16:01 ST

Games are the main way of earning nuggets. There is a daily cap of 3600 nuggets that can be earned through a variety of games, although most games allow you to go slightly over that. Each of the games has different rules and nugget payouts.

At A Glance
Cave In Echolocation

A game where you clear blocks of the same color
Max Payout: 120 nuggets

A game where you work out points from clues
Max Payout: 144 nuggets

Spellstones Potions Master

A game where you make words of adjacent letters
Max Payout: 3600 nuggets

A game where you mix colors to match a given color
Max Payout: 30 nuggets

Gemble Mycelium

A game where you have to work out a colored sequence
Max Payout: 60 nuggets

A game where you have the purple mushroom take over the game board
Max Payout: N/A

Mushroom Meals

A game of sudoku
Max Payout: N/A