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January Productivi-Day! (over!)
Welcome to January’s Productivi-Day!

Productivi-Day occurs on the 15th of each month, running from 00:01 ST through 23:59 ST. If you wish to participate, all you need to do is take a little bit of time and work on something creative that relates to Mycena Cave!

Examples of things that count:
  • Mycenian profiles
  • Geness profiles
  • Roleplaying
  • Creative Collective entries
  • Pretty much anything that has to do with Mycena Cave!
Things that don’t count:
  • Homework
  • Housework
  • Dishes
  • Meal-prep
  • Anything else unrelated to Mycena Cave!

Please post a link to what you’ve accomplished in this thread in order for your participation to be counted! All posts must be made before the activity ends at 23:59 ST - any posts made or edited after that timeframe will not be counted towards this activity.

All participants in today’s Productivi-Day will receive a sticker for their efforts! The sticker will be distributed ASAP - likely within the next few days! :) I will be sure to post here when they’re given out, to avoid confusion.

We look forward to seeing what you accomplish! :D Have fun!
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Yay, productividay~ ouo

~ Scribe Circle entry

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Ima try to get in on this despite being on the pager lol

1. (insert something creative here)

Posted Jan 15

Whooo productive start to the day for me 8D

1. Finished an RP reply!

Posted Jan 15

I finished up a commission for Hyasynthetic! It’s their character, Avery! c:

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I was working on my puzzle adventure (which isn’t public), specifically the monstrous tea puzzle before getting distracted by Tama art.

Finished setting up the making/unmasking/variable implementation of the Lady’s tea.

Send help.

I ended up splitting it into two encounters to cut down on extraneous commands. (Well. Extraneous command, but coding best practices and all.)
Going a bit more in-depth as to what I actually did, because it was actually quite time-consuming:
- The way the puzzle works is that it’s essentially a sequential ‘make a cup of tea’ thing. For each of the lord and lady, the player has to pick a tea, decide how much to add, and whether to add milk and sugar.
- Since it’s sequential, each step has to be masked, and only by choosing an option is the next set of options unmasked. All of the options in that particular step are masked as well.
- There is a variable set to tick up every time the correct option is chosen, with an if-check at the end to determine whether the tea is made correctly (IE, has the correct number of variables). This ticks up a second variable so the adventure knows that there is one cup of tea completed. There’s a second if-check set up to see if that variable = 2, which will end the encounter and trigger the success command to unlock the next area. If it doesn’t, the encounter just ends, allowing for the second half of the puzzle to be completed.

I started work on this month’s scribe entry as well. It’s just being placeheld in Lyon’s profile (as he’s the POV character) until I get more done.

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Drawing for Damask, with a different hair style c:
Posted Jan 15
Posted Jan 15

did my scribe and canvas circles!
also finished some comms and a rq i was hella productive today :pray:

Posted Jan 15

Progress of a sketch for these two and their little caravan!

Posted Jan 15

slams sticker down


Sticker is made! That counts for productivi-day rite?? (I’m kidding crow, don’t actually count this as my entry) 8)

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Mycenian profile: Kenji Fujimoto
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Scents of Love

I finished my Scribe Circle entry. Took a while, heh.

Posted Jan 15

I was able to finish my Canvas Circle submission today!

When Sarin looks into the mirror, they see who they’ve always wanted to be.

A sexy badass who gives 0 shits about anything

Too bad Sarin is in a constant state of anxiety about everything

((Also I found out I have absolutely NO IDEA how to draw ears…. ignore that mess lol))

Posted Jan 15
Wrote a little piece featuring Esther and Sagan!
Posted Jan 15

Worked on Honoria
-finalized name
-found customization I really like for her
-started working on the profile

Did some work for this month’s creative circle.

That sticker is adorable and I love this sticker system a lot more than I expected to at first, haha.

Posted Jan 15
Worked on Limerence’s profile! Got some writing stuff done for it finally and tidied it up yay.
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beep beep I might have done the Bare Minimum but I did Some Things and that’s what matters!!

- started an adventure which I’m not super far into yet but I’m very excited to keep going!!

- spruced up timin and selby’s bios so they finally aren’t empty and cleaned up their geness page and added some little stuff. still sorta a work in progress there hhhhh

- after two years I finally put something other than “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die” on tormund’s page!!!!! mostly thanks to Ishy lmao. still a long way from a fleshed out character but it feels good!!!

Posted Jan 15
Sick and tired, but I wrote up a bit on Astra’s profile!
Posted Jan 15
I didn’t have much time with work making me stay late today but I did my entry for the Scribe Circle for Hamud about the scents of her villa.
Posted Jan 15

Been working on my scribe circle entry and it’s been a struggle. Here’s the start of it/my rambling start so far in an attempt to get it working.

Sylva hummed as she stirred and waited for the potion she was concocting to cool. It wasn’t exactly a love potion. Not exactly. It was more like a way for her client to reminisce and hash out old feelings. Something about her long time client to figure out if she had moved on from her partner. If her feeling were truly gone and blah, blah, blah. Sylva didn’t honestly care about the details as she mindlessly stirred the contents of her small oven top cauldron. Love potions and their cousins were of no concern to someone like her. She could see a true connection a mile away thanks to her abilities, but that was no help to strangers. You couldn’t just go up to a pair of random people and just tell them they were perfect for each other. If you could she would be a millionaire or something if she could set up a proper business venture around her ability, but unfortunately the world was not like that, she could not play the perfect Cupid, so she was left to the skills she was taught. Manufactured love in all of its forms and what not. It could almost be considered magic if it wasn’t pretty much a science to people like her who were unnaturally well versed and attuned to love.
Posted Jan 15

Whee! Finally made one of my kelph into this character—Kelp aka Chrys, who got isekai’d because I want a lesbian isekai even if i have to make it myself. So this is a comparison between Kelp and Chrysanthemum, whose body she’s taken over in true isekai style.

Posted Jan 15

Still haven’t finished my CC canvas entry, but I did get a solid chunk of it done! Once my back stops aching it’ll be back for more inking.

Posted Jan 15
Pretty busy day for me today, but I did manage to get in a Scribe Circle entry for Locke once I got home despite that, so yay?
Posted Jan 15

I laid down the first sketch of Odette’s pet version, as I’ve recently begun my first adventure and I chose her for it.

Posted Jan 15

I took a stab at designing this guy! Still no idea who he is, character-wise, but I feel like I have a little more direction at least!

Posted Jan 15
i started a profile!! i worked on this gal right here who got a name, a template, a lil doodle, and the beginnings of a background and personality!
Posted Jan 15
Today I added some more info to Skydancer‘s profile! Still a Work-In-Progress though.
Posted Jan 15

I did work on my minishop



Posted Jan 15
Productivi-Day has ended!

Participation will be compiled and sticker’s distributed ASAP! I will post here again once that’s done!

Posted Jan 16