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It's Productivi-Day again! (00:01 - 23:59 ST Dec 31st)
✴  A Final Productivi-Day for 2019!  ✴
✴ What is Productivi-Day?

Productivi-Day is essentially an Hour of Productivity that lasts all day long! The goal is for everyone who participates to take some time and work on something creative. It could be a profile, a roleplay reply, a drawing — so long as it’s something creative that’s related to Mycena Cave!

While Hour of Productivity is typically centered around Live Chat, we ask that you post a link to the things you’ve managed to accomplish over the course of Productivi-Day in this thread. This way we can be certain that all of your creative endeavors are counted!

✴ When does it start?

Productivi-Day will run throughout the day on Tuesday, December 31st starting at 00:01 ST and running through 23:59 ST, to conclude as the New Year rings in. All entries must be posted in this thread between these hours. Posts that are made/edited after this window will not count towards the raffle.

✴ What counts as productivity?

For simplicity’s sake, we will be using Hour of Productivity’s guidelines:

For the purposes of the Hour of Productivity, medals are awarded to anyone who makes significant progress on a creative project. We do not have any set metrics for what is considered significant. If you feel that you have accomplished something (whether you finished or not!) towards one of your creative goals, you have had a successful hour. Homework, housework, and any non-creative tasks you may spend time on are awesome — we applaud your productive drive! — but will not be considered towards medal achievement.Hour of Productivity thread
✴ The raffle!

Everyone who participates will earn one ticket in our Productivi-Day raffle! In the order that they’ll be raffled off, our prizes are:

  • 50,000 nuggets
  • 50,000 nuggets
  • A Changingshroom
  • A Changingshroom
  • A Forever Coat (of winner’s preferred pose)
  • A Forever Coat (of winner’s preferred pose)

This raffle will be drawn sometime on Wednesday, January 1st after the conclusion of Productivi-Day.

✴ A new year & new activities to come!

Beginning in mid-January, Productivi-Day will become a standard monthly activity, which will be hosted on the fifteenth of every month. With our new formalized schedule, Productivi-Day will begin awarding its own sticker, which we will preview before the upcoming January 15th activity!

Our Hour of Productivity activities will also continue, but in a more informal capacity. You can expect to see these pop up between once and twice a month. Due to their sporadic and unscheduled nature, there will be no sticker award for Hour of Productivity participation — but we may occasionally raffle off small prizes!

✴ Questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to poke Crow or Dove and we would be happy to assist and/or clarify! :D

Posted 12/30/19, edited 12/30/19

How do we show our before/after progress? Do we just post two images? I’m beginning my first mock-up since February 2017!

Edit: Updated image! :D

Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19


Can profiles that we complete today for the Profile Drive count for our Productive entry? Or is that too much “double dipping”? :o

Posted 12/31/19

starting productivi-day off early by finally working on commissions - this chibi is for killjoylights on th!

also drafted a tile background for my friend and i - we are going to do collab comms and tile backgrounds are one of the options! i drew our two daughters together and ohhh they are so cute, this is gonna be so much fun
its a draft so its rough, fair warnin’.

-update- my final piece of the year! drew it this morning rq because i figured id be too busy later haha

Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19


This profile is something I’ve been wanting to work on and I finally managed to make progress yesterday and today! I’ve written several new paragraphs for it today.

Posted 12/31/19

You don’t need to show before and after images if you don’t want to - just the product(s) of your day! These activities tend to be an ‘on your honor’ kinda thing.

You absolutely can use Profile Drive stuff, or Creative Collective stuff if you want! :D We figured today was a good day to host one of these since we have so many creative activities ongoing at the moment!

Posted 12/31/19

Finished two profiles for the drive today - Fleur and Xiaoyu!

(I had Zephyr finished a while back but forgot to post her oops.)

Posted 12/31/19
If we’re counting Profile Drive stuff, then I’ll go ahead and toss in the profile I just finished up for that — Double checked all the writing, wrote even more unnecessary sections, then put it all together in a somewhat cohesive and appealing way. Hopefully that’s sufficient, but it’s certainly a lot more effort than I usually put into profiles, which is little to none. >>;
Posted 12/31/19
Myrine Finished my second profile for the profile drive! Also organized Sparkle’s profile. I had written it the day before, but the coding was rough. I intended to do a third, but woof I gotta work.
Posted 12/31/19
Poking very hard at Igna’s profile for the drive. Going to attempt (strong emphasis on attempt) an art piece for the drive as well.
Posted 12/31/19
I’m exploring the Welcome to the Meowcena Cafe adventure! Having a lot of fun so far. Love me some cats. :D
Posted 12/31/19
I did some work on the chaos that this adventure has become. Since nothing is publically available, I’m just copy-pasting the changelog from today:

- The dining room puzzle is a puzzle in two parts, involving a general knowledge of wine and wine glasses and pouring the correct wine in the correct glass, with the second part involving placing the correct glass in the correct table setting (Yes, this is basically one of the alternate library puzzles, but it’ll be impossible to trigger them both in the same adventure). For this puzzle, and likely others, artwork is going to be required. But that’s a concern for next month.
- Anyway. In the meantime, I’ve set up four encounters in the testing node — red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, and dessert wine for the first half of the puzzle, and one for the placement puzzle. Each of the wine puzzles has four glasses, and pouring the wine into the correct glass drops an item (glass of red wine, glass of white wine, etc.). The incorrect glass just leads to a ‘nothing happens.’ I’ll tidy this up eventually, but isn’t necessary right now.

Edit: I also did Silver’s profile. He’s got a content warning on him; I’m just busy trying to balance the profile skeleton with the content tag.

Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19

Looking forwards to seeing this become a more regular part of Mycena life! Maybe it’ll help me in the quest to be more productive…

The [possibly short] list
- Scribe circle short
- Nik profile blurb
- Capt. Shark profile blurb

Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19
Posted 12/31/19
Re-did practically everything for Ash’s profile! ^.^
Posted 12/31/19

Yay, productividay~

~ scribe circle entry
~ one profile done for profile drive!
~ another profile done!
~ last profile for profile drive done!
~ worked on creative circle adventure!

Also really liking the idea of regular monthly productividay. ouo

Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19
These are my twins. Castor and Pollux. It might have taken more than an hour and I’m not quite finished. I am trying to get at least these guys profile done. I’m not ready to share some things in public but this art, when finished, will get in their bio.
Posted 12/31/19
I worked on this profile for the profile drive today!
Posted 12/31/19
I finished Cindy’s profile today!
Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19
Oooh, I’m also looking forward to this become a regular thing! These are great for making me want to go do things. Also this one is well timed because I have a lot of creative things to finish before New Year’s, oops. Time to go sit in chat all day to see if someone actually talks in it. xD

List of things Poly accomplished today:

  1. Quiet Moments in the Dark - Short Story
  2. Took care of a doggo I’ve suddenly been put in charge of without my consent. He a good boi tho.
  3. Finished Who’s extended biography.
  4. Did an RP adventure where Kristal got to play with some kitties.
  5. Remembered to eat.
Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19

1. Finished Sun Wukong’s profile at like 2:00 ST
2. Leonidas actually got a character after like 3 years oml

Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19

Dove Crow

So the Hour rules say anything creative goes, but at the top it says MC-related! I’m confused. Are non-MC creative things accepted for this? Because I do have creative stuff to work on but it’s not MC-related.

Posted 12/31/19
I did a little drawing for Clover, but I’m not used to drawing dragon like creatures.
Posted 12/31/19

It does need to be MC-related in some capacity for this activity.

Posted 12/31/19
Thank you!
Posted 12/31/19
Finally finished my Scribe Circle entry for the month! ;o;
Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19

Weeeeeee!!! *twirls and puts down my productive profile….I just finished this =)



Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19

Look who did Canvas Circle and a profile! :‘D

1. Canvas Circle
2. Nitya’s profile

Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19
I’ve got my rough draft done and some of my lining done for my canvas circle potion of the creative collective done, though I think i might scrap it in favor of something else.

I did end up scrapping it for my current canvas circle.

Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19

Gonna see how far I can get on one of my character’s profiles!

Started with a sketch, feelin’ pretty good about this.

Lineart! I don’t actually know how I want to color this bab so I might stick to that for now.

Added three sketches of alt outfits, for this lovely boi

ALRIGHTY finished Garden of Dream’s Profile.

NEXT PROJECT, trying to get Moonlit Skin done before 1am…

Dis boi gonna get a recolor so I definitely don’t know how I wanna color him

alrighty just got the profile itself to write!

holy canoli I got it done

Can I get the last one?? LET’S SEE

Gonna try and write the rest in 15 minutes GO GO GO—

Holy crud I think I got it all done?? I just realized I was already doing 4 modules so I had just enough time to squeak by.

Posted 12/31/19, edited 12/31/19