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May News Discussion
May is in bloom!

This month’s OotS is Cactus Herder, along with their Cowboy Vest and Cactus Collection! This month’s coat was made by Plasma and items were created by Meru. You may purchase this set in the Out of the Shadows shop through the end of the month!

Creative Collective

As April’s Creative Collective winds down, we are introducing our overhaul of the Creative Collective activity! While our monthly prompt-based challenges have remained the same, we’ve reorganized and condensed the thread(s), as well as altered our prize schematic to place more emphasis on earning rewards rather than luck of the draw.

With this update, in particular, comes the preliminary introduction of Mycena Cave’s achievement system: the Sticker Book! While this feature is still in its incomplete, early stages and currently only applies to the Creative Collective, it will eventually grow into a site-wide system that will allow you to proudly display your achievements for all to see. Stickers can also earn a player rewards—for the Creative Collective stickers, every three stickers collected results in the player earning a Bag of Wonders.

A first peek at Stickers, Mycena Cave’s achievement system.

Additionally, a new item has been added to the Bag of Wonders. This Drifty Book of Beasts looks rather dangerous, so be careful when opening it or you may lose a finger or two! This toothy tome was created by Myla!

Mew Items

Following the sudden and inexplicable closure of Meowcena Cafe, its employees were left jobless and without a paycheck. It was a rough couple of weeks for each and every Purrista, Meownager, and Pawtissier as they struggled to find their place in the Cave.

Finally, they have decided that their best bet would be to ally themselves with the Cave’s larger denizens. Hopper has agreed to hook them up, and in exchange for a nominal fee (all of which, of course, goes straight into the Meowcenians’ furry little pawkets), Mycenians may now enjoy the company of these special kitties!

This is not weird at all, okay?

Spring Event Wrap-Up

Thanks to all of your hard work, Professor Sprocket has completed his weather machine! Unfortunately, also thanks to your hard work, Aliza has realized that rather than an evil genius bent on Cave domination, he’s more of a quasi-neutral gloryhound, and has taken it upon herself to “reform” him—or at least ensure he doesn’t really embrace the evil genius thing.

S: Y’all ain’t seen the last of me—or, wait, is it us now?
A: (facepaw)

We’ve also put a new equippable item, Joquil Cavern Background, for purchase in Lands Within to commemorate those fond times helping Professor Sprocket complete his “evil” plans.

We’ll be doing the feedback raffle today or tomorrow, and the feedback summary will be released this week!

Adventure System Updates

We are over halfway finished with reading, compiling, and summarizing the feedback! We aim to have the full feedback summary posted in May as well as a good idea about the changes we’ll be making and roughly how long we expect to take before the full launch.

Posted 05/01/19, edited 05/01/19
Wow I’m excited for literally all of this but making the bag of wonders more obtainable is awesome. And stickers!!!! I’m so hype.
Posted 05/01/19


I’m really excited that the bag of wonders is going to be more obtainable, like. Seriously. There are so many cool items in the bag that leaving ‘em super limited was getting a little frustrating x-x I need a hoard of gamblers’ dice!

Posted 05/01/19
YEEESSSS I love the stickers idea, love the idea of more rewards for participation going around!! The site definitely needs some extra goodies to make old/underutilized stuff worth peeking at. Super excited to see where we’ll be able to get stickers in the future!
Posted 05/01/19
The new Creative Collective looks neat! I tend to participate mostly for the gems but I like that the changes make getting a Bag of Wonders a sure deal rather than a relatively slim chance (especially since I don’t want a lot of the items in the bag, so just opening the bag is enough chance as is for me!). It does seem odd to me that you need 3 RP posts to get participation credit now, since that’s theoretically 1.5 hours of work whereas the scribe and canvas only need to be 30 minutes (assuming I’m reading that correctly and it doesn’t mean 30 minutes cumulatively working on all three posts?). I do feel like that’s slightly balanced by having adventure RPs count, though, since you don’t necessarily have to wait for someone else to post.
Posted 05/01/19

RP circle was a hard thing to balance the effort for! We didn’t want to punish people who might make longer posts less often, but also didn’t want to encourage one bare minimum post per month just to earn the sticker (and a quick, very low effort route to a bag of wonders - which are still supposed to take some effort to earn). We thought the same thing about allowing adventure RPs making that a little more balanced, and figured that encouraging more RP posts also fit the spirit of collaboration that the RP circle is meant to entice.

That said, we’re going to see how things play out - that amount may be adjusted in the future if needed!

Posted 05/01/19
The updates to the Circles looks really interesting! I’m super happy at the idea of bags being more obtainable - there’s so many cool items in them that I’d love to have! I also love that fodder is now part of the feedback raffle - that feels like such a good motivator (for me personally at least) to go through more submissions and offer feedback on them. I know a lot of people who have event mushrooms they can’t use because they couldn’t ever afford fodder for them all, so this is just.. really cool imo!! Super pleased and pumped to see how the achievement/sticker system grows 8)
Posted 05/01/19
I don’t use the adventure system so not keen on the changes to roleplay circle (I tend to make large posts and rarely more than one a month) :’). But the rest looks cool. I think the addition of fodder pets to the feedback period will be useful for many people.
Posted 05/01/19, edited 05/01/19
Crow Thanks for that explanation! I can understand how people could abuse the RP circle more than the others so I can respect that. Essentially getting an extra 10 days a month now for submissions should also help make that more attainable than it might have been in the past — that’s probably the update I’m most excited about haha!
Posted 05/01/19
Ohh! I really like these changes to the monthly circles. I’ve definitely been meaning to participate more regularly; maybe this will give me the kick I needed. The stickers are so cute too ahh! I love collecting achievements. :)
Posted 05/01/19
Oh hey, excited to hear about the changes to the creative collective!  Maybe it will motivate me to get back into it.  I used to participate every month and then I just…stopped.  Oops.  It was always fun though!
Posted 05/01/19
You had me at STICKERS!!! =D I love the new ideas.  I always wanted to get a Bag of Wonder, but rng was against me, so I gave up after awhile.  At some point I have to come to grips with the new adventure system, so perhaps this will be the enticement I need =)
Posted 05/01/19

Glad to hear more Bag of Wonders will go into circulation. I’m not sure if my blunt feedback helped or other people were saying it was hard to get those items as well :‘D
From the sound of it, it’ll push me to participate in them as well! I really enjoyed it when I did enter, but it was just too much effort for the rng.

Posted 05/01/19
Stickers! Hopefully I can get back into the creative things, I always enjoyed them! (Also, am I the only one that noticed that Sprocket and Aliza are now in a geness together?! How in-ter-est-ing… :D)
Posted 05/01/19

Ooh, the overhaul sounds cool! Love the way that the bag of wonder has been redone. Will be nice to have more of those items around the cave. :D

Also collapsing them into one thread will help my tab count in my browser as well as my pinned threads count. xD

Posted 05/01/19, edited 05/01/19

Thanks for the Cacti item, it finally inspired me to make a bit of a deserty character out of the uncarved Alley Cat I wasn’t sure what to do with. :)

Now if only those half-opened lids worked with the enchanted gaze items

That’s a lot of sand in the air here:

Posted 05/02/19
New Shop Items!

Desert Sands Background by priz can be found in Lands Within!

Shadowlings by Meru can be found in Leeetle Companions!

Enjoy!! :D

Posted 05/14/19, edited 05/14/19

Myla GASP I’ve long loved those little ghosties!! So happy to see them as an item!

Psssst, is the “Desert Sands” supposed to be the “Desert Sands Background”? It’s not labeled the same way as the full BGs. :O

Posted 05/14/19
Yasss me too!! I might have begged to rip them off Dove’s pet and give them to the world >___> I just pushed the fix to the background’s name!
Posted 05/14/19
YEEESSSS I adore those ghosties!! And the new BG is gorgeous and I need so many??? I have so many characters that would fit the desert aesthetic and aaah. Beautiful color choice and composition from priz @_@
Posted 05/14/19

AHHHH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY excellent new items 8D The ghosties are the best!!!

psst Myla Can we get fullviews of all the new backgrounds on the misc. images page?

Posted 05/14/19, edited 05/14/19
Yeah, I have a misc. images page update on my to-do list.. I’m a couple of events behind!
Posted 05/14/19

I just finished updating the misc. images with the last events and all of the backgrounds!


Posted 05/15/19
Myla I think you missed the Misty Grotto Background and Stained Glass Marigold Background on the misc images page! (unless I’m blind and not seeing it) I’ve been stalking for the Grotto one for awhile >> Thanks for your work keeping that page updated! :)
Posted 05/15/19
Kiwi Oops! Thanks for catching that—I just uploaded those two as well! :D
Posted 05/15/19
Yaaaaaay thanks Myla 8D
Posted 05/15/19

Aglet and Telga have new friends!

Posted 05/18/19