posted Jan 2
New on our team!

Hyasynthetic and Cien have completed their trial periods and have become full staff as community coordinators!

Cien worked on setting up and getting our social media accounts up and running on top of helping with a variety of coordinator tasks such as writing and proofreading official posts, writing sprout texts, answering player questions, helping with feedback surveys, running events activities, assisting with event prep, and giving input on feature development!

Hyasynthetic worked on major updates to our guides on top of helping with a variety of coordinator tasks such as writing and proofreading official posts, answering player questions, helping with feedback surveys, leading feedback analysis, running activities, assisting with event prep, and giving input on feature development!

We are very excited to have both of them on our team! <3

Posted Jan 12

congratulations to hya and cien on ur permanent positions!!! yay!!!

edit: also not to sound thickheaded but i just realized you guys made that new post with all the links to all the creative activities for ease of access and i just wanna say thats awesome and i love it! ive already been using it LOL its been a help for sure!

Posted Jan 12, edited Jan 12
Posted Jan 12
Congrats guys! <3
Posted Jan 13
New Market Items

These items were donated by players:

Rose Tattoo donated by Oxton, created by Plasma

Cirrous Wings donated by Oxton, created by Plasma

Pink Opal Jewels donated by Vely, created by Plasma

These are newly created:

Grey Detective Jacket created by Myla

Black Nail Polish created by Myla

White Nail Polish created by Myla

New Bag of Wonders Item

Formidable Flying Sword created by priz and Myla

Posted Jan 29
Posted Jan 29